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  1. The-Acre

    Toyota crown

    No, I'd be stuck in that until someone with a crane came along!
  2. The-Acre

    Toyota crown

    I like the MX5 but when I went for a ride in a friend's I had trouble getting back being so low!
  3. The-Acre

    Toyota crown

    I agree. It'll be nice to see yours in the flesh sometime, I'll let you know if I'm heading to Essex sometime.
  4. The-Acre

    Toyota crown

    They look really good. I agree with Phil, most non leather car seats can be a bit naff so why don't we have nice options like the Japanese! I've just chauffered a couple of people in mine and they were raving about the comfort of the seats. I'm so glad my Celsior didn't come with leather!
  5. Yes please, keep us updated as the info may be invaluable. Also it's the first time I can remember reading this regarding a GS so assuming the fluid mix is the problem then it may help as a warning to other GS430 owners to take action.
  6. I think the Lexus eBay shop may still have them. Worth contacting them anyway.
  7. I wouldn't want to be the one to say yes in case the damage isn't too bad, but from what you say about the two fluids already being mixed it may be beyond that now anyway. Another couple of members had the same issue and spent money on having the transmission checked and flushed, but as far as I recall one was saved and the other wasn't.
  8. I fitted a cooler to a previous LS but came to the conclusion a new radiator is easier, plus its another part that should be good for some years.
  9. I don't want to sound like the harbinger of doom but it seems that most who have had this problem have found the transmission is beyond redemption. I hope I'm wrong! The transmission is cooled by the fluid being pumped through an integrated cooler in the bottom of the radiator, the seals fail due to corrosion/O ring failure which in turn sucks coolant into the transmission.
  10. The-Acre

    Toyota crown

    When will you be getting behind the wheel?
  11. As you have the same engine as the LS430 I can't help thinking you have the dreaded transmission fluid/coolant mix which can wreck the transmission.
  12. Have you considered fitting a rear camera? I fitted one to a previous LS, and apart from being easy to do it was very impressive, and all for about £20.
  13. Very nice, a MK3 which some say is the best looking LS400. Has it had the essentials done? Unlikely you'll ever find a more bomb proof or more reliable car.
  14. Welcome to the LOC Steve, a great choice of car. Photos please!
  15. The-Acre

    Toyota crown

    Is it as big as an E class estate? What's under the leather covers?