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  1. I think it's the salt. Don't they use it on the roads in Japan? because you'd think A company like Lexus could build these sensor arms to resist typical UK weather conditions. My LS430 went through about 6 of them I think, and it was about £300 a time Mike
  2. All cars have a rear blindspot which my 430 solved brilliantly with a two part mirror which unfortunately they didn;t put on the 400H. But I cannot remember a single occasion with any of my 6 or 7 previous cars (all saloons) where a car coming at right angles was hidden by the drivers' door pillar. My bet is that the 400H door pillar is unusually thick. Mike
  3. Just thought I would post this warning. I have had my Rx400h for about 5 years now and in that time have probably been caught out 5 or 6 times by something that people should be aware of even though it's an unusual set of circumstances. I'm approaching a roundabout and a car is approaching the same roundabout from the right. If he happens to be obscured by my right side driver's door pillar AND happens to be travelling at a speed that keeps him there while we are both decelerating, he doesn't come into view until about 30 or 40 yards crossing in front of me. The driver's door pillar is quite thick and can obscure even large cars. It's even more worrying when it has obscured a cyclist, as to remain obscured at his speed he has to be much closer to my car. Mike
  4. I had a noise from the rear end that was in some ways like those described above. Lexus dealer traced it to a sort of planished very lightweight heat shield whose mounting holes had half worn away. They said it was common, and would cost about £400 to replace but they said they have simply removed plenty of them and had no problems. That was about 40k miles ago and I certainly haven't had any. Mike
  5. Still can't find an indpenedent maker doing one but this (in the USA) looks interesting. https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Hitch/Lexus/RX+450h/2018/C13282.html Mike
  6. Yes - I too think it's torque steer, and when you first experience it, it's VERY disconcerting bordering on dangerous. When it happens during a critical overtake your first reaction is to back off - not only is this at exactly the wrong point in the overtake, but the reduction of power/torque to the front end makes it sway alarmingly in the opposite direction. I am surprised no-one has rolled their cars doing this. Mike
  7. yeah my LS430 cost a fortune to keep it going and I wondered about where this supposed Lexus reliability was. It made me nervous about buying an RX400H but that has hardly missed a beat and is now at 140k miles and 9 years old. The air suspension on my 430 was a nightmare - at least 4 failures out on the road - which was dangerous. Mike
  8. Have I missed something? - I thought there was no independent tow bars yet for the latest series RX (and the OP has a 2017 model). Mike
  9. Yes - I've done the same as Dave. I think it cost me £12 and provides 2 charging sockets as well as bluetooth audio connection. I previously had the cassette tape thing with trailing jackplug but then I still needed another cable to keep the phone charged. Once set up the FM thing works very well, allowing me to skip forwards and backwards through tracks by pushing a button on the unit. The only downside is quite a lot of background white noise on the channel I have chosen (88.2) so if anyone has found a more silent frequency please shout up. I can tune the white noise right down by judicious fiddling with the 3 volume controls I now have (the car stereo, the phone side buttons and the volume dial on the FM thing). By the way - I wondered whether it would complicate things that the FM bluetooth unit had call answering built in, but everything seems OK and I THINK the car system is still handling that. Mike
  10. I'm glad I found this thread. Looks like I wont be trading my 400H in any time soon as the tow bar is essential for me to transport my electric bike. BTW - I got an independent to fit the bar to my 400h -about £500 if I recall correctly. My car was on Lexus extended warranty and they have honoured a couple of claims without quibbling about who fitted the towbar. Mike
  11. On my LS saloon the mirrors had two sections different sections and this completely eliminated the blind spot. I really missed this on my RX. However, I have set up my driver side mirror now so that it is at it's maximum outward setting - in other words I cannot see the side or back of the car in it. This has helped a great deal and has picked up quite a few cars that I would have missed if I was trying to use it as a normal rear view mirror (I have the internal one for that). Mike
  12. John, You might not realise it but you have just bought the most sophisticated camping/caravanning generator in the world. I discovered that I could connect my caravan battery to the RX400H via the cig lighter socket, lock the car doors WITH the car in READY mode and leave it all day while I went walking. Obviously I needed to use my second key to lock the car (found it really surprising that I could lock the car with one key still inside it). The caravan would draw any power it needed from the RX's 12 volt battery but when that became depleted, the hybrid batteries would charge the 12v RX battery and when the car got a bit twitchy with this it would fire up the engine. Even with us sitting in the caravan and using lots of power for lights, TV computers etc, the car would sit there silently for about 30 minutes then the engine would fire up for about 3 minutes. - a damn sight quieter generator than a typical dedicated 4 stroke generator. ..... so in answer to your question - there is no problem whatsoever with sitting in READY mode listening to music. Now to the question of Hillstart. Sorry but I don't understand - why would any automatic need hillstart. I thought it was a way of preventing a manual car from stalling if the driver let out the clutch without enough revs. Even on the steepest of hills I cannot remember any of my automatic cars running backwards when in drive mode, and certainly none of them have ever stalled. Mike
  13. In my experience last week, the air suspension does make the ride noticeably more pleasant - but only brings it back to just under where my RX400H is. I'm surprised that no-one is saying there are (some) problems with the air suspension as I found a few with just some simple searches. My LS430 was a nightmare for air suspension components and although for the first 2 years these were covered by the used car warranty, the inconvenience of having it collapse on a trip was alarming. It's interesting that Lexus have not included air suspension on any of the 4RX model range (have they?). My RX400H has done 132k miles and it's been a dream car in terms of reliability - I put it in last week because I thought a shock absorber was on the way out but it checked out fine - it was a fault on the parking brake apparently, and is being fixed under the extended warranty which will run to April 2019 and about 150k miles. I am delighted with this warranty - and it applied to my LS for a while. Nothing seems to be excluded - particularly the hybrid batteries which is why I took it out at first. OK nothing has gone wrong on the 400H but back to my opening point - it's not so much the cost of a potential repair as the peace of mind and the knowledge that my Lexus dealer will recover me, and provide me with a free loan car. Mike