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  1. Hi, does anyone have or know where I can get hold of a centre wheel cap for a DHP wheel, one of mine had gone missing after a tyre change .
  2. Lewis. To sell your car on AT costs money which is why the LOC charge for the privilege, this is why you cannot even hint at selling anything on the LOC unless you become a Gold Member.

    To discuss in the open forum what you have been told in Private Message from a Moderator is also against the rules. Please read the T&Cs

  3. Thanks everyone, belt was done 25K miles ago in 2009. Started first time without charging the battery, battery was replaced 18 months ag0 with genuine lexus battery. Belt every 4 years seems a little extreme to me. I have had Audi RS4`s and RS5`s done Porche 911 and Cayman R and S and is a better car to drive than all of them, wished they still made them.
  4. My old MK4 now lives out her retirement in sunny Spain although she has only just done 97K with full history. We have not been over to our house for the last twelve months for several reasons. We arrived last week car full of dust in garage, turned the key and started first time and runs like a new car.. how good are these cars. How often should cam belts be done and is it worth the expense considering the age. Only one fault she needs a interior light bulb but cant figure how to get the lense off without breaking it. Thanks guys.
  5. I think its poor on the part of Lexus that my interior light bulb has failed, it has only lasted 12 years and I would expect better. Does anyone know how to remove the plastic lense cover to relace the bulb, I have had a look but dont want to force it and crack the plastic. Many thanks.
  6. I have seen that video before, the problem I have is the in & Out movement not the up and down movement. There is no motor sound when I try to move the wheel in&out. Someone must have had this problem before and found a fix ? thanks guys
  7. keyboard skills not up to scratch - Should be Lexus not Luxus !!!
  8. Our Mk 4 is living out its retirement on the sunny island of Majorca. After not being over to Majorca for the last six months I expected the car not to start. How wrong could I be, started first time and runs like a dream. Not bad for a 12 year old car, although she has only done 92K. What really got my back up was the fact the interior light bulb has failed, surely we can expext better from Lexus.
  9. Has anyone had problems with the In and Out movement of the steering wheel (Mk 4). Up and down works fine although the memory function does not work correctly, moves a little but not enough. Any Ideas ?
  10. My parking brake is sticking on on the drivers side, it has been suggested it could be the cables. Has anyone had the experience of replacing the parking brake cables. If so, how difficult is the job ?? Many thanks
  11. Hi Everyone I have been having problems for a while now, with the off-side parking brake binding when the car has been not been used for a while, I normally can get it to free off but not this weekend it was right problem. I think I now need to replace the rear discs and service the parking brake mechanism. Has anyone got a "how to-do tutorial" for this task and any advice would be a great help. My car lives it`s life now over in Majorca so I will need to take all tools over with me so I need to know what exactly I will need. Many thanks.
  12. Hi Everyone, my parking brake seems to stick on when the car has been stood for a few weeks, so, I intend to replace the rear discs and clean the parking brake has anyone seen some form of tutorial or can give me detailed "how to" Many thanks
  13. Hi Guys, had a chat this morning with a Lexus mechanic I know about the vibration, not mentioning the UV joint. He asked if the vibration started around 40mph, which it does. He is certain the problem is a sticking parking brake especially so when the car has been stood for a while, removing the disc and a clean-up seems to be the solution unless its the cable itself. Any idea on costs of OEM rear discs/pads and cables, I will take them over to Majorca with me bound to be cheaper than buying them on the island. ??
  14. I had a similar problem with electrics shutting themselves down, found out that a new battery sorted everything out. Hope this helps, good luck.
  15. Thanks Steve, thats a great help. I am back in the UK now for a couple of weeks so I will call into the local Lexus dealer and order some of the clips. I would check what type of grease they use, Lexus grease is bound to be the most expensive ever made although I would suspect it`s just waterproof grease. The problems bound to show again when the car has been stood in the garage at 33C for a couple of weeks, god knows what would happen if it was in direct sunlight !! Regards.
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