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  1. Chris Skelton

    Buying a Saab on Sunday...

    Being a fantasist (masochist?) , I fancied the last big one, a 2.8 XWD limo! One used to live in Clevedon where we walk every so often ('Walking'? It's what legs do, besides getting to the car!) Like an LS, you'd wince at the repair costs?
  2. " All of that aside, it is without a doubt the quietest LS I've owned"..unlike the Wife, then? Ta-da.....
  3. Isn't thsat 'little voice' called.......a Wife?
  4. Chris Skelton

    In the market for a SC

    Ser 1 V Ser 2? The front, side lights have a 'line' across them on the Ser 2 how I tell! plus you can check plates on the Gov MOT site, which gives you the 'birth' date.
  5. Chris Skelton

    In the market for a SC

    There's a nice deep purple metallic on sale!
  6. Chris Skelton

    Black beast

    He needed that BEFORE he bought the car? (-: judging on his ''I'll never buy a Black.....".etc., comments!
  7. Chris Skelton

    Black beast

    When I read "taking the carpets out", I thought of the little 2 sq foot thing in our Micra, that's under driver's foot! Not half a car! Intense stuff! Saw an SC briefly the other day, here in Bristol/Shirehampton.....revived my interest (just after swearing NEVER to drive long distances again!)
  8. Chris Skelton

    In the market for a SC

    HAH! You think you joke! 1980s. I DID once put a cylindrical-type old paraffin heater in my Citroen Dyane, overnight, when it was about to snow. I have always regretted not photographing the scene in the morning (6 a.m.) when the whole street - cars and all - was snow covered .....except this Dyane, sitting there, pristine! It had heated the whole car, body and all. Meharis aren't too drafty, despite appearances, and the heater pipes (cardboard tubes from heat exchanger!) are big.
  9. Chris Skelton

    In the market for a SC

    Each to their own-I like light interiors for the uplifting effect it has, psychologically-in the same way as light house interiors lift your spirits.. Having driven South on Friday down the M5 from Carlisle, I saw the Northbound lane was jammed almost solid from Preston to Cheltenham!! That's 150 miles!!! We decided then and there to give up driving long trips! Trains may be less than 21st century, but anything's preferable to THAT! (Thinks; gives me an excuse to buy a Mehari for local trips?)
  10. Chris Skelton

    In the market for a SC

    Rumour has it that guys with super hi-fi additions to their cars will be given an extra 'Audio annoyance tax'? (That's Neil sorted.......) I always looked for those few Ser 2 cars that were early '06. But, as I'm +50 (stop laughing!) I think an RX might have to do, having just fetched wife back from Chiropractor!
  11. My last Lexus was sold 7(?) years ago. But, like you, I still look ...... After 2 LS 400s, I'm thinking of an lpg RX 300. Read some awful things about the Merc eqivalent, for example. Get something you are content with.
  12. Comfy seats? If you're ever at a Classic Car show, try sitting in a Citroen DS23 Pallas. Even the FLOOR has foam underneath!
  13. OK. The Tax regime changed in 2006 (April, I think.) So cars BEFORE that date are (now) circa £305, later ones +£500. There is a lovely 'low' tax 6 month period in 2006 where you can get a Ser 2 SC430 at the cheap (!!) tax rate, for example! Autotrader usually have the tax rate in the details below -when they put them in. The tax rate is SUPOSED to deter people buying bigger cars; it may be a european thing. For example, recent rules banning domestic halogen bulbs in favour of LED bulbs reckons to cut electric use equivalent to Portugal's total electric useage!
  14. Chris Skelton


    My Traction trip was meant to be about 7 weeks, but a broken driveshaft allowed me to extend it by nearly 3 weeks! (Insurance paid!) The trip through Extramadura to Frigiliana, then back up centre to Picos.....9 weeks! Addiction warning. Don't read 'Andalucia' by Nicholas Luard, or you be off (order it from your local library, NOT t'bay! Keep libraries open!) I did get to hire a Citroen Mehari and whizz about in Cork forests/medina Sedonia for 2 days once. If only Meharis didn't fetch ludicrous prces nowadays....£18K!! As to 'best car'? Once in Citroen CX Auto (Air-con failed!). Twice in '90 Jeep Cherokee which was great.
  15. I should have started a separate string! (Oh, I have!) To save more hi-jacking. I've 'done Spain' several times; N to South, ; Centre-down; East; West. Been SO many places and lived near Ronda for 6 months, so know that Gaucin road! First trip was in '84, in a Citroen Avant Commerciale. People would stand up outside cafes and applaud us as we drove by!. Done about 6 more long trips (I decided I wasn't going to wait until I retired, so kept business small and took 6/8 weeks off) Haven't been for about 10/12 years now, but was looking at a booklet on Merida (amazing Roman remains there; it was THE major city there in Roman times) it reminded me-got the juices flowing again. Just don't try the Ajo Blanco soup ( I love it though!) Phil! You need to 'test' your new car there! Pic 1. View from Dali's house in Cadaques. Pic 2. View from near Nicolas Luard's house near Tarifa (Try 'Andalucia' by him)