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  1. The-Acre


    Well done! We're looking forward to hearing about your experience with it (and more photos of course)
  2. I had a slight knocking sound from the front of my GS300 but no mechanic ever found the source. I replaced the anti roll bar bushes and the drop links to no avail.
  3. The-Acre

    My old GS300 Sport

    It'll be interesting to keep tabs on it to see how things work out in the future. My original LS 400 has just been SORN'd after 26 years.
  4. I couldn't agree more. The original setup is designed to give you the best ride possible, and it does. I once put new wheels on my MK4 LS400 but changed them back after 20 miles!
  5. Welcome to the LOC! You now own one of the most refined cars ever made!
  6. Same with them all, live seat and belt adjusters with ignition off.
  7. The-Acre


    Yes it did!
  8. The-Acre


    It was a lot easier in the days when you could whip off the cylinder head and grind the valves on the kitchen table to pass a couple of hours on a Saturday!
  9. It's a plastic foot rest. It may just be a bad photo. This is mine.
  10. The timing belt thing is nonsense. Mine has done 64k but I have a Japanese sticker under the bonnet confirming it has been done at 10 years. I wouldn't hesitate buying an import again, but it won't be from the dealer you went to! I don't suppose you care to enlighten us as to who it was, or location?
  11. Is that his dad's Century I can see in one shot! I think his other one at 4K looks a better deal. Actually, the one you bought from him was the best deal of all!
  12. Well I think you've decided against it? If something else turns up be sure to post the details on here.
  13. Looks ok in the photos. How does it drive? Cam belt is a big job so that's something to really consider. Any rust around the top of the windscreen area? Mileage is nothing for this engine. Upper and lower control arms are weak-ish points and not cheap so you need to know they're ok. Check the boot for damp. Steering column motors in both directions can fail, also expensive parts, although you can live with it in one position. Not history isn't horrendous for a 22 year old. I'd want to know how serious the subframe corrosion is.
  14. Do you know if it's a MK3 or 4? The subframe depends on the extent of the corrosion, it's not an uncommon advisory. The lack of a heated seat wouldn't be something that would put me off. Do you have a reg number or photos? It may be a car known to a forum member?