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  1. FOUND IT!! Pushed the back seats forward and down a bit and rummaged around behind them. Lo and behold, there was the remote! So, if anyone else happens to have the same problem, I'd more than happy to record the IR codes for it for use on a universal remote.
  2. Hi, I've recently purchased a used RX400h which has the Lexus ICE DVD system installed. Unfortunately, the remote control seems to have gone missing and I was wondering if anyone happens to know if it's the same as any other remote or what the remote codes might be? I'd imagine Lexus will charge a fortune for a replacement so I'd rather avoid going down that route. Thanks in advance. Mark
  3. Sorry, didn't totally answer your question; I'm 6'4 and didn't have any significant problems loading the bikes on the roof rack but I'd imagine if you're shorter you probably would. If you're over six foot you'll probably be OK but otherwise go for a rear mounted one.
  4. Probably the easiest option (if you're tall) is to buy some roof bars and some roof mounted cycle carriers. It retains access to the boot and they're pretty easy to fit. Whatever you do however, don't buy the Lexus roof bars - they're crap and don't lock properly.
  5. Hi, I recently moved house and have lost the accessories that come with the RX300 roof bars (Lexus ones rather than Thule) which includes the small key used to take off the plastic covers. I've asked my Lexus dealer and they said that the only solution is to buy a complete new set :-( or take them to a locksmith and see if they can make up a new key. Neither is an ideal solution so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions as to how to get around this ? Thanks for your help. Mark.