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  1. Sat Nav Option

    Brilliant Thank you you have been a big help more help than Lexus 👻
  2. Sat Nav Option

    Thank you 👍 does it have speed camera alerts do you know ?
  3. Sat Nav Option

    On the ct sat nav 2011, what is the definition for Quick1, Quick2 and i assume short is liteally the shortest route, but by distance or time?
  4. Happy Birthday Lexus2d

    Birthdays aint like they used to be on here anymore Thanx Tony
  5. Yellow Lexus

    Awwww the guy who owned it became a DAD wonder if that`s why he sold it ?
  6. Confused?

    Mines a front wheel drive on my sig lol :P
  7. Stewart Lee

  8. From Jag To Lexus

  9. Hi

  10. OMG that poor Lex did he not love her be nice 2 see her back to how she should be ;)
  11. Nice One so happy for you :winky:
  12. Laptops

    As your in Sheffield have you looked @ John Lewis you get a 2 year guarantee & customers service is spot on ;0)
  13. Another Frenchman On The Loc

    Nice Pics