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  1. As Steve mentioned, with my last SC430 the previous owner had lost all the history and didn't even know what a cambelt was. Always better to buy from someone who knows nothing about cars generally. There was however a small plate in the front of the engine bay about 1x7 cms (can't remember exactly where) but it had the mileage when belt changes by Lexus Plymouth. Worth a check. P.S. When I change my belt, using a kit with water pump and bearings, I found a great post on youtube for same engine LS430.
  2. I had the same issue a couple of years back - I think it was caused by a stuck CD incident (I blamed my wife for pushing the CD into the slot rather than letting it be pulled). There are some youtubes on removing the unit, from memory, start by popping out the smallest section at the bottom with the seat heat controls - I've got a vague memory of removing the ashtray but could have been from another job? It's very easy just be careful not to drop any screws into the centre consul when removing so keep a magnet handy. If you're good with things like this, you may find that you can fix the problem better when the unit/cover is removed and on a table. Unfortunately I couldn't fix mine so sourced a replacement unit second hand from ebay that was circa £120. I presume that it wasn't working when you purchased? There could well be something aftermarket out there that would fit with more modern phone/wifi/etc. connectivity, I'm sure there are members better informed than myself for this info.
  3. Thanks George - I will take it back to pipecraft for another assesment with my new found knowledge.
  4. Having rest the rror codes it took about 90 minutes driving before the warning engine light appeared again. In fact I made an assumption both banks as I had 1/2,/2/2 and assumed one was left and one right, but in fact both error codes relate to BANK2 as shown. Does anyone know what side BANK2 means?
  5. Thanks George, I'm interested in your comments as I fo get a warning for both sdies. I guess that I'm not sure exactly what you mean by a leak in the middle section? The manifold downpipes from both sides connect to their respective CATs, then after the sensors, the pipes bend in towards the middle section and another box (is this another CAT or just silencer?). Are you are suggesting where the pipes join together before the mid-section box to look for leaks in this area? The cost of replacement Left/Right CATs in circa £600 minimum for USA imports, so it would be nice to know the originals should still be efficient. I can't see much change out of £1000 here if I buy the megaflow above and need new CATs also!
  6. Wasn't sure I understood this thread, but now I do, and seemingly my 2001 LS430 is exempt. No ULEZ charge due for this vehicle This vehicle meets the emission standards for ULEZ so you don't have to pay this charge when driving within the zone. Per my other post today, just need to get the MOT centre to agree!
  7. I've inadvertently cleared the error codes before reading them on my LS430 (sorry its been a while since I used the machine and should have read the instructions again) so the engine management light is now off. As soon as its back, normally after 10-15 minutes driving, I'll read again. It was very clear from memory, left bank catalytic converter losing efficiency, followed by same message for right bank. I will call megaflow USA on Monday, as I'm thinking although it may have a more efficient mod section CAT, without the front 2 x CATS, would the sensors mean the engine light would remain - this is an MOT failure nowadays as any engine management warning light on is an MOT fail.
  8. I'm thiniking that I should have bought this just for the exhaust and then sold the rest. Interestingly, it sold on ebay for almost the same amount £787 that Seat offered me as a trade in on my 2001 LS430 which has 2 months still left on MOT and no damage! I couldn;t find Andy's original post but do remember reading it at the time.
  9. Last year my 2001 LS430 scraped through its MOT on emissions, its due for renewal at end March 2020, There is a warning light on the dash and the error code has pointed to the front catalytic converters, both sides of the down pipes losing efficiency. The exhaust is otherwise in great condition as I replaced from the mid-rear sections with aftermarket import spares about 18 months ago. I do about 3,000 miles a year and buying a new car isn't excatly environmentally friendly even if its an EV in my opinion. I've been trying to source new CATs, in fact a whole front the back exhaust system, but aside from one UK advert for an exhaust specialist in Leeds, there appears to be no new spares available. I'm prepared to spend a reasonable amount here, but I can't be silly as the value of the car is limited - I'm thinking £800-1000 maximum, if I'm being practical. The only thing I can find is a megaflow system from USA, but its not clear if the front CATs are included (I think not) or, skipped by this system or, you have to buy these separately. It would be mad to buy/import the item on the link below only to find out you still need to purchase left/right front CATs. Does anyone have a suggestion better than the link below, as I will likely need to scrap my car which otherwise is running perfectly and I would be sad to lose for this reason! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Magnaflow-Conv-DF-01-06-Lexus-LS430-4-3L-Rear/382078484113?_trkparms=aid%3D555021%26algo%3DPL.SIMRVI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20190711100440%26meid%3D9ebf5daff6e24c448f35372bcc2fdb78%26pid%3D100752%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D11%26mehot%3Dpf%26sd%3D114046409240%26itm%3D382078484113%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675&_trksid=p2047675.c100752.m1982 Do I have any alternative suggestions from members - has anyone else been in the same position and found a solution?
  10. It does suggest that you may have the start of a CAT issue as I reported a while back. I thought for me it related to my battery change, but perhaps like your oil change, it was just a coincidence. For me the light came on then off a number of times, eventually staying on permanently and the error code translated using my cheap OBD2 reader confirmed the issue was the exhaust CAT. My MOT is due end March 2020, so I will need to do something about this - seeing Pipecraft Exhaust in Basildon coincidentally tomorrow, so will give you an idea of cost soon should you suffer the same.
  11. Re Ian's advice above - I also fell fowl of confusing my ride hide sensors when the car was jacked up. In short, never start the LS430 when the car is up for maintenance unless you know exactly what you're doing. Thankfully my jacks were trapped under the car on the jack points so I was able to lift the car again front and back and reset things. @Alec - did you get the Air fixed or opt for coilovers?
  12. I will take it to the chaps at PipeCraft as I've used them a year or so back and they are very reasonable - always difficult to find a time when their ramps aren't occupied though. They fitted the aftermarket mid to rear exhaust system that others have posted on the forum bought from Ebay. MOT next due in Jan 2020, so sooner rather than later as aside from wanting to keep this car as long as possible, I need the engine management light off just in case there could be another problem. It will soon no longer be a teenager!
  13. If you don't get satisfaction, I can recommend a place based in Benfleet Essex, 'Bonair AC specialist' that I used a few years ago when my LS430 rear AC pipe was damaged accidentally. They replaced the condensor (Lexus original) blanked off the rear AC (as the damaged pipe was above the rear diff and inaccessible for economc repair). The cost was circa £500 but 3 years on the AC is still super cold and I don;t miss the rear AC at all. If a pipe is damaged and accesible for repair, there are some excellent splicing kits for £20-30 - they work, but never ever use for brake pipes.
  14. They've been collected and gone to a good home/Lexus enthusiast. 🙂
  15. Rather than dump - I've 2 good tyres (I think ALPHA is budget brand?) with no puncture repairs for anyone who wants to collect them from CM13. Send me a personal message - my apologies to site administrator if I'm breaking any rules here - not selling these just giving away to anyone nearby in need of something with tread for the winter. I'll dispose of these end Oct if not needed by anyone