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  1. Happy Birthday Subiaco Kid!

  2. Hi Guy's, Recently got my Oz built IS250 back to the UK got Speedo converted Odo reads MPH. However, what I can't do is change the Range, Fuel Consumtion etc on the Multi-Function Display. The Drivers Manual doesn't provide any details other than what it say's it does on the tin. I went to the Aberdeen Lexus dealership and they 'think' that it can be done by electronic settings on the on board computer. Being an electronics guy by trade I don't doubt it can be done but I think it is likely to be a 'chip change' so that the display has dual function settings like a UK built IS would have? Any thoughts out there?
  3. Cheer's Noel. Aido came back with Lexus UK too. I'll let everyone know the outcome. Thanks for the assistance guy's appreciate it...
  4. Hi Aido, No Dave didn't mention warranty. I think I might give him and Lexus UK a call tonight. I've contacted Toyota (but the web site sent me to the States...!!!) and I'm hoping they might come back with some info. I had over 1000 hits on the website I'm trying to sell the car on but no phone calls....!!!! Maybe we can get a petition up ... :D All the best Subiaco
  5. Hi guy's... I put this on Superblackbird's welcome today... but I think I should open it up more to the rest of the LOC as separate topic. Basically bought IS250 Prestige Pert Western Australia last April.... With help from Aido got the info for getting the car into the UK... problem now is the warranty. Dealership in Perth say it's not world wide... surely I would still get manufacturer's warranty?? Anyone got any contacts... details etc Thanks Everyone Subiaco
  6. Hi SuperBlackbird.... I'm recently new to the site too..... got some really helpful support... from long term members. :) Talking of which I need some more guy's.... It's still to do with my last post. I'm returning back to the UK bought a brand new IS250 last year (April)...10,600Km on the clock (I got help with the conversion from Km's to Mph) The problem now is Warranty... anyone know what the score is? I've contacted the dealership in Perth WA, where I bought the car from, but they tell me it's not world wide... I've tried contacting Toyota directly... but still no response... Again any help would be gratefully received.... Subiaco
  7. Thanks Aido, I'll get in touch with just now. I did get something from VOSA (whole heap of forms etc) but when I spoke to Lexus of Perth (Australia) all they would say is that the car was built to EU Standards, but couldn't provide the documentation...!!!
  8. Hello & HELP!!! I'm returning back to the UK from a 2 year posting in Perth WA. I bought an IS 250 last year and have been trying to sell it locally, but with no luck (current economic situation probably has a lot to do with it). Anyhow, cutting a long story short, I think I may have to bring the car back with me, and setting aside the re-financing part. I need to get hold of model report to assist me getting the car through the SVA Test, and then getting the Tacho modified to read MPH instead of Km/Hr. Any assistance would be gratefully received Regards, Subiaco