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  1. Thanks Guys, The problem is that I was looking for a fully fitted service, dont really feel like fitting them myself. Tried, they dont seem to have the asymmetrics. The prices are good though.
  2. Hi all, Need some more advice, I was looking for 2 Goodyear F1 GSD3's on the blackcircles website. When I searched for 215/45/17's, I didnt find any Goodyear tryes. When I searched for 225/45/17, There were 3 optins in Goodyear, F1 GSD3, F1 GSD3 reinforced and Eagle asymmetrics reinforced. I have no idea what to go for, I think 215/45/17 is the standard tyre for IS200SE but dont seem to have that in stock. Can anyone please tell me what reinforced means. I am also not sure what the figures in brackets mean (91, 94 etc). Thanks in advance, Abhinav
  3. try brittania tyres in hinckley, they were best price for me. thanks, I'll call them in the morning
  4. Hi Guys, I need some quick advice please. I have an IS 200 SE and the front tyres are worn out. I think the inner thickness measurd 1.5 mm in the last service in Feb end. I am driving to Heathrow tomorrow from Leicester and back. I was thinking maybe its not a good idea to drive on the motorway for 200 miles on these tyres so was thinking of buying new Goodyear F1's tomorrow morning/afternoon. Can anyone please advise me on where I can get the best deal in and around Leicester? Thanks Abhinav
  5. I forgot to mention the 10% gold member discount while paying for the service. When I remembered two days later, I was told it was too late, they cant refund 10% or adjust it with my MOT bill. This one was my fault though.
  6. Right, I have typed a complaint letter and will be sending it to Lexus Leicester. Meanwhile, I gave in my car for MOT which cost £50. I enquired about some spots of paint damage on the front and was told that this is due to chip damage and is not covered by the three year paint warranty. However, they graciously offered to dab the affected areas but guess what returned the car without doing it. I am really really annoyed. My friend has a BMW convertible and he has hust told me that this chip damage is usually covered within the paint warranty.
  7. Who should I write to, the dealer website only gives the name of a customer service manager.
  8. My IS stereo had to be replaced for the same reason last year. Thay said it was under warranty for 3 years.
  9. No No, the salesman clearly said three free services, I was only talking in their language.
  10. Thanks mate, I have paid for the service but the wheels are covered. They just called me to say that they wont replace the wheels if I dont pay for the service. Thw service bill was 215 quid which I had to pay. The sales manager who sold me the car completely denied that he mentioned three services at that time saying that it wasnt within his remit to say so. I clearly remember him and a salesman offering a three year service plan at the time of the sale. Anyways, it was my fault and I had to pay for it. This is the end of my association with Lexus Leicester for sure. Others please beware. Abhinav
  11. Hi there, I have an IS200SE, bought it new in 2005. At that time, I was promised three free services but I dont think it was on paper anywhere. Lexus called me in advance to book my first two services and they were covered by the service plan. This time around, I didnt get a call so I called up Lexus Leicester and booked a service. The service was done last week and when asked for payment, I said it should be covered and Lexus were ok with that. I am going back there tomorrow to get my alloys replaced as there was some corrosion and they were still under waranty. The problem is that I got a call from them today and they left a voicemail message saying that the third service was not covered by the service plan and I should call them back to discuss that. I tried calling but couldnt get hold of the person. I am very annoyed with them now because I clearly remember that three free services were part of the deal. I just wish I had it on paper somewhere. Has anyone else had similar problems with Lexus Leicester or any other dealers. Thanks, Abhinav
  12. Thanks, Any ideas how much it costs to get it hot-wired? Also, Does anyone know any place in and around leicester where I can get it done? Abhinav
  13. Goodyear Eagle F1's are highly recommended although i personally rate Avon ZZ3's, no slipping at all in fact they stick like glue and very reasonable @ £63 each + fitting. If your car is 'slipping' as you say you may have a geometry problem or something else causing this. Generally speaking i always thought the IS was a very sturdy car. Well the lexus standard fit WAS DUNLOP SP9000L but they have discontinued these...they still do the sp9000 just not the lexus version...they had one extra ply in the side wall i believe? ive now got a set of PIRRELLI PZERO ROSSO...not yet bed in but seem to be very good so far...should get alot better with being used.. as for your car slipping i would say get ya geometry done as could be the problem aswell I'll have another chat with the Lexus guys next week about the geometry, just want to try different tyres hoping that the slipping will stop. To be honest I do drive a bit fast around the bends but I dont think thats reason enough for such a car to slip.
  14. The Griffin is a US model I think but I used it in India with my iphone. It is sold on ebay and amazon uk and as far as I am aware it works in UK I have tried various frequencies but not successful. I guess I'll return it. Thanks anyways, Abhinav
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