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  1. Hey Guys, Crashed my IS200 the other day and got one of the parts fixed but the car drives in a wobbly line because the rear wheels arent straight Apparently I need a Stub Axle so if anyone has one lying around or knows of any spares - PLEASE LET ME KNOW WILLING TO PAY CASH THANKS LADS
  2. Yeah I know, fully my own fault and I realise that - Nobody to blame but myself I was VERY VERY lucky to be honest, could of been ALOT worse - thankfully it was 2am and nobody was around Just even happier, I didnt take out my other car, then i would of been really ******!
  3. Thankfully, there isnt even a scratch on the bodywork - Just the rear wheel is messed up totally. The suspension and stuff looks fine, it's just the rear arm is totally bent - I should get some pictures up really It's really difficult because the car wont move so its difficult to take it around to places to get it checked out :(
  4. Yeah, basically my insurance is full comprehensive but being so young for this car, my insurance excess is actually £900 which is alot but then saying that, this repair could potentially cost over £2000+ so it might be worth just claiming on the insurance. Will my no-claims be affected? - I'm sure it will be, wont it?
  5. Hey Guys, :( Where do I start? Last night around 2am, driving around a corner when it was raining and the car lost control at around 50mph and spun a fair few times, and my right rear wheel smashed into the curb and the wheel has buckled. I cant actually even drive the car, the wheel has buckled so much that when I try and drive, it wont move at all. So - how on earth am i going to get this repaired? I'm a poor 19 year old Uni Student in Sheffield, so if anyone has got a good contact from here, please point me in the right direction. Also, is it worth it just taking it to Lexus and letting them sort it out, but they may charge a BOMB for this repair as its quite serious. Please help out boys - much appreciated
  6. I've only got light smoke tints all around the car, front + rear Also, does it matter on the conditions on the day, i.e. weather wise? Because it was quite a dark day so the tints appear to look even darker, however on a sunny side, they look fine! But I'm leaving them on!
  7. It's really annoying because in Oxford, I've driven past police so many times and never got pulled over once, but the first police man who saw my car in Sheffield, I got pulled over :( He even started peeling it off and said he wouldnt let me drive off until they were removed, but I told him - I'll take it to the garage and they can remove it!
  8. Hey Guys, I'm at Sheffield University and was driving on my way to Uni and got pulled over by a police man on a motorbike He a little test and apparently, my front window tints only allow 30% of light through which I don't think is right because they are LIGHT SMOKE! He also said that I have to take off the front tints before driving off but I said, i'm not going to do it and i'll take it to the garage and they can do it - But I'm leaving them on. I have to pay a bloody £30 fine now, :( :( Any guys on here had this experience?
  9. Hey, Does the SNOW BUTTON on the IS200, actually increase fuel consumption? I've noticed when I push SNOW, the rev's fall ever so slighty Any guys had this experience too?
  10. Ah dude, you should of got the convertible - I've got a 2006 BMW 318Ci M Sport Convertible in BLACK Looks amazing I think, although your colour is really nice as well I would of got a 330Ci, but good luck for me trying to get insured on that with me only being 19 lol
  11. I find that using Autoglym Super Resin Polish and then after, using Autoglym High Definition Wax is the BEST I've had amazing results from both products. Highly recommended.
  12. I think I might just buy TOYO T1R PROXES TOYO T1 R - 215/45R17 91W XL £280 for 4 and they will last along time
  13. Hmm... oh right - they are based in Oxford which is where I am, so I was thinking I could just go and pick up the tyres
  14. Congrats on the new purchase mate, they are awesome cars And also, welcome to the Lexus Owners Club forum They are all a nice bunch of guys :)
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