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  1. i had the same problem which was solved with a can of bg 244 carbon cleaner,give it a try as stripping the turbo is a seven man hour job.
  2. it sounds very similar to the problem that i had some time ago,carbon build up in the turbo stops the variable vanes opening and can of bg244 cured my problem and at a cost of approx £20 it's worth a try.
  3. fastest lex,could it be that you have the piston ring problem whereby oil is being burnt and blocking the dpf?
  4. greg,take it to the dealer as your car may need the engine rebuild,if you have full service history it will be foc. prior to my engine being rebuilt my fuel economy tailed off rapidly.
  5. try some injector cleaner or bg44k first before going to the's worth looking at the air filter too.
  6. pauls13,i would be back to the dealer over the smoking from start as that is not correct. good luck
  7. hi gav,powerenhancer give a syringe with the bottle of ar findings after first tank are on the archoil ar 6200 thread. atb.
  8. normski,as you say the bg244 is excellent.have you considered giving the archoil 6200 a go as your regular fuel additive,my car runs great on it.
  9. greg,take a look at the bg244 and archoil 6200 threads.
  10. well i put 210ml of ar 9100 into my engine oil today and i have to say that the engine definitely runs quieter now.
  11. no the ar6200 is to be used as your regular fuel additive to prevent carbon build up and keep the fuel system clean. the bg 244 is to clean your system of previously accumulated carbon etc. you should start to feel a difference in performance after about 60 miles or so.
  12. gav,i would let the bg244 do it's thing and use the ar6200 on the next tank. keep us posted as to your experience.
  13. i thought the video of the ford truck in the link was proof that there was a material change in engine note.
  14. well i have to say that at the end of my test ar 6200 has given me a 7% more miles than the previous tank with millers eco max provides smooth running and the engines full torque characteristics are is excellent value for money at around 65p a tank for substantial economy increase. 503 miles on 58.47 ltrs =12.86 gallons=39.1mpg.
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