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  1. I've replaced stock wood with carbon :) I think, that interior now looks better
  2. I've got is250 awd and I use to ride on snow mode, even if there isn't snow because I can make more miles per galon... and here is my question - Everything gonna be ok with my is (gear box, etc.) if I ride on this mode ?
  3. hehe... a lot of my friends went to UK few years ago (one of still them lives in Manchester), but nowadays most of them and generally Polish people are about to come back... Polish govermevt is doing everything to people want to come back. I've been to UK just for two weeks during summer holidays, I've got in Poland well paid job, so I don't have to go abroad :)
  4. What do you think about my IS ? I've bought all f-sport stuff, except rims (these on pics are 20s). As you can see I've also installed two monitors into headrests connected with gps, dvd and two cameras (front and rear) , all stock speakers I've thrown away and put Alpine , angel eyes are from Oracle. BTW I'm from Poland
  5. What do you think about this rotors ? Has anybody put them on lexus ?
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