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  1. I'm tempted by the 16K mile one. Cruise in a classic? Can always fit coils.
  2. I only got a Ser 4 because of the traction control, strangely absent in euro versions of the 3.
  3. Fancy import!
  4. Pity. Probably the best middle-size car in years (the model, not just THIS car!) The lpg adds to the appeal, though not if you have to fit it-I don't do enough miles. There must be a market growing as there's a low mile one going for near £6K. Like LSs, people are catching on.
  5. I assume you mean the rear Sill area- I thought the same. Somewhere on here there;s a vid from youtube of a horrific sill repair, which is what deters me somewhat! I'd costed the lpg at near a grand.... Ah well, the Micra will live on a while longer......
  6. Might be risking losing it....has anyone looked at this IS Sportcross - I'm mainly wondering about the rear sill area which (as we know?) is potential rot area. If anyone lives nearby...or has already ..looked at it, please get in touch. Lockdown makes it hard to get there (from bristol) though I'd love an lpg IS300. it may seem expensive, but I think the quality, plus the lpg, make it worth it to me. Asking the seller-as we know - can be fraught with exagerations! I've had 2 LS400s, but don't need a big limo (or I might be tempted by a Citroen C6?) and the compact size is about right. The 3 litre is 'icing on the cake'! At circa 40+ mpg equiv.lpg. Chris in Bristol.
  7. I've got the whole 'Kung Fu' series on dvd! Loking at an IS 300 with lpg now.Auto is fine!
  8. Agree w Neil. Is life sooo busy that there's no time to hold a button (while relaxing in your luxorious motor car....)?? There's an art in posing thus!
  9. Nice article telling us all about our classic car! No mention of button checkers having sets of fingernails though.
  10. It's a 300 for sale near me, so am tempted, though it's a 'pre-auction' car - I guess a Trade-in - so am unsure (would prefer it to be an LOC car , of course.)
  11. Ideally find an 'early' 06 'facelift' as the tax is cheaper-though there won't be many about.
  12. It's tricky, deciding to stick with a car (model) you like as it ages, or thinking "I've had that one and enjoyed it, now....." Certainly there are no cars that have that 'feel' of an LS. Setright had it that if you see a driver in a jam actually smiling, he will actually be enjoying his car (He might have been talking about a Citroen CX....) but the idea applies here. The concept of price is irrelevant. It's a £50K car still. Or factor in the billions it took to conceive! They wanted to make the best car irrespective of cost. I still miss my old Ser 4.
  13. A gap in my knowledge! Does the RX 350 SE have Air suspension or spring? (Or is there a choice?) Looking at buying an lpg one -hadn't thought about Air problems!
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