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  1. I realise this is some weeks old but....many years ago when I lived in London we had a dentist that knocked out nervous patients, of which I was one. I should have had someone with me but I didn't. Walking home feeling light headed I saw an old car for sale outside a house, had money in my pocket so I bought it to get me home. The foolishness of youth! Heap of junk of course!
  2. Never too early for Rioja! The manual doesn't show anything, I've tried it with the ignition on, off, in-between, with other lights and none. Sorry about the weather John, very warm and sunny here!
  3. That was a quick reply! I suppose I shouldn't be lazy and get the book out. I'll have a little sit in the garden and see if anything makes sense. I'm also curious to know if UK models have this bulb. Thanks John.
  4. Just checking my front fog lights, which being a Celsior are yellow, but there's also a clear bulb in the housing on each far side. Nothing I try makes these bulbs come on, so does anyone know what they do? I don't remember having them on my last one. They don't act as side lights because they're in the main headlight housing. I just can't see a purpose for them so if anyone knows I'd be grateful. Ta.
  5. Don't be put off by other opinions, try one first. Lots of delighted LS460 owners out there. People often say stuff about the 430 but it's a brilliant car!
  6. They're the same wheels I had on my 92 LS400 but I can't remember the size, my MK4 had the same wheels you have now. I seem to remember the very first one had 15" then 16" like the ones you've bought. I hope I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will confirm.
  7. Being the sceptic that I am, I wonder what might go on behind closed doors, envelopes of money being passed around etc. After all, the German motor industry has hardly shown itself to have clean hands in all areas! Japanese cars mostly have legendary reliability, whereas the Germans don't, so something smells slightly fishy to me when I hear about their cars being so wonderful.
  8. Very interesting to see three Lexus models in the top ten. I bet if the original Top Gear trio had put that list together the Germans would take top marks and Lexus would be nowhere to be seen!
  9. Interestingly I read an article last week written by a member of Greenpeace. The article suggested that the manufacturer of mobile devices, tablets etc contributes to global warming by as much as 30%. If someone believes passionately in a cause they need to make sacrifices. I wonder how many of those protesting would never buy a new device, thus making their contribution to their cause. Somehow I think we know the answer. It's easy to demonstrate against something as long as we're not the ones that have to change.
  10. There you go, a good lesson learned, one that we all need to remember. 👍 When you see so many diesels pumping out filth you have to wonder how they pass.
  11. I drove a GTR around the Dunsfold circuit about 4 years ago. Not difficult to see how Clarkson yanked his neck out driving one, Just phenomenal!
  12. Never had a Mickey Mouse but I wish I still had my Hopalong Cassidy watch from 60 years ago!
  13. My LS400 once failed in the same way. The tester asked if I'd been using supermarket fuel, which I had. He told me to go and get some Texaco fuel from up the road and give it a hard drive back, then it passed. Just a thought.