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  1. Looking forward to your forthcoming news! Hard to say from the various adverts but there seems to be a few decent looking examples out there.
  2. Regardless of what environmentalists might say, I grew up in London and remember the constant filth coming from factory chimneys, and the regular pea soupers when you literally couldn't see your hand in front of you, and the smog that used to linger for days. 40 years on the air feels better now than it did then. Driving for me isn't just to get somewhere, it's also a pleasure, and the pleasure for me is driving a big V8 like last week when I wafted down to Cornwall, I won't get that pleasure from electric. That sounds selfish of course, and probably is!
  3. Ikea and Lexus in the same sentence, who would have thought. Still, it's good to know their products are good for something!
  4. I've looked but sadly what I thought may help you is a different issue. I think replacing with a different unit may be difficult, so unless you think it's worth getting your existing one repaired then maybe a used Lexus one is the way to go.
  5. There is a YouTube video out there somewhere explaining the problem, if you can't find it I'll look later. A few weeks ago I had a similar sound and warning on mine due to a cd being stuck and the flap wouldn't open. I found some info on a US site where you hold the eject button while you bang sharply on the right hand side, worked a treat, just the way we used to "fix" old TV's!
  6. I just answered my own question and found the answer from my 2011 post! I found loads of muck but no filter!
  7. Now that I think of it I don't think mine had a filter when I looked and I can't remember ever putting one in. Somewhere in the deep archives will be my question asking where it's located and what I did.
  8. The-Acre

    Soarer Parts

    Just glad to be able to help. I'm really impressed with their delivery times. My wife has been waiting for a UK package which has taken longer than my parts from Rockauto!
  9. Yes, an awkward thing to get to on the early one, you need a good flexible neck (which I no longer have!) and because of where it is it can easily get overlooked.
  10. I didn't see the dog at first. Hiding a bit I notice, I didn't know a dog could experience embarrassment! Actually, it's quite interesting the wheels fit, it also makes me realise the huge difference it would make to the look of mine if I bought a set of new wheels. See, you've cost me money now, that'll probably be my next project.
  11. I don't think there's anything else you need to do with the bumper off, apart from maybe a good clean. Did you find it easy enough to remove?
  12. I did read an AA report on buying Japanese imports and in the article it says JDM suspension can be firmer, so that answers my original question. All irrelevant now though as I've since replaced all four shocks with new ones.
  13. I was curious as my 93 LS400 had yellow fog lights which I thought were so much better than the usual white ones.