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  1. I absolutely agree about not using wire. I have a length of very heavy duty strimmer line with the end heated so its not sharp, works a treat!
  2. Thanks for that, and not something I would have considered. Did you have problems prior to that?
  3. I'm told that you should wait at least 20 mins after switching off before replacing bulbs.
  4. I know you'll all be fed up with me saying this but....consider a Celsior. There are two very low mileage ones on eBay from Goodmayes where I got mine, the beautiful black one he's had for over a year so I'd be surprised if he wouldn't take 5k for it.
  5. Looks nice although I think for that price you could find lower mileage. The suspension shouldn't go down overnight or "settle" and as a guide on a flat surface it should measure about 27" from the ground to the wheel arch at the rear, that's the centre of the wheel, the front always has a much bigger gap.
  6. I had to get a techy friend to install mine but over a year later I still can't get it to work! Others have worked it out easily enough though.
  7. We know the transmission issue is easy to prevent, and although a member recently converted to coilovers and was disappointed, if I'd went down that route I would definitely try the Strutmaster ones from the US. They claim the ride feel and height is the same as when they left the factory. At the moment, with the current exchange rate, a set of four is £660. Shipping and customs will probably double that but if they're as good as they claim it surely has to be worth it. The adjustable coilovers have never really seemed like a good option to me.
  8. I guess it's all subjective (whatever that means exactly). I was introduced to a brilliant mechanic with great Lexus knowledge by another member who tells me the LS430 is the best of them all, others will say different. For me I love the 430 inspite of the possible issues but the later LS's would worry me with even more equipment. Have you driven a 430? Worth a try maybe.
  9. We all do it. Anyway Kat, welcome the the Lexus/Volvo owners club!😁
  10. I own a Volvo estate for practical reasons and it is a brilliant car, solid and safe, and enjoyable to drive, only let down by electrical problems due to some of these parts being Chinese. As for the very latest models, I'd probably choose one over Lexus because I prefer the styling.
  11. An AA man told me recently that failing batteries used to give warning, now they just die he said!
  12. Personally, having done it, I would seriously consider a recent import Celsior, you'll get low mileage and no rust, plus some unusual extras!
  13. And I like the pictures that come with it.
  14. Well maybe, just maybe, it knocked some sense into me, but I've had three LS430's since then so maybe not!