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  1. You should try the car park spiral road going to different levels at Gatwick airport! The one advantage of course is the amazing turning circle, far better even than most small cars.
  2. Thanks Steve, I'm guessing I may need to fish around in the boot then as there definitely isn't a socket on the main unit. Do these things actually work? Not much point if I can't access Classic FM! I'm also a bit confused about the roof aerial. Some say it's not for the radio but for Bluetooth, but my last two didn't have Bluetooth but still had the roof aerial! And George in his post above says the antenna is built into the rear screen.
  3. Thanks for the replies gents. This is the high quality £5 gizmo all the way from China. It's just antenna in and out plus a power and earth wire. Unfortunately I put the radio back without taking pictures, although it's easy enough to take back out. On a YouTube video it shows a standard antenna socket on the back of the unit but I don't have one on mine.
  4. Having bought a little gizmo to retune my Japanese frequency radio, I removed the radio yesterday (thankfully an easy job) only to find it doesn't have a standard antenna socket, in fact the only wires are the thin multi coloured ones with the plastic plugs. Any ideas? Failing that I'm stuck with Radio2.
  5. When I was speaking to the mechanic that another member introduced me to, we were discussing cam belt change. Insanely he said he loves doing it on the LS! The part of the conversation that really got my attention was his comment about water pump failure destroying the cam belt. For that reason I would never have a belt change without replacing the pump.
  6. Good man, let's not be put off having air, and I agree, it does corner better than springs. I've recently driven 1500 miles in mine to Austria and the ride was just superb. Listen to comments made by those that have had air suspension, but many that haven't had it comment without personal experience.
  7. You can be fairly sure the seller knew if there wasn't any proper coolant. Some people have success with sealers but it can never be a long term solution. If you look at reviews a product called Blue Devil seems to top the list, not sure how easy it is to get in the UK though. I suppose in the short term you've got nothing to loose by trying.
  8. I agree. We live on a road that has become something of a rat run, and the constant noise from tweaked small engined bikes, straight through Harleys and "modified" car exhausts has become a real issue, plus the latest craze of having a car backfire like a circus clowns car. Maybe those who think it's a waste of time should consider those who live in such areas.
  9. Interesting one, it doesn't seem to have a gear shift knob. If I ever bought another LS it would without a doubt be a fresh import. That way you'd know the underneath would also be in near mint condition. I'm really looking forward to your Crown pictures!
  10. It's a radiator replacement or an external cooler to prevent water contaminating the transmission, easy to do.
  11. True enough, and you can get a mint import for far less and with very low mileage.
  12. The best way I've found for cleaning sun roof drain holes is very heavy duty strimmer line, it's about 4mm thick and if you're careful you should be able to run it all the way through. I used to keep some in the boot but chucked it out as I don't have a sunroof now.
  13. Also check that the arm from a height sensor isn't broken because they do break. This is from a different vehicle but the long arm or rod at the end is similar. Is it down on one side or both?