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  1. I purchased mine from a family whose father had passed away and it was his car. They had all the paperwork laid out on a table including the fathers death certificate and she has done me proud having only ever let me down once in 12 years, Oxygen sensor. Apart from general servicing and an LPG conversion she hasn't cost me anymore. Timing belt being done in just over a week. 176000 miles and she still drives and looks like she has not been out of the showroom more than a few weeks.
  2. She has been booked in for Tuesday 6th October for new Timing belt and Water pump.
  3. Sadly no. My dog Ella started fitting at 1am and I thought she was over the worst so I carried on down to Cornwall my wife staying with Ella and my daughter who was popping in to see if she could help in any way (She's a Senior veterinary nurse) as it was she was still fitting and so I drove back straight away. Got back and I knew what was to be done, so my daughter and I took her over to the Veterinary Hospital and she went to sleep. She was born blind and deaf but she was a brave dog and she had a happy 10 years with us.
  4. Rules from November 2nd 2018 onwards have changed. These also may change again so please keep an eye on this section if you intend selling. We will try adding the updates and note the date of when these rules change. The rules below supercede the previous rules set back in 2009 2nd November 2018 - New selling rules UPDATE: You no longer need to be a gold member to sell here. Any member can sell as long as your adhere to the simple rules below. This Forum is for infrequent and casual sales between forum members. If you are a trader please then contact us. This forum is strictly not for multiple or repeated sales from traders. If you are a trader and post an item here then expect to have the item removed and your access to the forum revoked immediately. There is also a Template to be used for ALL sales posted in here. If you do not use the template shown below, a Moderator will ask you to change your advert. Failure to do so will result in your post being DELETED. The template is to allow members to easily see what is for sale: For sale: Item Condition: Price and price conditions: Extra Info: Pictures: Contact Details: Location: Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Please cut/copy the Template shown above, and paste and complete it (i.e., fill in the blanks) in your own post. **please take note of the below changes to the rules or your threads will be deleted** All items advertised for sale must be available All Items must have location of where the item is based. All items must be as described in the for sale thread and not just linking off to elswhere All items must have a picture showing condition of the item Price MUST be stated. Otherwise we delete the thread without warning. Ebay / amazon / Gumtree items must be directly linked to. However, must be described in the post. Random chit chat and spamming will be removed at the moderating teams discretion without warning. Moderators reserve the right to restrict access/useage of the section as deemed necessary. Please use manners and respect our position in such cases. We are here to protect. Absolutely No selling on behalf of others. Selling for Family or deceased estate is fine. Please seek advice if unsure. Sellers must ensure parts are as described. If something is stated as being in good working order it should have been tested prior to sale. Buyers are warned to double check items as soon as they arrive. The right to refuse use of the classifieds extends to unregistered traders, bad sellers, repeat offenders and anyone seen to be wasting our moderators' time/effort. Group Buys Must Be organised by an Approved trader or be Approved by LOC moderating team, No Exceptions. when the items have sold, can members inform the moderating team, so it can be closed/moved to the archive 🙂 Please contact us if you have any issues with selling.
  5. The trouble is Corona 19 which every company in the land is blaming when they have to answer the phone or send an email. I did manage after about 3 hours get through to a human being? and advised him that there is no way in a million years they could catch Covid down the phone lines, he hung up.
  6. "Is it just me or is anyone else struggling with dial up internet speeds on windows?" We upped our package with BT to the fastest they have to offer and I haven't noticed any difference apart from the fact that its constantly dropping out.
  7. I have bought several cars of eBay over the years and I have always got hold of good cars.