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  1. I'm going through similar thought processes David but in my case with an RX400H that has done 160k miles. I have concluded that I am going to hang on to it until/if the used car market settles down. I too have got a surprisingly high valuation on my existing car but the problem is we may be wasting several thousands pounds on the replacement, if new car supplies return to normal (because dealers will not be so desperate to find and sell used cars). It brought it home to me when I seriously looked at buying a 5 year old Toyoata Prius last week. In March we bought one for my daughter for £15k and last week similarly specced cars were selling for 19k .... if you could grab one before it sold ... and these cars all had twice the mileage that my daughter's had. My other realisation is that £35k (the difference to trade in for a good RX450H) buys an awful lot of repairs to my 400H One final thought - I once had a BMW 7-series and at it's first service (for me .... as I had bought it used, but with only 16k miles on), the BMW dealership in Newcastle told me it needed a new shock absorber at a cost of several hundred pounds. When I queried this since it only had 16k miles on it the answer was 'well it's a big car' 😄. I took it for a second opinion to Kwikfit, who told me that it was good news and bad news. The bad news was that it needed TWO new shock absorbers, but they could do both at the same price as BMW were quoting for one. I declined both offers, and the car passed several MOT tests (including by the BMW dealership) before I parted with it at about 100k miles and all with the original shock absorbers. Of course no Lexus dealership would behave in that way, so your choice is more difficult. Mike
  2. This is the problem John. I followed that link you gave for Thule and when you put in the ES car, this is what comes back (for rear boot mount) "Sorry, there are currently no recommended products that match your request. Please change your selections and try again" Mike
  3. But were you trying to hang a 25kg e-bike off it. The other thread comments on this type of rack distorting (and perhaps damaging the boot lid). Am I right in thinking that the es300 has a very similar boot arrangement to the GS300. If so and people on the GSforum are using them without problems I might take a chance. Mike
  4. I think the lack of towbar is going to be a killer. I might have got away with a boot rack for the ebike, but another thread says it distorted the boot lid and Halfords gave a full refund. The beauty of a towbar is that the bike rack can be clipped on in seconds as can the bikes themselves. Anything else is a faff, and for older people like me lifting a 20 odd kilo bike on to a roof rack is probably not a good idea (incidentally Lexus don;t even list a roof rack accessory. Mike
  5. oh no ..... I had just sold myself on an es300 but if I cannot carry my ebike around I'm sunk 😬 Mike
  6. Can I fit a towbar? It's the only sensible way of carrying my e-bike Reviews complain about a lack of oomph, some even saying they are nervous about joining a major road. Is this a legitimate criticism (I find my daughter's 2016 Prius amply powered) One review I read says that some spec models have special hollow alloy wheels to reduce road noise - presumably the Takugami? And connected with this - hopefully the tyres are not special tyres, as I need to fit all-weather or winter tyres to get up my drive Thanks Mike
  7. Yes you are correct - the sunroof sliding screen makes a big difference to noise levels. I am talking about on my current RX400H, so in the ultra quiet ES it's probably much more noticeable (the difference I mean). I used to have an LS430 and I am pining for the quiet that it provided so am considering an es300. It makes me wonder though whther no-sunroof would be a better spec. These days in the UK, I never open my sunroof Mike
  8. one of the posts above implies that some versions of the gen 4 have coils and others air suspension. When I'm looking at the specs on lexusused cars, how can I tell? (Having been burnt by air suspension on an LS430, I'd prefer coil springs - they have been faultless in 160k miles on my rx400H) Thanks Mike
  9. Hmmmm - I suspect my Lexus dealership cannot get the part - they are not returning my calls. I have a guy who can do the intermediate service and take a look at the corroded fuel pipe. I think I will tell him to be very careful when he's looking at the corrosion in case he punctures the pipe. Did I read a post above that it's possible to do a 'wrap' on the pipe, and does this mean without removing the rust before doing so? Mike
  10. has anyone got a blow up pic from the parts diagram to show what this looks like and where it fits (and how to access it) please. Mike
  11. At last service (12 months ago) the dealership flagged up a corroded fuel filler pipe. We didn't do anything about it, partly because I assumed it was all part of the tank and therefore horrendously expensive. But I have since discovered that the filler pipe connects to the tank by a rubber sleeve so it's just a bit of pipe at a bargain 300 pounds sterling or so 😄. So my question is twofold - how would the dealership have spotted corrosion on this pipe without removing lots of panelling (perhaps it's visible from the wheel arch?). And secondly - how practical would it be to wire brush the rust off, and paint it with hammerite? Thanks Mike
  12. Just following up on this - I've ordered the sensor from China, but am nervous that it's really the mechanical arm that is so corroded that the dealership only managed a temporary bodge. Anyone know where I can buy the arm at a reasonable price? Thanks Mike
  13. Mine is the last of the 400H generation (2009) and it has standard springs and shocks. I'd be very grateful if someone could point me to a chinese version of what I need for the rear ride height sensor (sounds like I only need one). Thanks Mike
  14. Thanks - could you explain a couple of things. Is AFS the make? Do you mean I don't need to bother about the sensor as the RX400H has good ground clearance? If you have a link on ebay I'd really appreciate it thanks. And yes I also Hammerite everything on my motorbikes once they start rusting. Mike
  15. My RX400H (12 years old now) has been a brilliant car but is now probably worth less than the repairs that are being suggested. Item 1 is a rear ride height sensor that was seized and the techie freed it off but says it should be replaced (£600 😱). Should I have noticed any symptoms?, and is there a cheaper replacement? Second matter flagged is corroding fuel filler pipes which hasn't been priced .... but I seem to remember that aftermarket suppliers may have a fix for this? Was it some kind of plastic tube insert? Thanks Mike
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