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  1. The-Acre

    Nice to be here

    Welcome to the LOC! I've not driven the hybrid but if I've read it can give a Porsche Cayenne a run for its Money! We did a 2.5k road trip in the GS this year, supremely comfortable.
  2. I'll check all the info on Saturday. Another question you may be able to answer. The coolant reservoir wasn't where it usually is, any idea?
  3. Interestingly the JDM one doesn't have headlamp wash which is what I thought it was. The other reservoir is at the front where some people fit a transmission cooler, it just has a pull off cap like the other one. A very impressive set up though at the dealer, cars on two floors and most looking like they just came out of a showroom even though many are 10 years old+ Lots of Nissan Skylines which I like. It just makes you realise how our climate plays havoc with our cars.
  4. The-Acre

    RX300 Suspension problems

    It wasn't actually for anything in particular, just something for the future should the need arise.
  5. The-Acre

    RX300 Suspension problems

    I'm glad you've got somewhere with this. I've got Techstream but so far I haven't managed to get it to work! I really don't know re your question but my immediate thought would be don't put it in H!
  6. I went to see this today and as you say Steve, it's looks new underneath and has no sunroof which is fine as I never use one, exhaust is still shiny! Body is superb and the wheels are excellent. Overall a far, far better car than you would find here. Tyres are all new Bridgestone and cambelt has been done. I was, as expected, offered a poor amount for my GS but I may still go for it. The upholstery felt really good, like a top quality armchair! I couldn't work out why it had two reservoirs for screen wash though? The main problem now is finding insurance at a sensible price, easier than it sounds! An update on the insurance. I've found a company that will cover it for a good price, plus the dealer is willing to negotiate re the price so the plan is to have a really good test drive on Saturday morning and if all is well we'll have a deal!
  7. I haven't tried the ones they've suggested yet so I'll try tomorrow. I've only managed to get one quote so far even though I've tried several.
  8. No, I don't understand it either. And does anyone know what the little aerial type thing that comes out of the corner of the front bumper is? Maybe it's some sort of trophy won for having the worst steering wheel cover ever!
  9. I thought it might be a tad higher, the best insurance quote I've had is three times what I'd pay for a UK model, plus a big excess. I think I'll drive over to Essex tomorrow for a look anyway.
  10. Just spoke to the dealer who says it's immaculate, but they would. Insurance is another matter, most companies respond as if I'm offering them the plague!
  11. I don't know to be honest! I think I'll phone today for some info.
  12. Or is an import a difficult car to insure? I must say, I like the velour upholstery!
  13. Have you got a dealer near you? If so it may be worth asking them if the disk is correct, or emailing them a photo of it. Having done two LS430 radiators I would do it again rather than the cooler, it's such an easy job. The main thing at this stage is that your connections look rust free. How about some photos of your new steed?