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  1. I can certainly comment on the dash reflection, it's been bad on every Lexus I've owned!
  2. I think you've got it there, just make sure the rubber hose is suitable for steering fluid. When I changed my transmission hoses my local motor factors recommended fuel hose so that should work for you.
  3. As suggested, micro bore copper pipe, easy to bend to shape, just get the right diameter.
  4. I would start a new post in the IS section re your water loss problem, it is confusing going from headlights to head gaskets in the same post!
  5. If your car is a 2059 I'm surprised you can still get diesel in the future😁 Lots of posts on this forum regarding the IS220d and water loss. Often the troublesome head gasket seems to be the issue, let's hope it's not so in your case. Are there no signs of leakage anywhere?
  6. I really enjoyed looking through all those cars, it certainly took me back. There was even a bike I had called the Norton Jubilee, a terrible machine but great to see it again! And obviously I lusted after the Corvette Stingray!
  7. I sure would!! I seen this brown SC today, think its the Pebble Beach edition? i saw one that colour recently, certainly not to my taste, whereas the blue is beautiful!
  8. It could be something as simple as a transmission mount but I'd be vary wary. I would want a transmission specialist to confirm before I parted with my money. Also a rumble sounds far more serious than a vibration. Mine can find itself in 6th at that speed on flat surfaces, certainly 5th. Caution needed here I think.
  9. Out of curiosity, is this something that would normally be picked up during MOT? it will only be picked up if the wear is excessive. Yours do look fairly worn although its not always easy to tell from a photo.
  10. In the UK no one makes aftermarket ones, so as suggested it's main dealer or a risky used one.
  11. Hard to say whether it's worth that kind of money. It is, if the description is true, more or less a brand new car, so in that respect it could be considered a bargain! One of my concerns would be convincing an insurance company of its value. All said and done, I'd love it!
  12. Interesting, I think! I see mine is called a middle-aged car!
  13. I can't make much out from my service book either, or my auction sheet! And I've got a very poor picture with the original Japanese number plate.