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  1. 2 years back I ordered and fitted new front discs / pads and rear pads purchased from eBay. I pick sellers with good feedback and I had no problem with these - you may find the order numbers still listed of updated by the sellers? FRONT MINTEX BRAKE PADS SET FOR LEXUS LS 430 (2000-2006) BRAND NEW ( 122376966767 ) ITEM PRICE: £24.03 Item FRONT MINTEX BRAKE PADS SET FOR LEXUS LS 430 (2000-2006) BRAND NEWBuy similarView
  2. Now SOLD to a fine gentleman from Felixstowe who seemed very pleased. I hope that it continues runs well for him and he sorts the few issues advised out so he has himself a keeper.
  3. For sale: Lexus LS430 - 2001 Mileage 147K - Bronze/Gold - cream interior Item Condition: Average for age - Smooth and comfortable but with emmission cautions advised at the last MOT detailed below it will probably require attention before the next MOT due March 2021. Other age related marks to be expected, but these do not distract from the overall quality appearance. Price and price conditions: £1,400 o.n.o. Extra Info: I'm selling my LS430 which I've owned for more than 12 years having purchased it from my uncle who had bought it from Lexus, Oxford with 5K on the odomete
  4. DaKa

    Wanted LS430

    Thanks for the information Bluesman - I'll create a suitable post this weekend.
  5. DaKa

    Wanted LS430

    Yes, I'm selling mine LS430 2001 and I'm also in Essex - send PM as I'm not a gold member and can't advertise here. It will be on Ebay soon with a note that I will give a discount any existing forum member
  6. I would have thought that buying a second hand donor car would make more financial sense providing it runs and you know the gears are working smoothly. I'll be parting with my LS430 2001 on this forum shortly, (not sure if transmissions are the same?) so keep an eye out for the ad as I'd like it to go to a forum member
  7. To complete the update from my side on this thread - I took the covers off the steering column and lubricated just about everything liberally. I've not had any issue with the lock since but have been extremely careful not to bash the steering wheel getting in/out. I have however managed to stop the steering adjustment in/out motor working properly, so avoid excessive lubrication of this I guess to others. The good news is that its stuck where I like it and the up/down works fine. I'm going to leave it alone now, before I break something else! 🙂 P.S. Just bought my brothers Merc
  8. Likewise, my last MOT warned of wear on these lower bushes, so keen to hear if any special tools or just muscle is required for this job. With it being such a heavy car I'm always worried about my safety?
  9. It turns out there is a patron saint for Lexus. 🙂 I tried for absolutely ages to get the ignition turning Saturday, all possible combinations, it was very hot and frustrating. On Sunday I had to get the car out of the way as it was blocking others in my 3-4 car driveway - so after many more attempts I put the front wheels on dollies (not easy jacking up one at a time and sliding under) and between my wife, daughter and her boyfriend pushed the car over the block paving out of the way - it's heavy! Further attempts to start after moving, again came to nothing. Having started
  10. Yes, you would have thought the barrel was the issue, but reading some other club lexus posts, the suggestion is the steering column (which is very expensive even if you find a donor). I've tried jacking up the whole front of the car to make the wheels turn freely, recharged the battery fully and still no luck. This occurred before as per my post above back in May - I did nothing except try the folloiwng day and 'bingo' it turned. I fear this could be fatal - so if anyone out there knows how to circumvent the, what I must presume is mechanical rather than electric steering wheel
  11. So 3 months on without any problems turning the key, today the issue decided to repeat itself. I may have pulled slightly down on the left of the steering wheel as the column reset as I depressed the ignition barrel (keyless), but no obvious reason why the steering lock should now not allow me to turn the ignition. I've tried with key in barrel and a far tug left/right but to no avail. What a pain - will try again in a few hours but I think the old girl is trying to tell me she no longer loves me and time for change 🙂
  12. I also had to replace my near side rear hub assembly a few years back o/a bearing. I imported a pair (thinking I might need both sides done) from USA and my local garage charged just 2 hours labour to fit near side - I sold the extra hub shortly thereafter and got most of my money back. The only problem was the mechanic didn't tighten the drive shaft allen key bolts with enough torque and they came undone, middle/end of the 3 connected by a joint washer and when it threw out it daamaged one of the rear AC pipes in a place that could not be repaired easily. Make sure the same doe
  13. While clearing out my garage I found a couple of 7 inch 178 mm lexus centre caps. I cleaned them up and they are very useable but far from perfect. If you are missing the same from your car, and a regular on this forum, then send me a PM with a pic of your car/wheel and I'll send them to you free with my compliments. I hope this freebie offer doesn't contravene any site rules?
  14. So just to update that it was just a little more force needed to release the steering lock, turning it clockwise, but not much more, perhaps one of those weird things?. I noticed when the steering returned to its rest position again that the wheel appeared to give a slight click to the left just before it stopped? I started/stopped it a few more times and the movement of the wheel (e.g. twist left at the end before stopping) seems to have stopped and I've had no problems turning the barrel since - so all good and I'll know what to watch out for if it recurs. I'll be sure to keep
  15. So I put my battery on charge and went back 24 hours later only to find that my charger had fused o/a power cable wires twisted and frayed. Fixed and back on charge another 24 hours later and when reconnected, power at last, and alarm activated (always makes me jump) and with hardly any persuasion the ignition barrel turned and all seemed well again. That is until this morning, 48 hours later, and despite the car unlocking and seemingly charge in the battery (the battery is less than 12 months old) the ignition barrel (with or without key inserted) is not turning. It pushes and the
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