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  1. Don't know if your in UK or USA. I'm in UK and had to import from USA. Rear mats are perfect, front mats of wrongly 'handed'. I had to cut out the USA passenger mat to fit the UK drivers side, it's not a perfect fit but OK. I have a cream interior and wanted to protect the cream carpet mats in winter months. I didn't want black mats and found that in the USA they offer 'tan' which goes quite well. Certainly protects the carpet mats well. Web link below:
  2. Will you be able to dial, answer/end a call, adjust volume, mute, etc. on the Navi touch screen? Is there a screen transition to 'phone' mode when the phone rings. Please confirm this is suitable for use with a Nokia 6310 since I have details from the Lexus Canada site of a similar system but using Motorola, more of a standard in the USA.
  3. I'm a little confused. LS430 all have 17" rims and then 18" became an option in the accessory list last year. (LS400 were 16" with 17" on the dynamic handling pack wheel) I have the 18" with Pirelli P Zero's, they are not the quitest tyres on the road but my traction control is redundant, even flooring it at traffic lights in the pouring rain, the tyres just don't loose grip.
  4. How can I get details of the Lexus car kit for the 6310i? Will it be one month for UK market too? Rodders..... if they get the touch screen functions right, i.e. dailing, address book and caller ID, then no other car kit will compare.
  5. I have a set of 5 wheels and tyres for the LS400. They are the 17" original Lexus wheels from the dynamic handling pack option, with 245/70x17. Now have the LS430 with the optional 18" alloys so the old set is available. I noticed no deterioration in ride over bumps due to lower profile but cornering and wet road grip was many times better than the standard tyres. Whole set £500.
  6. I am not surprised to read your comments, I have read up on a few of these devices and this one seems by far the best. One feature that I like most (don't like anything sitting on my dashboard) is that a remote satellite receiving device is available to mount on the dashboard top and then just run the wire to the box of tricks. Have you fitted one? Did you hardwire it? I don't like the thought of the cigar lighter socket lead. How clear is the display if mounted low down? Another similar unit I read up on said it displayed the cars speed!!!! I know the cars speed!! I've got a speedometer in the car, what I need to know is the speed limit of the road on which I am travelling. Don't these camera signs drive you nuts, ah. camera zone...must stick to the speed limit, look all around and continue to look for a mile for a blinkin' speed limit post. Drives me up the wall, the speed limit should be posted on every single sign depicting a camera and also on the actual camera pole. It's OK, I feel better now, must get back to my therapist. Anyway, this Origin Blue i looks like the very best and assuming that I can tuck it smartly somewhere, I'm getting one. (No suggestions as where to tuck it PLEASE!)
  7. Wow, that's lots of feedback. I like the sound of it. I have had good old wired car kits over the years, right from the early days of the wood effect corded phone in the early LS400, however, the greatest weakness of hands-free kits is 'privacy'. I frequently have visitors/customers in the car and I need the privacy of conversation that the ear-piece offers. Years ago before using only the earpiece, I had a wired in earpiece kits from a company called Speakeasy and it could switch between hands-free and the earpiece. That's what I need from your Parrot CK3000. Maybe the CK4000 will do it for me. Still looking forward to the pictures though and thanks again for taking the time to describe it so thoroughly. p.s. took delivery of my second LS430 on Monday the 2nd too. Happy motoring.
  8. Got mine mail order too when they first came out. Doesn't matter the make of phone all Bluetooth devices work with each other device. I started with the Motorola earpiece which was comfortable but battery didn't last a normal day's talking despite the spec. stating that it has 2.5 hrs talk time. Changed to SonyEricson earpiece with 4 hour talk time. Not quite as comfortable but at least the bettery has not run out on me. Both are good quality sound. Carphone Warehouse does stock them now, but you may save a few pounds and order on-line with
  9. Forgot to mention, I use a Bluetooth earpiece which is the only option for privacy with passengers on-board. It is not uncomfortable to wear all the time and the phone can be anywhere in the car. Call is answered by pressing a button on the headset, also volume controls are there. There is really no need for car kits anymore. The sound through a Bluetooth earpiece is as good as holding the phone to your ear.
  10. An intergrated LS430 phone is now available in the USA. I guess it wont be long until it is over here. It uses Sat Nav display and steering wheel controls. It even dials the number in a POI item direct from the Sat Nav, now that's what I call intergated. Check out the following link
  11. I have 5 wheels and tyres of the LS400 dynamic handling pack option. They are 17" original Lexus wheels. Taking delivery of a new LS430 with the 18" accessory wheels next month so will have the LS400 wheels to sell. £500 the lot.