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  1. Flowtech Exhausts in Chadwell Heath did the work for me and put on the extra 55mm Pipe as I bought the metal Magnaflow from EBay Germany as above.
  2. Better to get after market Cat and have it fitted as per my previous post. There is no point in paying twice for a job or for that matter paying over the odds. Unless Lexus do the work of course.
  3. If you look through the thread you can see there are some options of where to buy. Also get a specialist exhaust fitter to do the work so if it does not fit exactly it will not be an issue. I had my new cat fitted from an exhaust specialist in East London. Flowtech Exhausts In Chadwell Heath. Google them, there are many happy customers for a reason.
  4. I should point out this is a universal fit. So will need a little modification on the pipe end ( not exact fit) not really an issue for a exhaust fitter as they will have many pipes of different dimensions. Also I ordered the metal not the ceramic which is also available. Andrew
  5. I used Flowtech Exhausts ( East London ) to do my fitting of an aftermarket Universal Catalytic Convertor. Old school exhaust welders, am not sure about clamps. Around £100 & take a couple of hours, also being exhaust specialist they have all the required bespoke pipes and other necassary bits bearing in mind the thieves just cut each side of the Cat. If your car is under Lexus Warranty I think you would have to have Lexus do the work with genuine Lexus parts.
  6. I think undoubtably the quality of after market universal Catalytic Converters will not be on par with Lexus OEM parts. I think I am correct in saying the original CAT should last the life time of the RX400h. The universal part is unknown cheaper part, be it from a non Toyota known manufacturer. Two things to note: Even if you had to replace the universal part in the future, It would mitigate paying between 1.5k and 2.5k then having it stolen again. The garage where mine was fitted had three RX400s in that morning. He also mentioned that a Prius owner had his CAT stolen 3 times. The original CAT I believe only does 15/20% of the work. My preferred option initially was to go through the Insurance I would have paid £300 excess which is not bad compared to many however the time wait was very long ( 2 months). Due to the above I doubt that the non OEM part would constitute as modified. If my car was still under a Lexus warranty. I believe I would have waited the 2 months to be fixed through Lexus as I was offered a hire car by my Insurance.
  7.,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:13805034799557262920,rc_q:Flowtech%20Exhausts,ru_q:Flowtech%20Exhausts Correspondence with the German company is advised as I am sure the dimensions of the pipe were altered ( or slightly different product) You can purchase the ceramic version or the metal. I went for the metal. I feel like my car is a sitting duck, spending 2.5k with Lexus IS not recommended. Andrew
  8. Never a good Idea to bring politics into a car forum especially since Boris is on a recruitment drive with 20k officers to save us all from the traitors/ criminals and will not surrender to the Europeans/Germans/ French, after all we are at war 😶 😂What a superhero. He needs to be promoted to Captain America. On another note it seems the the Catalytic Converter under the drivers seat does only 15/20% of the work, going the Lexus route could take months and could be stolen within a few minutes again. Your suggestion of covering the entire panels would work but cost/ drilling into car. Not sure about that.
  9. I think there is a reason other than the higher ground clearance the RX is being targeted, The Prius previously suffered heavily form this practice from what I understand, If the issue was on very recent RX models it would present more of an issue for Lexus, having said that on reflection maybe I was a little harsh on Lexus. It’s fair enough for them to charge for the parts/labour as any other manufacturers would. I’m not sure even if people know what is going on what they could really do to mitigate other than Larger Shandy’s last post..
  10. Just a quick update, I had my car repaired and when I got to the garage ( Independent) an RX400h was on the ramp having the CAT replaced plus the one before me was also having the catalytic Converter replaced again an RX400 so including mine 3 Rx400h back to back all stolen CAT. In one morning. The machanic/welder said they are selling for big bucks.. What a disgrace. Lexus should be informing every RX400 owner about these thefts as to make owners aware, as I receive marketing material through the post. but you have to say Lexus/Toyota are making a lot of money from these criminal acts.
  11. Well Toyota states it will not stop a determined thief. “catlock determined thieves will still steal catalytic converter” google this and 1st listing as above. Without the quotes. I do understand though that if the car is under Lexus warranty this presents a real issue that they need to address. You cannot put a 3rd party part as it will invalidate your warranty. Andrew
  12. Sorry to hear about your Catalytic Converter. Opinion is divided on how to best protect yourself from theft. I initially was going through the Insurance and getting Lexus to do the work, after 24 hours I changed my mind and cancelled the claim for a couple of reasons. 1, The length of time it takes to repair with Lexus as no parts/stock in the UK. Car hire I know Insurance will pay for but to rack up 1000s on top just does not seem that right way forward for me. 2, Installing a new Lexus part back on may well be an invitation to steal it again. I’ll use a universal Convertor in the hope they decide to move on. There has been 3000 Convertors stolen already in the first 6 months of this year In London. Mainly Toyota/Lexus Hybrid models. Herbie has a very strong point Imo. It will take a determined thieves a couple of minutes longer at most according to many sources. Please use google.
  13. I would have thought the Lexus alarm would have activated with the vibration underneath h the car, It would be nice if you could adjust to max sensitivity. Besides garaged/on drive am not too sure what would be 99%. Also a major factor is Lexus/Toyota have a 5/6 week backlog. See this threads.
  14. Check the image. They will just cut around cut locks. I was going to go through Insurance and get Lexus to do the job. What changed my mind is I have read they just target the car again. So decided to fit universal which will arrive in a few days. Lucky I have Mrs car to drive.
  15. Am not saying whom offered this or weather or not there is something odd about the quote. Just replying to the above and obviously the thought went through my head as to the margins for 2nd hand Lexus CATS