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  1. rhianzach

    Is220D Starting Problems

    I had a new battery fitted in June after the second occasion and it's been fine ever since! When the battery was tested I was told it was no good!
  2. rhianzach

    Is220D Starting Problems

    I haven't got a volt metre. I will see about getting battery checked to see what happens. Thanks
  3. rhianzach

    Is220D Starting Problems

    Hi it has done 77000 miles. It starts to turn over when you press the start button, but after a few goes it does start to get slower! Then as soon as the AA man turns up with his booster it streets straight away! Not sure how old the battery is. I've had car about 18 months!
  4. Hi My Lexus IS 220d has twice failed to start 1st time 6 weeks ago and then again on Sunday. It has been perfect every time since the 1st occasion until this Sunday! It turns over but will not start.Both time the AA have been out and as soon as they put the booster on the battery it starts. They checked the battery both times and said it was OK and that it was getting a charge back from the altenator. Any one got any ideas please?
  5. rhianzach

    P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    I've got a Lexus is220d 06 plate 66000 miles and had the check VSC fault code displayed yesterday, called out the AA man this morning and he did the diagnostic check it pointed to the EGR, he removed the top pipe and was able to clean out the EGR and reset the fault codes. All looks to be OK at the moment! Drives perfectly.