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  1. Hi, I'm after some urgent help from fellow LOC members... I have just purchased a 2001 SC430 2 weeks ago from a non main dealer in London. I love the car to bits, but have had a problem since day 1 with sloppy handling. The dealer advised that the rear pads had just been done (I had a nasty grating noise when leaving the dealer on day 1). He advised that once they bed it, it would be fine. Upon driving the car over 280 miles home, I since discovered that the steering wheel was off centre and that there was quite a bad shaking throught the steering wheel, and also when braking. After having the car checked out, I was advised by a main dealer (Toyota not Lexus) to skim Front and Rear Discs and also replace the front pads. This was done at a cost of over £450. After driving the car when leaving the dealer, guess what - still juddering thought the steering (badly between 60-70) and also going over a slight bump in a road feels like I just hit a crator ! I took it to Tyrespot who charged me £20 to balance all 4 wheels (as this was the only thing left!). The car was slightly better for a day, and then back to normal judders and sloppiness.... So, I take the car back to Toyota. They insist that as they havn't done the balancing, it could be they carry this out at a further cost of £40. I got the car back yesterday, and its worse than before it was done! The car has been into lexus today and they have confirmed the follwing : slight play in front off side ball joints tyres are budget (dealer put 4 new tyres on - but guess what, used budget 'Talon' tyres instead of 'Dunlop or Bridgestone' Now, I am confused as to what is causing the problem Is it the 'slight' play on the ball joint, or is it the tyres (4 budet ones), or is it a combination of both that's causing the problem? I don't want to have the tyres done, just to find out that it's the ball joint all along. ....So to recap, symptoms are : Going over bumps causes vibration and shaking in the car (especially through steering). Shaking between 60-70mph Steering is VERY HEAVY. I know this, beacuse my boss also has an SC430, and I drove his....Light as a feather, and no shakes! If it's not sorted soon, I will be sending a list of faults to the dealer giving him 14 days to resolve, or I will be returning the car to London under the Distance selling act, and 'fit for purpose' sale of goods act. I shouldn't be doing all this running around with a new (to me) £20,000 car! Thanks for your advice and help in advance! Kind Regards, Mike.
  2. Done it! Converted the wheels from Pie shape to 5 spoke. The conversion kit arrived on Friday. In reality, it is just 40 bolts (10 per wheel) and 4 x plastic trims, but Lexus being Lexus call it a 'Wheel Conversion Kit' List price of part with Lexus is £396 inc vat. Managed to get a set for £199 inc vat & delivery...... :winky: The Garage also has another set which they have sitting on shelves, so if anyone else want's to change SC430 standard pie shape weels, PM me & I'll let you know where to get them... Mike.
  3. Hi, I have just purchased an SC430 and currently have the 'Pie' shaped wheels. I am looking to change this with the Wheel Conversion Kit (really, they are just bolts and plastic wheel trims, but Lexus being Lexus!!!) Cash waiting. Kind Regards, Mike. P.S Be interesting to see who prefers the pie wheels or the 5 spoke conversion, or even the newer wheels?
  4. This post has gone way off topic! Please don't consider this a personal attack but if you wish to get on your 'Soap Box' by acting 'Smug' about your own Car, fine!! Please start your own relevant thread. No need to interupt this thread in which your reply was in 'no relation' to the originating questions. Of course people are going to be touchy about insults to their choice in Car. Who wouldn't !! Nuff said!. P.S As for valid points, I pointed out that you cannot buy a GS hybrid for under £30,000. That has to be the most valid point of them all - MONEY!!!
  5. It's quite simple..... What's that little thing called ? AH yes, MONEY ! Try buying a GS Hybrid for £29,600....... P.S - If anybody does manage to find one, please ask if they want a GS430 in part exchange ?? JUST KIDDING ! I wouldn't sell it for anything. Pure Love! (Grin!) P.S My personal feelings on all issues 'Green' - Can't wait until they make the first All Electric Lexus with same performance as current models - until then,I'm happy with my GS430. I don't drive a company car, dont drive in London Congestion zone.....The air is soooooo much greener up North. It's simple, move away from London and hey presto :D Pollution problem solved !!
  6. Hi, I have taken the plunge and purchased a new GS430.... Having owned a number of LS430's in the past, it was very hard to make the decision to change to anything else other than an LS....I am waiting for the new LS460 in November/December. Anyway, couple of questions about the new GS430 1/ Has anyone experienced an annoying rattle coming from the dashboard/windscreen? That's the problem with a car that is almost 100% soundproof, you hear everything. This is becoming annoying 2/ Does anyone if what looks like a Phone holder in the center armrest console IS a phone holder ? - If so, which model phone does it take? Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on new GS430. Kind Regards, DJMike.
  7. Thanks for some of the comments. Does the LS430 look too dated now? I compared one with a (dare I say it) BMW 745 Li (Long Wheel Base Limo) and it just didn't stand up to it. I guess, since the curren LS430 only has a few production months left - Is the answer to wait until Nov/Dec for the New LS430 ? Anyway, I have taken the plunge. Silver GS430 with Cream leather. Price new £47,000. Price I am paying £29,600. VERY SCARY - It has lost over £17,000 in 11 months. Will it depreciate much over the next year or so? I looked for an LS430 with ACC (Active Cruise) but could not find one for love nor money in my budget (£30-35k). Apparently they were only introduced with ACC from 54 plate (some) and 05 onwards. Even then it was an option. Still looking at £40k + for one!! Mike.
  8. Mornin all, I'm looking to fill a void since selling my LS430 earlier this year. I'm currently running around in a Mk2 GS300 until I find said vehicle. The problem is, I want a Luxury car with all the gadgets. The one I really want (spec) is an LS430 with ACC (you know the clever Cruise Control) and colour reverse camera. Thing is, the LS430 kinda looks dated now (even the facelift model!) and a new one is due at the end of the year. I am considering the new GS430. They have taken SUCH a hit in 11 months, this vehicle was £47k new.....Now you can get one for £29,995. What's the general concensus on the new GS430? I've fallen in love with the 'Options' on this baby. Am I right in saying you cannot add any options to this car? I'm not sure if I can get away with the back end of these. It keeps screaming TOYOTA AVENSIS to me. Help !!!!!!!
  9. Congratulations on your LS400 purchase Chris. Thought I might struggle to get interest this time of year. How wrong I was. Over 20 emails, 88 people watching the auction and numerous telephone calls. Cullercoats isn't that far from me. It's right on the coast (as you already probably know!) All the best, Mike.
  10. Hi, I don' keep my cars very long..... Get itchy feet for the next 'SC430/GS430/?????' or who knows! Even considering a motorhome Just fancy a change!
  11. Lexus LS430 for sale on ebay..... Call 07977 404 858 for further details. Thanks, Mike.
  12. Lexus Dateless Number Plate (ebay) link
  13. Monster Mat - I have dropped you a line with a rough idea of what I'm asking. Chris Skelton - You're obviously not interested, so don't understand why you commented in the first place ! Bazza - Try C !!! Mike.
  14. Dateless Number plate. Would like a million dollars on ANY Lexus. Currently on my Lexus LS430... The registration number is '5 LXS' Any sensible offers considered :P . Email Mike
  15. Hi, I have up for grabs 5 x 17" LS430 7-Spoke Alloys for sale....225/55/17 - 7.5 JJ rim I've just paid a small fortune to upgrade to the latest LS430 alloys (245x45x18's) and have just taken the original wheels off the car. Here's the details.... Wheel 1 - MINT Condition - A little dirty under the alloy (inside - not visible) NO MARKS, SCUFS OR RUST. A1 CONDITION. Good for at least another 2-3000 miles - Tyres Dunlop SP9000 Wheel 2 - MINT Condition - A little dirty under the alloy (inside - not visible) NO MARKS, SCUFS OR RUST. A1 CONDITION. Good for at least another 2-3000 miles - - Tyres Dunlop SP9000 Wheel 3 - MINT Condition - A little dirty under the alloy (inside - not visible) NO MARKS, SCUFS OR RUST. A1 CONDITION. Good for at least another 2-3000 miles - - Tyres Dunlop SP9000 Wheel 4 - MINT Condition - A little dirty under the alloy (inside - not visible) NO MARKS, SCUFS OR RUST. A1 CONDITION. Good for at least another 2-3000 miles - - Tyres Dunlop SP9000 Spare Wheel - Kerb perforation to edge of wheel (only slight). Center Cap missing (never with the car? as you just use the current one off the car if you get a flat!!). A little dirty under the alloy. Good for at least 1000 miles. These were taken off my baby (2002 LS430) Just purchased 2 weeks ago. I think the dealer must have had these refurbed because there isn't a mark on the main 4 wheels!). Disclaimer - *** - Please note - I am leaving the Tyres on in good faith. The remaining tire tred is only an estimate. I am no expert on this subject so make no mistakes. I am selling the Rim's with the tyres on as a bonus. They are by no means down to the limit yet though ! And now for the good bit - MAKE ME A SENSIBLE OFFER AND THEY ARE YOUR'S. I WILL LEAVE THIS ADD RUNNING OVER THE WEEKEND. IF I DON'T GET ANY OFFERS - OFF TO EBAY THEY GO WITH A RESERVE. Come on Guys you know what these are worth ! Call me on my mobile 07977 404 858 or email me ( Good Luck. Mike.