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  1. Wrong tyres! Amazing. At Costco, they refused to fit -Michelins!! - on our Micra because of the rating. Not on a hyper-car, a MICRA! Good to hear you can now fit in a car easily. Comfort/ease of access vital when you're +50 (ahem....) My reason for looking at Nissan Cubes! And RX350s-lpg - on here. Comfort! (Sez the ex owner of 4 Citroen DSs)
  2. If you don't mind only 2WD, it's cheap?
  3. Road Tax

    Politician? Maybe just the Civil Servants who recommend these things to 'increase revenue'
  4. Turn the aircon off! It thinks it's WINTER in there! (-:
  5. Now....look outside, the sun is shining........
  6. Check tyre pressures too. sometimes it's the simplest thing....
  7. Love it. I've just leant about greasing pins! I recall my old Citroen DS was so front-brake oriented that the rears sometimes seized for lack of use-you had to remember at MOT time! Memories of driving barefoot with just big toe operating the brake BUTTON!
  8. I've got some old French plates I took off my 2CV van, in 1979..........still in my garage...... John-where abouts are you? I lived near Ronda for 6 months in '93. Have driven there in both a Jeep Cherokee and a Citroen CX 2500.
  9. Contentment -almost! Little niggles are annoying! I had tyre hassles and (more than one) tyre centres little help. You're too far away from Tony Bones to get a full car set-up, though I'm guessing the 'Hunter system' must be something on those lines? enjoy. (Mullins in Gloucester are good.) Have you considered getting lpg fitted? Enjoy Skye; I've been tempted by an RX350 lpg car that's up near Arran-want to collect it for me? (-:
  10. France seems ahead of us (surprised?). Paris has a fleet of EV cars (with super capacitors to extend range0 and they want to ensure all charging points are 'universal'. I recall in the (19!)70s that France were investing heavily in Atomic power, whilst Britain frittered away its Oil bonanza £££s.
  11. Favourite/'Dream' cars?

    This week's 'Observer' car bit mentions the author's wish for an E Type Jag as his 'dream' car. I had mine early! (Citroen DS23, in 81). Currently? well, I've had the DS, but maybe a Mehari. ds garden.bmp
  12. 400 floor mats

    Got some lovely all-wool off-cuts in my garage........
  13. Is it safe to leave waxing until tomorrow?

    Until 'tomorrow'? !! I once left wax on .....over winter! Was LOVELY when taken off! (On a Dyane!)
  14. 400 floor mats

    Simple concept, really. The amount of ads (looking at RX350s) that have mucky/worn carpets in pictures. Would add ££s to perceived value. 'Deep pile'? Just put some rubber underlay beneath?
  15. 400 floor mats

    I reckon, with a sewing machine that can do heavy duty edging, you could make special custom mats! Your name in silver/gold thread, etc.? My DS 23 in 70s had lovely deep squishy carpets. So some shag-pile?