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  1. BP A14 79.9 BP Ely 81.1 Morrisons Bourne 78 Ex Lex owner. run a Campervan on LPG
  2. Hi folks I struggled on with the old dear but had to sorn it in November. I got an offer of £250 from a passer by this morning. Just thought I'd give you a first refusal on it in case any of you might want to part it out or snap it up for spares. Details are in the for sale section I'll bump them up.
  3. Mine has gone up from £35 a month to £57! That is after a £40 a year discount! Last year Saga were right out of the ball park. NFU gave the best all round last year. Auto Direct offer £333.76. I find that as soon as you go through the hoops they suddenly don't want to cover you! I was told that it was down to whether there had been a claim in your post code, for your vehicle type, within a certain period and nothing to do with anything else!
  4. A mixed response then. Will National tyres put on and balance used tyres then?
  5. I've still got it! I keep looking at it and thinking I can't pass it on. So I've got some used tyres off our friend here. So, I went to the local used tyre dealer and he offered me for changing these, disposal of the baldies, new valves and balancing for £15 per cover. Does that sound about right? Nice to be back. Happy beautiful Spring
  6. For the pad indicators. Remove the wire assy. carefully pull the wires through the plastic plug and add a drop of solder. You then have a fully functioning wear indicator for 20 mins work saving around £40 on parts. I have done this 2 times to mine.
  7. Belt dressing spray worked for me. WD40 on the pulley bearing perhaps. Is the tension too high on the belt? We put chalk on drawer sliders as a sliding aid! It stops the screech.
  8. I guess you left the lawn mowing till later then Steve? I remember 62-63 on the Train from Brum to the Smoke with snow above the roof of the carriage all the way. Also the 3 week green smog! Few years back, slept in the van stuck on the A428. Left Cambridge at 2:55 got to St. Ives Hunts. at 11 am next day (24 miles of misery)
  9. I would imagine the cost with a set of wheels would be huge plus storage all year. We may never see a winter like that again for another 100 years.
  10. Sounds like boiled sweets liquifying. What does it taste like? Probably mint.
  11. When we've kicked a topic to death over a week or so then 2 weeks later someone asks the same question? Forget the search function. I would just go back through post history visually to see if there are any recent topics that ring a bell. If nothing is obvious then search. Only then will I ask personally. I am happy to go into any detail resulting from anyone who has actually tried to get their own answers. This is a polite site on the whole. Other sites I use do not suffer fools at all and can be very dismissive! I also feel if you are hoping for help it is only common decency to open with a self-introduction. Maybe I'm old fashioned (well I know I am an early 50s model)
  12. Locking with the key leaves the alarm off as far as the manual says
  13. Snow tyres are formulated to remain soft at lower temperatures, that is all. They often come with holes to fit studs. Snow tyres (without studs) can be used on clear roads, but because of the extra soft compound (stickier) they will wear very fast at higher temperatures.
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