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  1. I have had 2 letters from Lexus but still no contact from the dealer. Maybe I should chase them.
  2. Well I don't feel so cheated then. Mine only needs the fuel pump wiring & brake cylinder mods. I got the letter in November but still no contact otherwise.
  3. I had the letter last year but have heard nothing since. Is anyone else still waiting for their Champagne or the recall work?
  4. I've used a windows mobile phone and an android phone. Both worked and could transfer contacts. I have the earlier system rather than the one that is fitted to the 450h and later cars. Look here for compatablity for both systems.
  5. Does anyone know what the snow button actually does? I presume it just tells the gear box to start in second gear. It didn't seem to make much difference on my car.
  6. I can understand that the hybrid might be better in the snow, but I agree it does seem to be the big RWD saloons that are struggling with the snow. I've had other RWD cars before (mostly sports cars) but they have not been this bad. The tyres are getting low, so maybe a fresh set may help.
  7. I'm struggling with my mkIII GS300 in the snow, pulling from a snowy side street on to a clear main road takes forever. I've tried putting the gearbox in snow mode and turning off the traction control but it doesn't seem to help much. I suppose rear wheel drive & wide tyres is never going to be very good in these conditions. How are other GS owners coping?
  8. I have tried this on my 2005 GS300 and I can't find anywhere to edit the phonebook contacts and the system doesn't respond to "Dial by Name". Maybe it is only on the Gen 5 satnavs?
  9. You could try one of these Ebay but you will still need to go a Lexus or Toyota dealer to get the code of the sensor programmed in. I think there is a different part for cars after 2006. Mark
  10. Thanks John, I couldn't that info on the web. I have only had a short test drive in a one but unfortunately the dealer has now sold the car. I'm still looking, but the second hand prices seem to be going up. Last November with high fuel prices and the promised higher road tax you could pick one up for just over 10K, now there is not much less than 13K. Hopefully I will find one soon. Mark
  11. Hi, I am looking to buy a mk3 GS300. I just wondered if any owners here could tell me what the service interval is and when the Cam belt should be changed? The car I am looking at is a 55 plate with 63,000 miles. The last owner had it for less than a year and the dealer is a bit cagey about the service history. Thanks, Mark