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  1. I don't know to be honest! I think I'll phone today for some info.
  2. Or is an import a difficult car to insure? I must say, I like the velour upholstery!
  3. Have you got a dealer near you? If so it may be worth asking them if the disk is correct, or emailing them a photo of it. Having done two LS430 radiators I would do it again rather than the cooler, it's such an easy job. The main thing at this stage is that your connections look rust free. How about some photos of your new steed?
  4. The-Acre

    Rattle from exhaust is220d

    I would go to an exhaust specialist, there must be a forum member who can recommend one in your area. The usual chains just provide stock stuff whereas a specialist will make whatever section you need. Generally much cheaper than a main dealer.
  5. Fantastic, I'll be in Brighton again on Thursday so I may just call in for another look. As I said before, this'll be great information for anyone with air suspension concerns. Well done!
  6. I don't know anything about the science behind it all, I suppose I expected some kind of change due to high speed on the autobahns, snow on mountain roads and 30 degrees on city roads but I guess it goes to show my rims are sealing well. Actually that was May, and they still haven't needed inflating.
  7. As John says, it's an exhaust (O2) sensor. Possible cat damage in the long term if not replaced. It's dependent on which sensor it is and where the connection is that'll determine how easy it is.
  8. After we did nearly 2.5k miles on our road trip in May I was sure the tyres would need inflating but they were exactly where they were when we left!👍
  9. The-Acre

    What Makes a Premium Car these days?

    Time will tell. I just hope Volvo improve on my V70. With only 50k on the clock I've had more go wrong with it than any car since my early Ford's. Not the engine and transmission or body, which are great, just the extras they add to make it "premium" which are poorly made.
  10. The-Acre

    What Makes a Premium Car these days?

    I think the lasting ability was also an important issue when the LS was introduced. I wonder how many modern Lexus models will still drive like new in 20 years time, that to me says luxury coupled with insane attention to detail.
  11. The-Acre

    What Makes a Premium Car these days?

    For me the epitome of luxury was when the LS400 hit our shores, and although the Lexus brand today is considered a luxury car, I don't think it ever managed to get anywhere near that very first flagship. It was nigh on faultless, I'm not sure that could be said about anything Toyota, or anyone else for that matter have produced since.
  12. Actually it's very easy when you understand it. It's a process of closing,opening, locking the doors in the correct sequence and timing, as well as pressing the key buttons. Do a search on here for programming an LS400 key. I was amazed when it actually worked!
  13. The cheapest way is to buy a used key from eBay, it has to be identical, buy a cheap blank, get it cut, costs about £8, put the used transponder in the new blank and go through the programming system yourself (door closed/open etc) It's fairly easy, I did it on my MK4. Can't remember the total cost but it was around £45.
  14. I would guess that the key is faulty if the red light doesn't come on when you press it. The fact that you can start it shows the immobiliser is reading the key. How about taking the transponder out of the key and gently pressing the buttons without the casing to see if the light comes on.