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  1. Bluesman

    Boot electrical issues GS450h

    Where would you like it moved too.
  2. The mods have made their decission on the thread if you have any further comments then you make them direct to the mod and not disscuss then in the open forum as per your T&Cs
  3. We support all members of the LOC and not just a particular few.
  4. The only thread I know of is this one which I pulled from public view because there were answers needed to the way the thread was going, ie not wanting all marques of Lexus to be included in the invite. Steve2006 was already dealing with this subject which is why I referred it to him. My feeling is and will always be that this is a forum for all marques of Lexus and other cars and any meets that are made on the forum are to include all members no matter what their car is.
  5. Can we leave it there now as its become tiresome
  6. It's awaiting for Steve2006 to mod it and then it's up to him to decide what to do with it.
  7. I'm with you all the way with that one. Great call.
  8. Bluesman

    Hello from Finland!

    Welcome to the forum. We like to see pictures inside and out of your fine looking Lexus.
  9. Bluesman

    Any LOC members work in Planning?

    That's unbelievable whatever happened to democratic rule? That wouldn't get planning permission around here as it above the hight line of adjacent buildings. The best they would get is possible planning for a bungalow. I would definitely go down to the council offices and get a meeting with one of the planning team taking as many pictures as you can and take as much paperwork with you as you can. Finally, if you get no joy I would be getting another Leylandi next to the one you already have. What do your neighbours think of it?
  10. Bluesman

    1st Time lexus owner

    Hi David. Who's a lucky boy. Welcome to the forum. Let us know how you're getting on with it. Mike.
  11. Bluesman

    Newbie, saying hi.

    Hello and welcome to the forum. We like to see pictures.
  12. Congratulations on your new addition. Enjoy every second that they give you.
  13. Bluesman

    Any LOC members work in Planning?

    Hi Steve, Whenever we have had to oppose planning aps there is no better way than to go along to the council chambers when the planning committee meets. I have been successful on 3 occasions. I also contact the parish council to find out what their position is and go along as well to the parish council meetings, always good to have some parish councillor on your side. Good luck.