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  1. About £120ish, a Koyo from ECP. However, a Koyo isn't a direct fit for a UK LS but is for a Celsior.
  2. The first port of call should be to plug in a diagnostic tool. It could be an ABS sensor, could be an o2 sensor or several other things. If it's something like that a £15 code reader should tell you more.
  3. I don't know but I'm so impressed I've ordered 10, and I don't even own a Civic!
  4. Dynamic Handling Pack. Bigger wheels, harder suspension, more wood in the interior and probably other things I've forgotten! Actually, in my opinion, the best looking LS400 wheels.
  5. It seems to feel better at speed, but of course an old one was leaking oil so I suppose it's bound to feel better! They are certainly equal to OEM struts in every way.
  6. I can't help thinking the outcome may have been different in a smaller car!
  7. If you want to keep the ride as it's meant to be then OEM is the way to go if you can afford it.
  8. Be warned if you're looking for an LS430, he's out there on eBay under "jaguarbloke"
  9. Have you got a cheap code reader? When the VSC light came on in my 2005 GS an eBay reader picked up an o2 sensor. Even a tiny hole in the exhaust can cause an o2 error. It seems with a Lexus even looking at the car in the wrong way can trigger VSC!
  10. Can you get some heat to it and penetrating fluid rather than WD-40? Heat from a small gas torch. I'm not familiar with the 400 setup, I assumed it would be very similar to the 430 which is easy.
  11. The electronics on all Lexus cars is so complex so there may not be an easy answer. Sometimes disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes or so can reset various settings so it may be worth trying that first.
  12. If it was me I would take the advice and not rely on ACC, and I would seriously look at the two Celsiors currently on eBay. One has been for sale for well over a year so bargaining room, the other (white one) has conventional suspension. Both have the same engine as your GS and very low mileage, plus a rust free underbelly!