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  1. You will have great fun driving her around in silence and comfort.
  2. Enjoy your car and the forum.
  3. Great looking car, you couldn't have picked a better car for keeping down the blood pressure. Get well soon.
  4. Terrible story. I don't know how these guys sleep at night. Are you going to send in the bailiffs?
  5. Nice advert. Hope you get a decent result.
  6. Just a question of being patient and checking eBay as many time as poss each day until one pops up, this what I did when I needed a wing. If my memory serves me right I paid £40 for a MK4 wing luckily the correct colour.
  7. It's going nowhere except for bad feelings.
  8. Please please let's all remain friends. It's just not worth falling out over.
  9. Whatever has or hasnt gone on it doesn't put Adrian Flux in a good light. Presumably, you can send them a copy of any letter as evidence of sale which should then put this whole sorry story to bed and hopefully a large apology from AF and you and your family can breathe again and start living your lives once again.
  10. I am surprised that AF haven't at least acknowledged receipt of your complaint.
  11. My LS400 Mk4 shows the speedo doing 70mph but the Satnav which is digital and far more accurate shows we are only doing 65mph.
  12. Isn't it always the way you buy insurance only to find that that bits not included. Do they not have a stainless steel exhaust on the LS600? Carry on enjoying her.