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  1. Brake Wear Warning - LS430

    New part(s) arrived from China - perfect quality/fit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Rear-Right-Side-Brake-Pad-Wear-Indicator-Sensor-for-LEXUS-LS430-47770-50060 I now have a new spare (as ordered 1 from 2 separate providers - spreading my £8 risk!) and an old repaired one as spare - will never let pads get that low again, so will likely sit on the garage shelf.
  2. I used fibre glass kit for some holes on an old LS400 - its cheap <£10 and much easier to use than you think if you haven't tried it before. May take a bit longer to set in cold weather though - best of luck.
  3. LS430 Air suspension

    I find a distinct difference when sport setting is engaged when cornering at speed, particularly when set to high. I also notice a difference in height circa 30-50mm (normal/high) but have never timed it adjusting, I switch it on/off when driving normally.
  4. LS430 Tyres

    You are of course right to be careful - I used a Ebay/PayPal supplier that I've used before and tyres previously sold with positive feedback - but even then, you can get caught out. I've been very impressed with my last few outings particularly the straight line driving with the asymmetric pattern, they really seem to drive themselves and grip excellent in the wet. I do however definitely notice a softer feel on the bends/corners but it may be that the general tyre fitters didn't put enough pressure into them as 38-42 is probably more than most wheels they get to fit.
  5. disable tmps

    I understand the need for save money here if the TPMS batteries have gone - there are several posts and IE sites on how to achieve this. When I posted a similar question about my old 2003 SC it unearthed a series of options on how to replace the battery in the existing TPMS at a fractional cost. I was lucky as the warning light came on for me as my tyres were in fact a little low on pressure having been idle for a while - pump them up to 36/38 psi and see if it makes a difference If you do try the battery replacement and it works, it avoids the need to register new TPMS monitors if you buy find a new set (I only found the cheap from USA at circa £100 for 4 but didn't buy as I could never be confident they were the exact model). Of course, if you do try DIY then you need the tyres removed to get to the monitors and this would mean some help from a local garage (normally about £10 cash per tyre to remove and then refit/balance later). When I looked I found an excellent site and youtube showing how it could be done - if I find the link again I will post it for you.
  6. I gave feedback to the Ebay seller about the minor adjustments needed to make the fit perfect and they acknowledged saying that they would contact the manufacturer. They are indeed a great price - the custom exhaust specialist that I used to fit mine advised me that for them, to make the same twin system, it would have been minimum £300 + vat.
  7. LS430 Tyres

    They are indeed a budget China import, but the rating is slightly better than most Kumho tyre brands that are B/C at best. The sound level of my old tyres where circa 71db, so no real difference with these budget tyres stating 72db - I believe Kumho do make a 68db tyre but the grip/economy rating isn't as good. As mentioned, my old tyres being 5+ years old and hardened rubber with less tread definitely made more noise than these new unbranded tyres with new rubber.
  8. From my point of view the noise level on the new system is very quiet and compares with the original - obviously much quieter now that the blow previously heard particularly at low revs in the driveway (sound bouncing of the house wall) has been eliminated.
  9. LS430 Tyres

    My 2001 LS430 needed new tyres as the 5+ years old fitted Kumho tyres had only minimal circa 3 mm tread. Although I was very pleased with the Kumho having worn evenly for the last circa 25,000 miles and would buy them again if cheaper, they were coming out just a little more expensive this time than I had hoped. I found these budget tyres on Ebay with B/B and 72 db rating and had them fitted to the car last week. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-225-55ZR17-97W-ALFAMOTORS-NEW-4-QUALITY-TYRES-2255517-LOW-PRICE-BUDGET/282822127096 I'm not a speed merchant and can't speak for their longevity, but can confirm that my first impressions are excellent, grip, running true and noticeably quieter (I guess that could be the softer rubber on new tyres?). If you're on a budget like me then you could do a lot worse than buying these budget tyres - sorry if this offend Dunlop/Michelin and other premium tyre fans.
  10. I hope that you are as pleased as I was today. Basically, the dirty end of the tapered exhaust on the car (shown in the picture above) needed circa 25 mm cut off it to make for a better fit where the bend in the new pipe just before the silencer was a bit too close to the car.
  11. I feel that George may have started something here unwittingly - looking forward to the names of other members cars.
  12. Exhaust now fitted, and for an after-market item the fit was pretty good, just 25 mm too long perhaps meaning that the exhaust specialist trimmed a similar amount from the flange on the exhaust pipe on the car as shown below. My LS430 did not have chrome tips, just as shown in the second image - just a minor adjustment for alignment done after the picture was taken. I just want to take a moment to convey to forum members that Pipecraft (exhaust specialists based in Basildon - Dean and assistant) are simply awesome. They listened to my needs and concerns and got the old system off and the new one on, now better than new in about an hour. They have done work for me before a few years back on an old classic car and they have the tools and skills to custom build whatever you need. Buying this imported part was indeed the right decision as my old box had indeed holes on the top of the rear silencers (impossible to spot from underneath) and the inner contents of the near side rear silencer were shot and rattling about. The cost to buy and fit here was minimal and I can only suggest that members with an exhaust problem of any type on any car get themselves down there and experience experts at work - contact them on 01268 285535 if needed (I promise that I'm not on commission) but good service and cheaper alternatives need recommendation.
  13. Nice LS and I particularly like the wheels on these later models. Nice punch line for Wafty - I'll use that if I get a chance, can beat a bit of spoonerism. My last 3 initials are TBC and I can only think of Thurrock Borough Council - not a pleasant thought.
  14. German made exhaust bought through Polish supplier (Ebay link above £150) arrived Monday and I'm getting it fitted by Pipe Craft based near me in Basildon Essex. The packaging could have been a little better (e.g. some bubble wrap on the silencers) but aside from a few inconsequential scratches dents it looks like a quality pair of exhausts to exacting LS430 specifications. Fitting will be a breeze providing the old one separates! That's why I'm using a specialist to fit as they have the joiners needed if the pipes have to be cut. Will update once complete with time/effort/costs and ease of fitting.
  15. Brake Wear Warning - LS430

    Thanks Mark for affirming the tip on the sensor, my second attempt worked. As suggested, wires pushed though and stripped back a little to expose the metal that was indeed severed (albeit it still looked intact), a bit of twisting, solder and high temperature gasket seal had it back on the car and functioning as intend. I will replace when the cheap imports arrive and give some feedback to close this topic.