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  1. hi, i have been reading the post about the man who had a gearbox failure on his ls 430 and a new box fitted by lexus, my ls 430 has just started having a problem with the gearbox in the last month. the problem is that when you kick down at about 60mph and are hard accelerating, when it changes back into top gear it lunges in and shakes the car hard, and you are starting to fill the gear changes in the lower gears which you could not before . i am a mechanic by trade so i have carried out a full oil change and flush out of the box including changing the the filter and 20ltrs of genuine lexus t1v oil , but still the same problem the oil was black at the time but there was no debris in the sump or on the magnets in the sump , the car has now covered 185000 miles it has a engine management light on but that is to do with the number 2 bank exhaust catalytic convertor below the threshold, when i reset it and clear the codes it lasts a week and then comes back on i have a lpg conversion fitted to the car and i think this is to do with it ,the lpg has been fitted for 85000 miles now , no codes are present to do with the gearbox ,has anybody got any ideas could it be the shift control module , i have been in the trade for 35 years but would be very worried about a independent gearbox company repairing this box and lexus will be a small mortgage all the best colin
  2. hi i updated my disc in 2009 and is as you say , but at first i had a big problem it would not load the new dvd and then would not load the old dvd , it turned out to be the laser bulb burnt out , i had it repaired buy a company called in poole in dorset bril job , but they say they can upgrade the system to have post codes and even a tv in the same screen i got the company off of the forum very good people , lexus wanted £2700 for the repair they charged £295 all the best colin
  3. hi i have a ls430 and i get a ava of 15 mpg on gas it has a lot to do where they have mounted your vapariser is it being staved of hot water and what type of system fitted
  4. hi mate i had the same problem , i have just had one fitted to my ls430 2003 1 month ago by a company called watling engineering in st albans , they made it up for me , a detachable one at a cost of £500 fitted plus vat , i took the car there for 7am and got it back at 5 pm same day , lovely people and brillant service and a lovely day walking round st albans there web is phone number 01727 873661 i got the infor off of this forum all the best colin
  5. hi mate i have had 3 lexus a 97 gs300 , 99 ls400 , and my present 2003 ls430 , i travel 25k per year comuting to london each day , i have been a motor mechanic for 32 years and i would not have any other car for the job . and i have tried others including bmw , merc , being a motor mechanic the last thing i want to do is open my bonnet and work on my own car , and with a lexus you don,t have to do that . i have got to say the ls430 has been the worst of the 3 so far the other two cars were built proof , but i would still buy other ls430 again , i have had this car for two and a half years , it had 100k when i bought it and now has 165k i bought it cheap and it was not the best one around at the time but about 4 grand cheaper and i have only spent about 1000 in parts on it in 65k miles so it has been a good car , i do 90 miles a day 60 motorway and 30 london traffic and my car is driven very hard and on petrol i return a average 24 mpg so i am sure you will get the same as your bmw , my bmw 325 i got 21 mpg , my lexus is converted to lpg , only worth doing if you do my sort of miles . to sum up even the bad example cars like mine are still great cars not to be afraid of . my sons both have lexus , one has a ls430 2001 owned it 3 years and covered 150k and have not spent a penny on it and my other son has a gs430 2002 had it 2 years and has not spent a penny on it. if you want a big reliable car the only choice is witch lexus do i buy gs or ls all the best colin
  6. hi steve thank you very very much with your help , i sprayed wd40 into the boot lock and left over night , and then managed to open the boot with the key , then powered up the blue wire to the boot light with a jump pack and the remotes worked and the doors opened no problem , one new battery fitted checked the charge rate of alternator now all ok for , thank you very much this is about the third time the forum has got me out of touble , and i have been a motor mercanic for 30 years , all the colin
  7. hi i have a big problem with my 2001 ls430 , the battery has gone completely flat and i can,t get into the car , even with the manual pull out key on the remote , there is no flashing light on the dash with the smart key , i car only think the double dead locking is on , and the manual key only triggers a electric solenoid so it still needs some battery to operate , the key does turn and click but does not open the door , i can not think what to do other than smash a window ,or is there a power connect i can power up from the out side with a boost pack , i can not get the bonnet open , has any body come across this problem , any ideas or advise with be very much appreciated all the best colin .
  8. Hi, My 2001 LS430's battery has gone dead flat and I cant get into the car to put a new one on. I get a click sound when i turn the manual key in the door but it still will not open. Thanks Chris
  9. hi i am after a towbar to be fitted or parts to fit , for my 2003 ls430 , does any body have any information on this , it would be most appreciated , and i would just like to thank the forum for their help with my sat nav , i had it repaired by off of this forum , first class service now working great i would recommend these 100 % and the cost was 10% of lexus , all the best colin
  10. hi i have a 2001 ls430 and the nearside rear door will not open from the inside or outside it fills like the handles are not connected has any body come across this problem and how do i get it to open
  11. hi i have a ls430 03 reg it is the worst lexus i have owned , the electric seats the mem does not reset , the steering up and down does not work , the suspension after a service takes for ever to go up , the qualty of the leather on the drivers seat and centre arm rest is rubbish , the front to rear air con pipe had a hole in it , the electric fold mirrors have a mind of there own , front wishbone bushies replaced , key prog had to be reset , and the sat nav has now stopped working £2700 for a new dvd reader , i have had the car two and a half years , i bought it with 100000 on flsh , it has now 150000 on , i am a mechanic by trade and service it my self , i do 500 miles a week and i have lpg converted it , it is the third lexus i have owned , i buy them at about 100000 miles because the price is right , i had a gs300 1997 mk1 bought at 100k sold at 180k bullet proof i did not put a spanner on it apart from service it , i had a ls 400 1998 mk4 sat nav , bought at 102k sold at 168 k bullet proof the same , just serviced it , all three cars i have gas coverted , the only one to have problems the ls430 not the car the lpg system , my sons have lexus cars to , one has a ls430 51 reg no promlems , the other a gs430 02 reg no problems , and my friend has a 01 ls430 with no problems , so to sum up this time round i bought the wrong one , still love the car and would buy another , all the best colin .
  12. Greetings, I would list your requests like so: 1. LS 400: The very best indeed. Like you described, put in petrol and drive. What more do you want? I posted this same question you're asking when I joined the club a couple of months ago. After sampling the LS 400, 430 and the GS430, I have to honestly say the LS400 has no equal. (With the greatest respect to the LS430 and GS430 which are also fantastic machines by the way.) 2. GS430: If you must change then the GS430 is less expensive to run than the LS430. I'm assuming we're talking about the MKII GS? It's also deceptively quick!! 0-60mph in 6.1 seconds is no joke. No air suspension means running costs are reasonable. Also looks quite discreet with subtle badges or you can remove them if you wish. That would surprise a lot of boy racers at the lights... 3. LS 430: A great machine with a lot of toys. Seriously refined and luxurious. Only downside is there is a lot more to go wrong but I must stress that these are still reliable vehicles. Far more dependable than the usual suspects from Stuttgart, Munich and Ingolstadt... So, as you can see, the choice is yours. Me? Well, here's my answer... Goodnight.
  13. hi i have just bought the up date dvd for my sat nav from lexus for my 2003 ls430 i have put it into the dvd unit in the boot and it comes up with unable to read dvd is disc correct but now it will not read my old disc ever so i have lost the sat nav completly my son bought a new disc for his car and did not have a problem it worked fine any one come across this all the best colin
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