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  1. We do seem to get this idea that online items from China are somehow duff, strange really because most electrical gadgets and other items bought in the high street shops are Chinese and we do that regularly!
  2. That reminds me of this picture I posted nearly 10 years ago commenting on the fine rear end of my MK2
  3. I would have thought the price is more than reasonable, especially as two are boxed! It may help if we discover if they will fit other models, such as the IS wheels I now have on my Celsior.
  4. I fitted DRL's to my Celsior simply using the kit from ECP and lights from eBay. The wiring couldn't be simpler, two from the little control, one to positive and the other to earth and one wire joining a side light wire and the other wires to the new lights, very eady. They come on with the engine start and turn off when the headlights are switched on.
  5. At 85k I wouldn't change my a AT fluid unless it was dark and smells burnt, a shame they stopped putting a dipstick on later cars! The rubber hoses to the radiator can be difficult to remove from the transmission metal pipes but once you've got them off they go back easily. I only replaced mine because one was split but if they look ok they should be alright, unless you replace them for peace of mind. OEM is the way to go for a radiator if you can afford it, there are plenty of non OEM ones but many won't fit a UK car without adaptions which isn't ideal. You'll also need 5 litres of Toyota ready mixed red coolant. The foam in-between the radiator and AC condenser will fall apart but I've always just left it off. This is how confusing aftermarket can be, both LS430 radiators but slightly different, the top one with the nozzle on the top far right will fit properly but the bottom one won't because it doesn't have it so would need adapting. And some now don't have radiator caps.
  6. Thanks for the honourary wings but having seen your car in the flesh you can be captain and I'll accept copilot!
  7. Sort of, but the breeze higher up won
  8. Anything to do with flying is also not on my list of achievable things, last week I flew my little drone in Cornwall, it's still there buried somewhere in the undergrowth waiting for a future Tony Robinson and his team to find it!
  9. That looks simply superb! I can manage most mechanical jobs but electrical, no! I'd love to upgrade my screen for something that would work with an android phone but I simply wouldn't have a clue!
  10. There's a lot to be said for keeping the factory wheel size, my Celsior has 17" whereas the UK spec facelift has 18's which I don't really understand.
  11. I'd have taken Lady P down the pub, even if she was made of wood, obviously only to get her drunk enough to let me drive the pink Rolls, and I'd keep my pockets zipped up in case the light fingered Parker was around! There she is with Noel Gallagher at the wheel!
  12. He'll probably ask for your VIN number to get the correct colour. As far as I know he only breaks LS's. This is the UK mobile number I have for him. 07590072646
  13. Have you tried Lexusspares direct on eBay? I got mine from them. His name is Paul Frost, I can't remember his contact details but they're on the forum somewhere.