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  1. It's a 300 for sale near me, so am tempted, though it's a 'pre-auction' car - I guess a Trade-in - so am unsure (would prefer it to be an LOC car , of course.)
  2. Ideally find an 'early' 06 'facelift' as the tax is cheaper-though there won't be many about.
  3. It's tricky, deciding to stick with a car (model) you like as it ages, or thinking "I've had that one and enjoyed it, now....." Certainly there are no cars that have that 'feel' of an LS. Setright had it that if you see a driver in a jam actually smiling, he will actually be enjoying his car (He might have been talking about a Citroen CX....) but the idea applies here. The concept of price is irrelevant. It's a £50K car still. Or factor in the billions it took to conceive! They wanted to make the best car irrespective of cost. I still miss my old Ser 4.
  4. A gap in my knowledge! Does the RX 350 SE have Air suspension or spring? (Or is there a choice?) Looking at buying an lpg one -hadn't thought about Air problems!
  5. When I owned my LSs, I thought/wished I had the body of a Citroen CX on the mechanicals of the LS. (Include the Citroen's Vari-power steering and peerless suspension to that!) Maybe why that's the reason I might find a Soarer?
  6. I'd be interested to read of anyone who has moved to an LS 400 from a 7 series (or has both....). I've always liked the looks but wonder how they compare. ACTUAL experience preferred to fiction! Lexus is hard to beat we all know!
  7. 'Typical rust'? Is it a Merc in drag?
  8. I wonder how many 4 litre Soarers there are left in UK. (stop being lazy-look it up, Chris!) I've got them on my Watchlist, though I may be a bit old fashioned, as stuff gets sold on Twitter, or whatever, these days, it seems! I'd love a good 4 litre Auto car to do w/end drives in my dotage! Miss that engine!
  9. 'Instagram'??!!! Now you ARE making me feel old! The days of gettting 'Trade-it' whilst in the Suprmarket....... If you ever see a nice low mile 4 litre (un modded!!) anywhere......let me know. I've given up on big cars but......there might be one more left in my life!
  10. Friend sent me this link. Get your smug faces out now? For me-memories. Have stopped driving further than 30 miles now. Lots of memories though.
  11. It seems from my research -having been ignorant so far like most of us? - that it's not temporary, especially with older folk. A bit like the word 'depression' Folk get mixed up; there is temporary depression caused by external events, and there's physical/chemical imbalance type. Need two names. Temp insomnia is the same. GABA insomnia -who knew?- is caused by GABA sensors in brain becoming more sensitive with age. Not much done in this area. No one seems to exactly know a 'cause' -or a solution. Lots of supposed GABA stuff in shops, preying on the ignorant, as the brain has a membrane that protects it from stuff and the "GABA' just gets ingested in gut! Possibly 30% of population suffer to varying degree! Roads busy. Bus pass + rail Card....local shops, bus outside door nearly... No Parking hassles. No congestion. Less stress? No parking dinks.... just wish for the fatigue to lessen! Just have to wean myself off Autotrader/t'bay!
  12. This is early warning of my motoring R.I.P.! I was pursuing this car, thinking it might possibly be my 'last car'. Then was told by Doctor that I shouldn't drive! The medication affects you too much! So had to cancel the purchase -I'm sure to the annoyance of the seller. So, after a 40+ year life of (so many!!) cars and many adventures, i now have to live on the memories. Luckily i have a few pictures and the memories last (the medication only says it affects 'short term' memory! Gee thanks!) It's not any of the 'big' illnesses. Insomnia! But it usually is permanent at my age, with no 'cure' just slight allieviation. As someone said, 'It's no wonder sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture." It IS!! I used to be able to doze at will; now it's a distant..... The car should make someone very happy. If you're passing my door, do NOT come and take me for a spin-sadists!
  13. Now with a dealer at £1500. Am negotiating delivery -maybe! After 2 LS 400s, I thought a small (er) car but Lexus quality. Seems to have been Lexus maintained, so hopefully up together. Slight peel on lacquer, which I guess can be sprayed Just need to find a cheap Satnav. Are the £30 ones any use? It'd be my 'occasion(al)' car lI like the colour and the unusual seats, which AREN'T leather! Most cars in Japan used to have velour. Ever seen the anti-macassars in big limos? Prices really are crazy-as in, low. In comparative terms. You can find videos of US dealers selling 150K mile cars avidly!
  14. i like leaving my iPod on 'Shuffleplay' for the surprise element. Forget I had things on there. 9200+ songs. 27 DAYS of my own music! As to self driving. I guess it might get rid of the brainless drivers/ We'll be long gone before THAT happens!
  15. Now,if it was a Saab, the screen would be slightly angled to the driver! Though, in my old LS, i always thought the PASSENGER should be operating anything not concerned with actual driving the car. Too many distractions? There'll be Twitter sets soon?