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  1. Parking tickets

    To keep misnaming PCNs as fines confuse the issue especially to those that receive them. They are not fines the are just charges and to keep referring to them as fines is just plain wrong. To that end, your second paragraph is wrong where you are referring to fines as they aren't they are just charges. To put your mind at rest I hate these private pirates and the sooner they are put out of business the better. I am surprised that someone who is so pedantic about some things " You don't need to be sorry, but at the same time factually both mk2 and mk3 uses same D4S bulbs and very similar" can be so unconcerned about using the incorrect terms on other subjects. I agree totally with your third paragraph.
  2. Smug or What

    The only problem with banning petrol/diesel engines vehicles is what are they going to run on? Electricity? never in a million years. There are millions of people who live in large towns and cities who are lucky to get within a bus ride of the road they live in let alone get close enough to be able to plug it into their electricity supply and of course that also assumes that the local drunks on their way home won't rip the charging lead out of the car. Electric vehicles, won't happen.
  3. Parking tickets

    You miss the point Linas. Fines can only be issued by the police, traffic wardens, which are dealt with via the Magistrate Court, those who get Parking Charge Notices are issued by private companies for infringing their parking rules which are on private ground, supermarkets etc these PCNs are just invoices and will be dealt with through the County Court system.
  4. The interiors of both cars are to die for. I would happily spend a few hours in there just playing with all the toys.
  5. Some of their members have done some of the worst work of any installers. Ignore the UKLPG branding as a kite mark to excellent work they are just a money making outfit for themselves and has nothing to do with making sure you get value for your money. There are no MOT requirements as yet, they were going to bring it into the MOT several years ago but they haven't done so far.
  6. Top gear lc500

    Couldn't see the point in pitching the cars together as they are both different animals. I've had it with TG I shan't bother to record or watch anymore. Dump the programme BBC if TG was food it would be covered in mould.
  7. Newbie

    Its called old age, we all get there at some time. Many apologies to Seb. A shame only one of you welcomed Seb to the forum.
  8. Newbie

    Hi Seb and welcome to the LOC, we are a friendly bunch so please dont hold back asking questions big or small should you have any problems with your car. We always welcome ideas on how to overcome problems with our cars but as they are the finest cars in the universe they dont go wrong that often. We always love to see pictures of your cars so don't be shy. Happy Lexus Motoring. Mike. Bluesman.
  9. Aux LS400

    I have a pay as you go and last month it cost £0 and the month before that and so on. I have the phone which is an old Nokia that fits into the cradle that came with the Lexus purely for emergencies being disabled. I hate the things.
  10. I had the same happen to mine a couple of years ago, I had gone to the village bakers, went in came out went to press the button when I realised half the key was missing, I tracked back to the bakers, no luck so went back to the car looking on the ground and there it was about 3 inches from a drain grid, I was so lucky, I bought a replacement and changed everything over, no problems since.
  11. All OK round Hampshire way.
  12. If the problem is the same whether you use LPG or petrol it has nothing to do with fuel other than getting it to the engine. What sort of outfit strips and rebuilds an engine and quite happy to let the customer running like a bag of nails?. Take it back to them and ask them to finish the job in a professional manner ie running nice and smoothly.
  13. Crashed my ISF

    Here you go all about Cat N
  14. Where is this switch positioned?