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  1. I'm not a great fan of whisky so I've decided to experiment with Rioja, and sure enough it works. This week I saw two Lexus IS sportcross near my house!
  2. Oooh, lovely! Same colour as mine, that's if everyone thinks it's black most of the time. I have the same thing with my 3 bed semi, it doesn't quite look right!
  3. The-Acre

    Cat replacement

    I agree with other comments, you don't have to pay anything like that. As Neil says, O2 sensors are available for much less. When I had a GS I bought a Denso sensor for a third of the main dealer price, the identical part.
  4. The-Acre

    New control arm bushes fitted today.

    Yes, I always look forward to driving when I'm in a Lexus, although parking a big car in Chelsea today was a challenge. I had to park in the very posh part, the only meter I could find, only £14.60 for three hours! Have fun next week👍
  5. The-Acre

    New control arm bushes fitted today.

    Hi Roger, as promised an update. I drove to London and back today and everything felt absolutely fine, although it did feel good before the bushes were fitted. The one thing that has gone is the slight creaking sound at low speed cornering so I'm chuffed with it all. Even more chuffed with the fuel consumption, better than my pre-facelift. At 55mph (which I only did for 8 miles) it showed 38mpg, plus it drove beautifully!
  6. Yes, I remember this well, great to see it still around.
  7. We have done that walk, beautiful and a tad dodgy! A couple of years ago we did Gurnards Head to Penzance on the coast path, and back to the GH in five days, just amazing.
  8. Good question, not one that I'll be able to test tough! I think one of the reasons we like the Cornish coastline is because it's very similar to Ireland and the people are just as laid back.
  9. The food is just superb. Were having 3 nights dinner bed and breakfast, the accommodation is excellent. We will of course take the dog down to Sennen beach. A shame the Old Success is now under new management. It's sadly no longer what it used to be.
  10. I reckon the real advantage is that people like you and me can revel in the knowledge that we'll never see that light on our dash! I realise it can (if it's not faulty) give you a warning that a tyre is loosing pressure on a motorway for example, other than that, no thanks.
  11. The-Acre

    New control arm bushes fitted today.

    Hi Roger, a bit too early to tell as I've been using my other car for work. I will be driving it to London next week so I'll report back. It's really good to have someone who's happy to do these sort of jobs! He's the guy who put a replacement shock absorber on for me for £75. That really did transform the ride.
  12. That's really surprising considering the well documented problems with the gen 3.
  13. Presumably the cabin creaks and rattles were sorted in the later GS?
  14. Oh yes, it doesn't do much for me in the photos and it's very expensive. Take a look at the black one, it'll really impress you.