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  1. Well they have had nearly 4 years and one hasn't appeared. I was quoted £1050 to have the OEM fitted to a gen 4 by the local Lexus dealer which is still a crazy price but not as bad as I was previously quoted. Mike
  2. My 2009 works every time with phone bluetooth pairing. Never bothered with the inbuilt phone book (which I think disappears if you have to replace the 12v car battery). I bought a £15 bluetooth radio transmitter thing that links to the FM radio. This works brilliantly for streaming music (including skipping tracks backwards and forwards using the buttons on the device rather than on the wheel, but of course the volume controls on the wheel work ok). The device also has a high power and low power usb output, and I have connected a wire-free charger to the high power output - this lets me simply stick my iphone 8 to it via one of those sticky black pads. Mike
  3. Thanks guys - took the plunge and getting teesside Lexus to replace it with genuine article. Their price of £575 inclusive of labour and fluids seems reasonable compared to some I have seen on this forum and they collect my car and deliver it back same day. I was quoted £45 for a plastic weld from a specialist but he said it was only a 50/50 chance it would fix it, and I would have had to strip the radiator off and refit it myself 🙂 Mike
  4. it's the plastic tank that runs the full height of the radiator at the left side. Fluid is leaking from this crack which is about 75mm long, but it's hardly weeping much at all. I'm going to see a radiator specialist tomorrow to see if he can heat weld it without removing anything. Mike (But I'd still like to know how you get a warning if you have lost nearly all of your coolant)
  5. Thanks Herbie - that's what I was thinking, but if the temperature sensor for the engine is measuring the temperature of your coolant and you haven't got enough of it left, what kind of warning do you get - there's no warning light, and even if you kept an eye on the thermometer, if the sensor isn't in any fluid how's the gauge going to read (too hot or too cold?) Mike
  6. ... and until I can get the car booked back in for a radiator change, I need to keep topping up the fluid. Can I do this with tap water, or bottled water (our area has really hard water), or must I add antifreeze, and if so what can I use which I can buy on a sunday morning? Thanks Mike
  7. Been thinking about this a bit more because there isn't a low coolant level warning light on the RX400H. So what if you lose most of your coolant through a leak and don't know about it? Surely the temperature gauge is measuring the temperature of the coolant so if you haven't got much left, that's not going to be any use. Are there ANY warning lights that will come on telling you that the engine block and cylinder head are getting too hot because you have lost most of your coolant? Mike
  8. There's a crack in the left tank which apparently is made of plastic. I topped up the fluid and a day or two later a lot of it has gone. But how does it go - there's no pooling under the car and as far as I can tell no steam while I am driving? And I think it's been like this for some considerable time before the dealer spotted it, and yet no warning light has come on and the temperature gauge stays in the normal range. The dealer wants £600 to fit a new one. Is there a way of fixing them in situ? Mike (RX400H)
  9. There isn't even an independent one for the generation 4 RX450H. Lexus want best part of 2 thousand quid to fit an OEM one. If the independents haven't brought one out by now (4 years is it?) they probably aren't going to. It's convinced me to run my RX400H into the ground. It costs just £540 to get a detachable one fitted to that (Westfalia I think) Mike
  10. My 12v battery has just started to misbehave - I assumed it just needs a replacement battery as it's probably pretty old now. But on finding this thread I'm worried that it's maybe the DC to DC converter that Herbie mentions. Hope not as the extended warranty ran out last month 😞 I'm carrying round a spare charged 12v car battery and jump leads, but it's a chew using them in the rain. I can't see from the pic how the jump start device works - or rather how it connects to the negative or ground - is there a built in trailing black lead? Mike
  11. Yes this seems so obvious, that there must be a good reason why Lexus didn't do it Mike
  12. which is tricky because even if you decide to carry bikes on a tailgate rack you are supposed to use a tailboard strapped to the bikes and for that you need an electrical socket on the car. (My bike is electric and too heavy to go on a roof rack - and too awkward to try and slide into the boot area horizontally even if I took both wheels off. Mike
  13. Does anyone know of any independents making a towbar for the gen 4 yet? Mike
  14. I think it's the salt. Don't they use it on the roads in Japan? because you'd think A company like Lexus could build these sensor arms to resist typical UK weather conditions. My LS430 went through about 6 of them I think, and it was about £300 a time Mike
  15. All cars have a rear blindspot which my 430 solved brilliantly with a two part mirror which unfortunately they didn;t put on the 400H. But I cannot remember a single occasion with any of my 6 or 7 previous cars (all saloons) where a car coming at right angles was hidden by the drivers' door pillar. My bet is that the 400H door pillar is unusually thick. Mike