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  1. I used to drive my Citroen DS using barefeet, with just my big toe on the brake works on opening a valve so no force involved.
  2. Chris Skelton

    Hate car parks

    Would have to pretty old USA version (1990) had them, but the UK ones are 'plastic' bumpers. (Unless you mean those 'bull-bars'?!!) My old Citroen Traction had sprung steel bumpers that-as the name implies, -were flexible and bounced cars off! I've parked in the middle of a field before ('miles' from other cars ) and STILL came back to find a cluster of cars next to me! Luckily, our Micra is so dented and scrathed (previous 90 yr old owner!) that we don't worry-thus NEVER get hit, of course! In my perfect XM last year-and same El Grand van, BOTH were like magnets to close parkers!
  3. Chris Skelton


    Anything other than your opinion is ' is totalitarian mind state'? Luckily I don't live near London so don't think that London life reflects how the rest of the world is. Logic possibly shows that each of us having our own cars might be regarded as ....crazy, in absolute terms? It's not efficient (jams/cost/parking/ misuse of material.....)and non too ecological.. And many places DO run on communal.....washing machines, for example. -in the USA even! A lot of the world outside of the M25 runs on slightly less consumptive concepts? But we have really hi-jacked this string far too much already? (Fresh from borrowing my neighbours.......because I'm lucky to live in a friendly cul-de-sac!)
  4. Chris Skelton


    How weird. Pay taxes but 'won't use anything public'? How? streets, lighting, Schools....etc., all are 'public', as in we 'own' them/pay for them Methinks (like the amurricuns) have got 'communism' in your head as all evil. The fact that russia decayed into lunacy was just human failings -ain't nowt wrong with caring for your fellow man, which is the basis of communism as a philosophy. Freedom of choice? Another delusion. But this is about Teslas..... The whole idea of each of us having individual vehicles, that spend a huge % of the time sitting parked up, is of course, crazy in itself, never mind WHAT propells them (when they ARE propelled!)
  5. Multiplex means you don't need a separate wire for each thing! Just as a phone wire can handle multiple inputs.
  6. no one going for the Allard, then?
  7. Chris Skelton


    Hope it stops as well as it accelerates. A big % of drivers just aren't that capable-so 0-60 in 3 secs is death. Wiggled past a stupid woman today in congested street, who was talking away on her phone while onehandedly badly driving towards me -don't even let her near a car, would be my thought, let alone something fast. I wonder how few people can REALLY handle such Tesla speed? Not many that I know, and there are a few memorials below my house (near A4) that show the dramatic results when speed gets the better of you. I hope, when I'm trundling carefully down bendy B roads, i don't meet a Tesla doing it's thing.
  8. Chris Skelton


    Hey, less of the 'cheap Citroen' digs! I've had about 20 Cits of various sizes and NEVER had a problem! Agree re Tesla interior. When you read the levels Toyota went to with the LS launch - cows from barbed wire free fields; man with 3 sets of nails to check the buttons; paint sprayers teseted every 3 months......Yamaha wood, etc..Tesla IS amurrican, they are used to cheap cars and basic fittings.
  9. Chris Skelton

    Sc430 Rear Quarter Windows Mod

    Now when parked up, the windows go down while you're away-nightmare? (-: Just watched progr and rebuilding a 1960 425cc 2CV. Fold back roof; pop up the any order. Just not as quick as an SC.....
  10. Chris Skelton

    Black beast

    Did that private road have an 'M' in front of it?
  11. Chris Skelton

    Black beast

    BZ's knees (Reg no!) So, you have just a FEW plans for it then........ I recently thought trekking to Aran was a bit far, but 615 miles! Are you still in europe up there? (-: Ducks quickly...... Am still hoping we in the 'soft south' might somehow still be in Europe in years to come. I love Iberia, but don't have enough of the language. though the thought of driving an SC430 on Spain's empty roads is tempting.
  12. Supposedly was £6250 for a while! Back to the long wait (I've been looking (at choice for next car) since last September! After a LS, nothing compares, so it has to be some kind of different; e.g. lpg Cherokee, 2006 Smart Forfour auto......
  13. try thr Biggleswade car on Autotrader? He offered it to me for £3250....and he IS leaving country next week. Not good english though (he said in e mail) Better be VERY quick?
  14. Damien! How can you even THINK that?!!! Petrol has circa 80% of its cost as tax already! There's Fuel tax, which is then Vat-taxed..... If all the money raised from fuel alone was spent ON roads they'd be gold plated! A lot of it is used to prop up the rest (NHS....) already! Saying'it's only an extra £100' when wages in real term have dropped 20% since 2010 in 'real terms'. Food Banks and children getting free meals does not equal 'The World's 5th largest economy' to me. The problem is that City roads are the responsibility of the City concerned. Meanwhil, the lovely Tories have drastically cut cities' funding. Something has to give. Denis. Half-track? Citroen made one in 40s....Citroen Kegresse. It was driven accross the Sahara! Just right for London streets?
  15. Never done Italy (except Sardinia) but Spain and Portugal have hold on my heart. Been all over Iberia over last 30 years. Just wish my brain could retain more of the language...old dog, new tricks? Love driving on spanish country roads, though my air-con did pack up one August when it was 35+ degrees out........AND the CX boiled over on a hillside once! The Cherokee did fine-I'm thinking of getting an lpg one again.....Britain's roads getting bad enough now.