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  1. yes it would need reprogramming etc n was wondering how i go about doin that? my ECU has an internal fault n needs to be changed!
  2. guys i need a new ECU. i can get a second hand 1 for arounf 100 quid. how do i go about fitting it ie. alarm new keys etc?
  3. ok, i have been doin some experimenting with the car. basically when it gets hot it cuts out. when the car is cool then it performs perfectly!.
  4. had the code read agains. it came u with the mass air flow malfunction and air intake temp. how do i clean the MAP sensor?
  5. sorry abou the late reply. ive been doin some more research into this and now people are sayin to me that it could be the MAF sensor??
  6. ok, i got another code come up on the OBDII. cant remember what it is but its something like Mass Air Flow or what not!
  7. No havent checked that, will check tomorow n update you on whats happening! anything else u reckon i should check?
  8. yeh the throttle body got cleaned 3 days ago...i dunno what is causing this problem...but its defo causing me to pull out my hair!
  9. ok...changed the spark plugs and no luck :( same problem happenin. before the cambelt change it cut out once and went back 2 normal after that n didnt kick in til 5 months later, which is now.
  10. OOPS lol i will put sum new spark plugs in tomorrow n let u know of the outcome.
  11. yeh had em out a couple of days ago n they looked fine 2 me. bit ov carbon on em n just cleaned em with a wire brush.
  12. when i had coil pack problems it was actually misfiring. when i do drive it now it doesnt misfire. it just cuts out completely n when i got it read it gave codes P1300 (Igniter Circuit Malfunction no.1) and P1310 (Igniter Circuit Malfunction no.3).
  13. this problem started happening before timing belt was changed but not as often as it does now. i have changed the camshaft position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor too.
  14. the timing belt was changed around 1000miles ago. no it has not been in an accident either. it cuts out while driving along and sometimes when idling.
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