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  1. Just wondering if anyone has had any joy with finding a rear bike carrier that works with the hatch of an IS300 sportcross? I had a look at the Thule specs and they don't recommend fitting anything to the rear door.
  2. Hi I have stupidly managed to smash the rear window next to the parcel shelf (not sure what the technical name is) in our IS300 sportcross Any idea what the cost is to replace? Is this something we can replace ourselves (father-in-law is very handy with DIY etc)? Any advice gratefully received while I spend time wishing I had removed my bike from the roof! Thanks.
  3. Our car has been written off so I am going to investigate the various repair options. Anyone recommend a yard where I could potentially pick up a door? Do they deliver or do I have to collect it to get it to the bodyworkers? Thx
  4. My physio will set up both seats for my back so if it can be stored in the memory that would be better.
  5. Thanks for the opinions - I will take a look at a RX400 too when we visit the dealer DanD - in terms of the SL - I thought it had ML audio but it appears that some of them do and some don't. Also the DAB module is not standard on SE-L - only certain cars are listed with it. This was confirmed by the dealer at Lexus. I would quite like the memory seat for the passenger but that appears to be quite rare indeed. There are a lot of black interiors out there - not something that I am that bothered about but difficult to avoid if you don't like it.
  6. Ok well it would be now (Sept) because our car is likely to be written off in the next couple of days. In terms of specs - - 2009/2010 is fine - dark colour outside - any colour interior - not bothered about Lexus dealer stamps for service history - mileage c60k or lower We would be bringing in used 20s in a carrier bag ;)
  7. Hi It looks like the majority of the used 450s are at main dealers. What sort of discount is reasonable to expect on a car with an advertised price of c20k? TIA.
  8. I had a chat with Louise at Hatfield Lexus. She was v. helpful. The DAB module was an option on the SE-L so not all of them have it. It can be retro-fitted. There will be a difference of about £1k between SE-I and SE-L so it really comes down to how much we want that side camera and the air suspension as well as availability of models etc.
  9. This is something I will ask a Lexus dealer. The reason I am confused is that some of the cars on the Lexus website that are SE-L do not appear to have the ML stereo and some do. Also one of them refers to having a DAB module whereas some don't. It might be that the dealer has not bothered to enter the info. The SE-L appears to have a more adjustable seat - for me this would be a big selling point as my back surgeon has told me to choose a car based on driving position and seat adjustability. Ironically he drives an R8 which I cannot believe is good for your back at all.
  10. Why not go to your local dealer and ask to drive both models back to back and see for yourself? - The dealer should be happy to oblige and a test drive does not commit you to buying from them... Thanks. I think that this sounds like an excellent idea. The more I read the more I am sold on the Rx450. Also having had a look at various sites there seems to be a lot of stock of the SE-I but not the SE-L. Is it worth holding out for a SE-L - it seems like most of the difference appears to be the audio system? The other half is also desperate for a DAB radio - is it an easy upgrade if it is missing off a model we like? Thanks
  11. Hi Unfortunately it looks like our IS300 SC will be written off by our insurance co. Our driving requirements have changed now and we need something capable of short journeys as well as the long ones. I would also quite like a higher driving position to try to avoid the old lady driver who wrote off our car. Our budget (c15-20k) looks like it will get us a RX400 or RX450. I actually prefer the look of the RX400. Are there particular benefits to choosing one over the other - i.e. does the RX450 drive better or was the upgrade larger cosmetic? Some of the low mileage RX400s seem very expensive (i.e. 2008/9 models more expensive than RX450). Is a higher mileage RX450 likely to hold its value better than a low mileage RX400? Is there any models we should look to avoid? We tend to be buy and hold owners - i.e. we are unlikely to change the car for a good 4/5 years at least. We will be doing 10k miles at most. TIA for any opinions
  12. Thanks I am going to call the insurers in the morning and see what the hike in the premium will be for a Cat D car and maybe do a dummy quote with someone like Admiral. Can anyone recommend a suitable garage that would replace the door with one from a breaker's yard or will then just want to deal with a new door? We live in the Harrow, so NW London.
  13. Thanks I will let you know once the insurance company have come back and said whether it is a write-off or not. So I assume the cheapest way of replacing the door is to find one at a breaker's yard, get someone to fit it and then possibly a respray if the colour doesn't match. Does anyone know if there are any issues with re-insuring a car that has been written off? There is no other damage other than the door.
  14. Hi Someone has just crashed into our rear driver side door (while we were putting our son into the car). The door looks a write-off. Any idea how much it will cost to replace as the insurance company have mentioned the possibility of an uneconomic repair. We would consider keeping the car if it is not ridiculous as it is fab runner and only has 90k on the clock. TIA