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  1. Conversation had with solicitors. For obvious reasons I will not post here the advice given as the element of surprise can be advantageous. Rather, if people want to do something they can PM or email me at and I will pass on the advice. The more that do contact me - the more people who can confirm that the problem is what we all believe it to be (and that it is rectifiable) the greater our chance of success. It is my belief that apathy amongst owners is the reason why nothing has happened thus far allowing Lexus to get away with it. How long will this apathy go on? Sure there are many who are ****** off but how many have done a damn thing? I am. Will you? Chris
  2. Actually, had it done on Monday - £122 cheaper than estimate so all is good. And it was nowhere near as bad as Vyker's. Thanks to all those who prayed.
  3. Your car is well out of warranty. I'd go anywhere but my Lexus dealership personally, but that is just my opinion. I reckon the privilege of the Lexus stamp in the service book is costly and unnecessary. Others here will disagree. I'd just go somewhere "reputable". Timing belt due if you haven't had it done already - Lexus changed it from 100k or 6yrs to 60k or 6 yrs. Good luck.
  4. Actually, God forgives all who truly repent.
  5. Or £8 million per limb. Apparently taking her on all 3s on the wedding night was the highlight of the marriage, save the birth of their daughter. Let's hope she gets her legs from her father.
  6. Just watched some financial programme on Ch5 with Martin Lewis and they mentioned for cheap mobile calls and SMS. You get $1 credit just for signing up (free) and it seems a sound enough promotion. Vyke I just tried SMS-ing myself and I can't see how anyone will know that you are SMS-ing from a PC - as the registered mobile number displays in the inbox of the recipient. Total "cost" of that = 2 cents, and that was taken from the introductory $1 offer. Text took maybe 20 seconds to come through... Any saving is a saving...
  7. Nowhere can do it today, nor tomorrow! And I suspect I'll do 150 between now and Tuesday.
  8. Easter Sunday - the most religious day in the Christian celendar. On today of all day's I 'd appreciate each and every one of you, regardless of denomination, putting your hands together in prayer for my trusty IS200, as on Tuesday, it is going for it's timing belt change. A mere 44k over the recommended change of 60k. The next 150 miles will be cautious ones at best as I realise I am on borrowed time with it, though all seems fine with it at the mo. It may just tip over the 104k between now and then... Thank you and God bless. In the name of the Father, the Son, and The Holy Ghost... Amen
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