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  1. Brake Wear Warning - LS430

    Just as well you don't own a Vauxhall then!!
  2. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    It really is such a bonus to find these sort of mechanics. Someone who's prepared to repair rather than replace. He told me the GS is easy to work on which is good to hear, I'm assuming the IS is similar.
  3. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    One was seized apparently but freed up easily. I've been introduced to a mechanic with a fully equipped workshop and two ramps, and not being young he has a massive amount of knowledge. He's very efficient, clean working (seat covers and floor protection) and very, very reasonable price wise. He'll be getting all our work from now on.
  4. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Just had the 4 calipers on my GS lubed, £45 including replacing all pads that I supplied. Not bad I thought.
  5. Top gear lc500

    All nonsense to me, I buy a car because I like it, not because someone else does or doesn't.
  6. Top gear lc500

    Although a few years later he did say it's sooooo boring and ended up destroying one with military weapons! Obviously by boring he meant it was ultra reliable and quiet and comfortable.
  7. LS430 radiator help

    A few people have done this, including me. You need to connect the hose from the expansion tank to the small port below the radiator filler cap. It means getting some more hose and a reducing piece. If I remember correctly the expansion tank hose is 10mm and the radiator 8mm. I'm not sure where you'll find it but if you search this forum you'll find the info. The genuine Lexus radiators are about £300 whereas they can be bought for £80 or so elsewhere but have to be slightly modified, easy enough though.
  8. Is it simply because it's a Chinese copy?
  9. LS430 Air suspension

    Sport mode felt no different to me, just as it doesn't on my Volvo. Height rises by about an inch and takes 30 seconds or so. Sounds like yours is normal to me.
  10. Newbie

    Road traffic accident?
  11. I had a 2001 and 2002 LS 430 and neither needed codes.
  12. Definitely a lens. When the sun was on it it looked just like the lens from a phone camera.
  13. I need to get this 02 sensor ordered, can someone confirm this is the correct part. It's bank 1 sensor 2. Thanks The one on my car has this casing around the sensor. And should I change them as a pair?
  14. Not sure, I know the later reversing camera is different. Maybe the government have hidden it to keep watch on us!!....or maybe the Russians!😁