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  1. sum quite gud pics there 2 say oni 4 turned up we didn't get bk home till half 7 lol enjoyed mi mcdonalds tho :winky:
  2. As far as i know ppl whos names are down are still goin
  3. meet tmora is defo on c u at the services guys :winky:
  4. im back online lol so we'll see u tmora then 3pm at the services B) every1 ok with that
  5. Wat about tmora @ 3pm is that ok wi every1
  6. Dnt think tday is a gud idea bit 2 late and crap weather :tsktsk:
  7. I'm up 4 that :winky: wat bout every1 else
  8. has any1 decided on a date yet?
  9. Wat does every1 reckon 2 this weekend then Crutch suggested this saturday about 6
  10. we still haven't decided on a date yet any ideas? :winky:
  11. dont think end of the month a gud idea coz there's a WIM meeting on 25th and a LOC meeting in blackpool on the 26th lol i'm frm thorne :winky:
  12. i wo jst thinking that lol :winky: if no1 has got anythin else planned we cud do it this saturday, weather is supposed 2 be gud
  13. Wen u rek will be gud then? we cud go on sum rides in pleasure island 2 :D
  14. hi and welcome!! glad u no where i mean lol. i tried to put a map on as well but its just waste land so i dint botha. whens best for u
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