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  1. Apologies for the 'dig' about stuff earlier (made with a smile!). The tale from Aido is a cautionary one! Modern cars are so complex. There's been a string or several about this on Petrolheads etc.. We lucky folk who had LSs from 93-00 seem to have unearthed a gem of a car. I'm often tempted to look out for a Soarer to continue my Lexus life, for the same reason. (A friend had his Peugeot (806?) written off...because the Wiper computer couldn't be fixed!) 2CVs suddenly look attractive?
  2. Chris Skelton


    Even the mechanic had a hard job loosening the nuts! Imagine on a wet night...... Now have full set. Inflated tyre. Jack.Tools. Locking nut. Nuts that don't need the Hulk to loosen. Coffee flask/Brandy...later.
  3. Chris Skelton


    Near neighbour thought I'd hexed him when he had a flat this morning! Off to get my nuts loosened (not by the neighbour!) (-:
  4. Was watching Mike Brewer (dull TV choices!) and he drives off in his new purchase, then, gets a FLAT TYRE! Thought; would be ironic if the spare was useless! Got me thinking; how often do we - ever? - check our spare, and/or the wheel nuts? So today, dug out my was nearly flat! Never used. Inflated it. Then....after locating the tools.....tried to loosen the nuts. Impossible! Have booked in to my friendly (down the hill from me) garage, to get all my nuts loosened. Where the security nut? Do I have spare nuts, as the spare is steel, not alloy, and needs different nuts..... It's not easy! My neighbour pulled in. Had recently had a flat/wheel bend on M5; had great difficulty getting nuts off....... I noticed she's still on the spare though! Maybe I'll look out for a spare alloy....... Drive safely, folks!
  5. Attention needed? You're obviously new to Lexus. Nowt!!.....this isn't a Merc; enjoy the quality! (I think -it was in the LS400 ser 4 - the dvd is in the boot)
  6. Suited to Japanese frame? Not the larger German/u-ess-A one then? Lardy seats?
  7. Chris Skelton

    Digital Rear View Door Mirrors - whats the point?

    Imagine the hacking possibilites!
  8. Chris Skelton

    New Range Rover Evoque. Would you?

    Going back to an RX.....just shows how the 'lure of the new' has got into your psyche? We're surrounded by ads trying to tell us to buy 'new' stuff. Why should a car be 'out of date' at 5 years old/60K miles? Cars CAN go on to 200K -see ads. If you worked out just how much you spent......ludicrous! 'Even' a 10 yr old RX is more than enough, and has less complexities to fail.
  9. THE LS 400 rides well. A bit of history background? My old DS23 was SOOO smooth.
  10. Chris Skelton

    Black beast

    Toyota spent years selecting leather from cows kept in barb-wire free environment (no scars). Get Yamaha to select special wood....... But they STILL paint cars black! Lots of good work here though. I found a great low mile (original) Smart Forfour recently. It was! Still looking......
  11. Chris Skelton

    Too Flawed to Live With

    AS I've referred to before....The old ad for a 2CV had a list of (othercar's) features that the 2CV didn't have. At the bottom it said "nothing to go wrong"!
  12. Chris Skelton

    Buying a Saab on Sunday...

    Being a fantasist (masochist?) , I fancied the last big one, a 2.8 XWD limo! One used to live in Clevedon where we walk every so often ('Walking'? It's what legs do, besides getting to the car!) Like an LS, you'd wince at the repair costs?
  13. " All of that aside, it is without a doubt the quietest LS I've owned"..unlike the Wife, then? Ta-da.....
  14. Isn't thsat 'little voice' called.......a Wife?
  15. Chris Skelton

    In the market for a SC

    Ser 1 V Ser 2? The front, side lights have a 'line' across them on the Ser 2 how I tell! plus you can check plates on the Gov MOT site, which gives you the 'birth' date.