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  1. The-Acre

    RX300 Suspension

    Although as Neil says, it may be worth replacing one. My Celsior had a leaky rear strut so I bought one from a breakers for £170, £75 labour and all is good.
  2. The-Acre

    RX300 Suspension

    I know an LS strut is about £850! A set of coilovers would cost the same.
  3. The-Acre

    RX300 Suspension

    And just so that you know, another member recently changed his RX air system to coilovers and it seemed to work fine. I went to see it as I was in the area and I was really impressed with what he did, and relatively inexpensive.
  4. Definitely not that one, although when we've discussed over the years the disappointment that Lexus didn't make an LS estate, that's pretty close.
  5. I think you'll possibly struggle to get parts for a Crown, not so with a Celsior.
  6. Thanks Mark. I'm thinking of a cheap eBay set, but as I say I'll probably just do the two corners. I find the camera is really good, it's just the corners where the unseen (especially in the dark) concerns me. I'll get on my back and have a good look tomorrow. The main problem is getting back up!
  7. Considering how well equipped most imports are I'm surprised mine doesn't have parking sensors. It has a rear camera and the illuminated retractable mast at the front, but I want to fit sensors. The front is easy but has anyone fitted them to the rear? I'm hoping not to remove the bumper so I'm wondering if anyone has fitted them. I realise it's unlikely as the UK spec ones usually come ready fitted. As I've got the camera I'd be happy just to fit them on both corners which may make it possible without removal. Any advice appreciated.
  8. Well that could have been worse! I believe you can get the rods made, or even do some kind of DIY repair.
  9. Correct, you can sell without being a gold member, although I think constant, and therefore trade like selling isn't allowed.
  10. You and me both. Trouble is I'm having to translate from Japanese first!
  11. Low mileage never really bothered me that much with these big engines until I bought my Celsior. Like you I have 63k on it now and it's immaculate, the only LS I've had out of 5 that I can truly say that about.
  12. The-Acre

    how long i wonder?

    I agree. Why, just this week one of my soft close doors needed slightly more pressure than I was hoping to give it!
  13. Yes, good man, we need more people like you on our roads. Who knows how many accidents (maybe serious) you prevented. I spent hours driving in London yesterday and the lack of consideration for other motorists is shocking. Give yourself a pat on the back (not when you're driving though!)👍
  14. OK, that's good. Glad you've got it sorted. Expensive?
  15. Is it a downstream sensor (post cat)? Just curious as the pre cat sensors can cause running problems.