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  1. Thanks Rich Yes, I'm sure an IS200 dash would be the same. As far as I know, the interior of the IS300 and IS200 is largely the same (save all leather etc in the IS300) I was wondering about a plastic repair. I'm sure it would be possible to repair the scratches which are superficial but there are some slightly deeper grooves on some edges. I suspect a mobile phone holder or something has been attached at some stage and has left tell tale signs. I'll try to find someone that does dashboard repairs and see if it can be made better.
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  3. Hello I'm the proud owner of a Series 1 IS300. Best car I've ever had by far. It's only done 25K miles and I'm bringing it back to showroom condition. The only other owner somehow managed to damage the top of the dash so it has scratches and some grooves in the plastic and a nasty stickyish feel on the passenger side airbag lid that just won't come off. I'm thinking the best solution would be to just replace the dash. Would anyone know where I might get one and who is a good Lexus restoration company to do it? I'm based in the North West of England. Thanks so much for any help and guidance