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  1. Chris Skelton

    Michelin Tyres - Read before Purchase

    Was that at Chris Mullins? Worth going to!
  3. Chris Skelton

    What was the worst and best car you ever owned?

    PS. I have a fond memory of spending 9 weeks touring Northern Iberia in my cream 1955 Citroen Traction Avant 'Commerciale'. Wild camping 'in spades'; people sitting outside bars in villages standing and cheering as we drove in, etc.! Even broke a driveshaft in Segovia, but they found a replacement in 10 days. Didn't mind hanging about......
  4. Chris Skelton

    What was the worst and best car you ever owned?

    I had the bumpers, spoiler and rear 'grille' painted to match the car. Wish I'd kept it now. Bought by a guy who -medically - needed an auto car. Exported it to Aussie, where this picture is.
  5. Chris Skelton

    What was the worst and best car you ever owned?

    Most fun? Nissan S-Cargo. Best-well LS400 Ser 4? Though you'd think me mad if I didn't mention several Citroen DS23s, or my unique CX 25 Turbo auto (they never made an auto turbo!) My Dyanes were fun too. Just been in an electric Zoe. No. A Mehari is FUN! ds garden.bmp
  6. Anyway 'Bargain of century" might have been the slighted girlfriend of a guy, who sold his Bentley for £100? Though that might have been LAST century.....time flies.
  7. Chris Skelton

    Catastrophe naturelle

    MY last two cars were so perfect that I was paranoid about parking them anywhere, etc.! In contrast, we inherited an 18K mile Micra from our 85+ yr old neighbour who had dented/scraped most of the car in his short ownership, so that it was uneconomic to fix, (but pefectly OK to drive.) 12 years later, now on 50K miles, it has been reliable and ....who cares about dents? So I'm not looking for pristine cars now, except mechanically! Such a relief. (The XM 3 litre I had is now in a special collection!)
  8. Nice pics! good luck.....what's next?
  9. guys are paranoid about getting car jacked? Auto locking-I pondered what it was for a moment! I'm not sure I'd be bothered with auto stuff (more to go wrong?) as I can do stuff. And pressure sensors seem an expensive gadget? Still; it's an expensive luxury so you probably 'need' all this stuff.
  10. Chris Skelton

    RX Ride Comfort

    Citroen C6 best suspension (though Citroen's new C3(?) suspension supposed to be good) I recall the RX300 being good.Depends how old a car you want (there's a nice Cit GSA Estate.....on Classic Cars...)as modern cars nearly all firm?
  11. Chris Skelton

    V8 IS!!!

    Apologies if this has been mentioned. Be better if it was a Lexus LS engine?
  12. "t'bay' Say it. Like Ilkley Moor b'tat, etc.. It's old cliche stuff. Never mind......
  13. I came close to buying this £1600 IS300.|parentrq%3Af86eb1b81630a884b56def73fffa4181|iid%3A1 It's in the middle of Northumberland, which seems the only drawback, but it comes from a one owner elderly guy who only did a few miles a year (check MOT history) and apart from usual wheel decay, plus a little surface sill, seems in great shape. Apologies if this should be in 'sale' section. I had to pull out of this sale for life reasons, not condition reasons!
  14. Chris Skelton

    Is300 sill corrosion

    ....I hope so (Worth fixing) as I'm -hopefully! - about to buy an IS with signs of this...MOT until next Feb, so plan to fix over winter, when I usually 'mothball' the car. 80K miles so worth putting a few 000s into it.
  15. I used to drive my Citroen DS using barefeet, with just my big toe on the brake works on opening a valve so no force involved.