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  1. I don't know about filters but the seats in my GS heat very well and cool very well too, not just air but cold air.
  2. That's sort of how mine is but I only get it with very minor bumps and rough surfaces. I feel nothing at all through the steering either. I can't wait to find the problem as it's an irritant, although not a serious one.
  3. I think the only thing it will damage is the aerodynamics. The suspension automatically lowers at speed and rises again when you slow down, apart from that I would just enjoy the ride!
  4. Hmm, no joy with mine today apart from being told nothing is wrong and it's a lovely car!
  5. The-Acre

    New member and first time Lexus owner.

    The MK4 was the last LS400, many say it's the very best although all are excellent.
  6. The-Acre

    Increasing adverts on LOC?

    Hmm, I'm a tradesman and I've only got Bosch, and my mature woman is Irish, although I am over 60, do you think that's OK or am I lacking something?🤔🍀
  7. Mine is in for service tomorrow but I'm not too hopeful as its been looked at twice already without results so it'll be interesting to hear what's found on yours.
  8. The-Acre

    Increasing adverts on LOC?

    Netflix ad this morning....which I already have!
  9. The-Acre

    New GS250 owner

    All you need to do now is convince Jeremy Clarkson and co! 😉
  10. The-Acre

    Increasing adverts on LOC?

    All new to me, would you care to elaborate?
  11. I've got a V70 D5 and although it's a great car in many ways it must surely have the worst turning circle ever.
  12. When I had mine I used it more or less every day, it's the only way to travel. Now I use my GS every day, still quiet, comfortable and plenty of power when needed, but the LS is in a class of its own, and as for the turning circle, how on earth did they achieve that!
  13. The-Acre

    O2 sensor - Bank 2, Sensor 1 - Replacement

    I found the same thing when I changed it on my GS, everything was straightforward (as well as a tad awkward) but the plug clip drove me nuts, my hand came out looking like Count Dracula had had a session on it, so many sharp bits down there.