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  1. Thanks Asi, I'm going to TDI's tomorrow they are doing some work on my GTR and I'm going to pick their brains on this new project. I spoke to TEIN today about suitable suspension was thinking about the MONO Flex, but according to TEIN they are slowly discontinuing this product in favour for the FLEX version. They have a bespoke alternative which they've talked to TDI's about which I'll find out all the info on tomorrow. As for wheels, I read up on Driftworks that the GTR-D's are in a 18x12J on a ZERO offset, thats a serious lip and a lot cheaper than the Volks Racing wheels. Brings the wheels in line with the arches, 18x12J on the rear, and 18x10J on the front. Also had a good chat with Roger @ Thor Racing who heads up their product development. Slowly putting all the pieces together for this build!
  2. Look forward to seeing the build thread. In terms of manifold I'm going single turbo setup, probably a TO4Z. Where are you based?
  3. It's from a 1993 LS400, the engine came with a full wiring loom and ECU. He didn't chop any of the loom as he was going to use it for a conversion. The sump is at the front so not sure if I'm going to have problems clearing the subframe.
  4. Hi All, So I picked up a Lexus IS200 last weekend from Birmingham and got the Carbon Fibre Bodykit & 1UZ-FE engine on Friday. I met up with Martin Ffrench at Reading services, who is a really nice guy. Yesterday I put the Skyline out of the garage and started working on the Lexus IS200. Yesterday I fitted the two front wings, bonnet and front bumper. Today I removed the bonnet skin and put the carbon fibre skin on top of the brace. I'm going to get all the bodywork on the car first before doing the engine swap as I may need to drive it to my friends bodyshop. The front half is relatively easy, the back half is going to be a lot harder as a lot of the rear quarter needs to go. This is Day one! The wings extend the car out by 100mm either side. It's one inch wider than my Skyline R33 GTR! Based on the fact that the IS200 has a 7J wheel and offset of 50 (correct me if I'm wrong here) I'm looking at wheels with some negative offset like my Volks Racing GT7's. The 19x10.5J can be bought with a -15 offset which based on the standard wheels and offset increase the width to 103mm, which should be good (I want to avoid spacers if possible). I have a lot of work to get the suspension and geometry right aswell. I'm going to need a set of coilovers than can drop the ride height significantly. The TEIN MONO Flex can drop the car by up to 93mm Will keep this thread updated as I make progress...
  5. Thanks for another great link, they supply the bellhousing conversions for manual transmission which is great. I also need to source a V160 or R154 gearbox next. I just bought the engine mounts...
  6. Greddy Emanage Blue(Used)

    They sell harnesses for the IS300 as well :)
  7. Thanks I'll make sure I run a decent thread - I just bought a 1UZ-FE engine and the carbon fibre kit should be coming over next week. Gotta put the Skyline outside the Garage now and start on the new project. Here is the last engine I built for my GTR - on the last Dyno run it was 792WHP (900-950BHP) Looking forward to the next project.
  8. @Monster-Mat TDI's have told me a lot about your engine build and it is a work of art. It's out of my budget to be completely honest. @jason_l I've bought the Carbon Fibre Kit, Bonnet, Wings, Door Skins, Rear Arches, Boot etc. The rolling chassis he has at the moment has had extensive modification including the tunnel being removed for a rear engine setup so for me it isn't ideal. He's not going to be selling this as a kit, it's completely one-off. @Bruc3 In terms of repair work, I've been modding cars for 10+ years and have a good amount of knowledge myself and friends around me. The 950BHP R33 GTR that I own ( was myself and a lot of help from friends hence calling it the Team GTR Skyline. I've had a friend around who has looked at a lot of pictures of the crashed Altezza and given me an approxiamte price to bring the Altezza back into shape. @E910 Thank you so much for the link, I really struggled to find good info on turbocharging the Altezza. But I have decided on the route I want to take and that's inspired from another member on here. With a car that is this aggressive looking I think only the 1UZ-FE 4.0L V8 will do. It's a strong and light engine, Thor Racing sell all the parts to drop it into an Is200 using the R154 gearbox. I'm just sourcing parts to do the engine build. The only part I'm struggling with is the exhaust headers/manifold that point around to the front of the engine for a single turbo conversion, which is a stage 2. Is200's are cheap to get as a base car - I'm going to look at one today! Once I get my parts i'll start a build thread. Thanks for your input so far. Cheeers, Shah
  9. Hi guys, I'm starting a new project car, since my 950BHP R33 GTR is near complete and I'm getting bored as I've done pretty much everything I can to it. I've purchased Martin Ffrench's widebody Carbon Fibre Altezza kit (which is very similar to the HKS carbon altezza) and buliding a new project car to hopefully enter time attack next year. I have three main routes to kick the project off and wanted your collective advice on: Option 1 – Use my Lexus IS 300 Pro’s - No initial outlay for car - Good solid car with no problems Con’s - Need a normal car for going to meetings, airports runs etc. - Is an automatic - Turbo Kits are available in the US Modifications Cost Vehicle was = £7k Manual Gearbox + Conversion = £3k SRT Turbo Conversion = £4k Option 2 – Lexus IS 200 Pro’s - £3.5k for car - Friends car happy to pay in monthly instalments Con’s - 150bhp base engine - Limited availability of Turbo Kits Modifications Cost Vehicle Cost = £3.5k Turbo Kit = £??k Option 3 – Altezza Pro’s - Found cheap donor car in Ireland for £2k (needs new rear quarter panel - 210bhp base engine Con’s - Accident repairs will cost minimum £1k upwards - Limited availability of Turbo Kits Modifications Cost Vehicle Cost = £2k + £1k repairs + £400 transportation Turbo Kit = £4k I've not included prices for things like rollcages, suspension, bodykit fitting etc as it'll be the same on any of the three, what i'm trying to figure out is the most cost efficient route for reliable 300-400bhp. I've also thought about the Lexus V8 conversion using parts from Thor racing. I have to make a decision this week. If you could respond with what you think is the best option (1,2,3 or maybe create a 4th). That would be a great help.
  10. Turbocharging The Is300

    Good question - I think its more expensive to swap the Supra Twin Turbo 2JZ-GTE into the IS300 over just Turbocharging the 2JZ-GE. I think the problem is that the IS300 was sold in small numbers in the UK, in comparison to the US so there is less support for it. There are plenty of Turbo Kits for the NA Supra, the feedback I got from my friend and an NA-T converted Supra is that its cheaper to start with NA and do the turbo conversion over starting with a TT. The only issue I can see is the manifold fouling the steering rack, but I won't know till I fit one. SRT Power have a complete Turbo kit but after customs/import charges plus delivery it becomes an expensive option. I fly back and forwards to the states, was thinking about buying a kit and bringing it in my suitcase. As for the IS200 - as a new member I hazard to comment but I think its because Turbo/SC only take you to a certain point with the IS200 base engine and then it gets expensive so it's almost better to start with a stronger base, instead of the doing the work for a 2JZ-GE conversion it makes sense just to put the 2JZ-GTE instead.
  11. Trc Fuse?

    If you are trying to get the back end out around corner (skidding/drifting) you need to turn off the VSC which cuts the power when you go sideways. There is a fuse under the bonnet for this. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! I pulled the fuse and lost the backend in my 300 and almost ended up in someones living room.
  12. Trc/snowcontrol

    I've been driving with TRC Off and I pulled the ABS fuse to get rid of VSC & ABS. Call me mad, but ABS does no good in slippery conditions as the car doesn't stop quick enough, plus it lets me feel like I'm in control not the car!
  13. Turbocharging The Is300

    I spent a day at TDI's talking through tuning options on the IS300. The parts from the 2JZ-GE Supra engine could be utilised for my IS300, however the wiring loom for the HKS FCON VPRO wouldn't be the same and require re-wiring and by the time that cost is taken into account, it's not worth going down this custom route. Plus I cannot be sure that the exhaust manifold will clear the steering rack. So far its the SRT Tuning Kit or SPC Horsham - both options I think are too expensive for my liking. I don't think I'm going to win here, because I could just as well sell my car and buy something already turbo charged and save myself a lot of hassle! But I'm not a defeatist. I own a 950BHP Turbo'd R33 GTR, its got power but laggy as hell, so I'm thinking about SC on the IS300. Approx 300BHP, Just get a Vortech Supercharger plus Intercooler, custom piping and an aftermarket ECU to deal with fuel/ignition timing. In terms of aftermarket ECU's I see there are several options like Haltech, when using aftermarket management does everything else on the car still function e.g. airbags, dash etc?
  14. Turbocharging The Is300

    Hi Mate, I have done extensive research into turbing the IS300 and there is no specific kits you can get in the UK unfortunately. I would suggest that any of the US kits aren't that great unless you pay a lot of money i.e. for the SRT one which after import tax etc adds up!! The cheaper ones like XS power are good for a cheap power upgrade but not always very reliable, the roller bearing breaks down and the manifolds have been known to lose bits of weld inside causing damage. There is hope - I have used SPC Horsham who did a lot of research, this year for me, and came up with a really good package (all UK sourced parts so you get that extra confidence in warranties etc) for my car which they'd be able to do to yours, as unfortunately circumstances dictated that I didn't go ahead, producing a relaible 400hp and about 370ft/lb torque. I would suggest talking to them. This route is cheaper and easier than doing an engine conversion to a GTE There is also a dedicated site for NA to turbo the 2JZ-GE - CLICK HERE I have quite a lot of info if you want to ask any questions. Russell Thanks Russell - Glad to find another IS300 owner who wants forced induction :) Definetely think that turbocharging the 2JZ-GE is my preferred route over an engine swap. The SRT kit is quite tempting, but I'm hesitant to purchase it as I know after shipping and import tax it'll be a very costly upgrade. Did you have an indicative price for the kit from SPC Horsham (PM if you want) - as the other option I've been looking at is buying this 2JZGE Supra Turbo and using the HKS Turbo / Manifold / HKS Gaskets and HKS FCON ECU. I could then get someone like Pro-Alloy to fabricate the boost hosing, install an intercooler. Guessing standard injectors will need replacing and fuel pump upgrades will be necessary as well...? One thing I didn't understand whether the Sprag Clutch Upgrade was absolutely necessary or more precautionery? Cheers Shah
  15. Hi, I've used the search on here and my.IS. So far have found out about a lot of companies in the states who sell Turbo Kits for the IS300, but not anyone in the UK. Obviously there is the option of fitting a 2JZ-GTE but from what I've read it's more work than fitting a Turbo kit to the 2JZ-GE. Anyone know any tuning companies in the UK that sell Turbo Kits for the IS300, or even perhaps the 2JZ-GE (NA Supra) and I can fabricate the boost hosing. Cheers