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  1. The original LS400 Razor61 is in Candy Apple Red which looks fantastic on Stratocaster Guitars but not an LS400.
  2. I can give Dualfuel in Woking a thumbs up apart from the price they charge. I had one Merc 2 litre estate car and it cost me around £3K from them. That was over 15 years ago I have since found another company in South Wales who will do the conversion in a day for around £1K called Profess. They have converted loads of Lexus various models and all with out any problems. They will lend you a car for the day while they do the work. I have never had any problem with any LPG system fitted by either company. Profess in South Wales are a very helpful and friendly company.
  3. Happy Christmas to all the members of the LOC and their families.
  4. I have let trading standards know about that as he cant sell it as a private person.
  5. Sorry cant help you. There shouldn't be any problems as another member loaded up quite a few pics.
  6. Yesterday the central locking, the moving steering column, the door locks switch in the armrest and alarm system all u/s However despite the above she started OK and went on a 25 mile drive with 3 stops which meant parking the car and manually locking the doors which included going to each door to switch the door lock button. Went to go out with her today inserted ignition key and it was as though the battery wasn't connected at all, not even a flicker of life anywhere on the car. Got the jump leads out and at first nothing then I saw a small spark on the negative terminal as we made sure there was contact and everything came back to normal, everything was working, I had checked all the terminals to make sure there was a decent contact for them on the battery so its a mystery. Any ideas??
  7. Nice advert Paul. Well done and good luck with it. Mike.
  8. Well spotted, he needs to be closely watched and reported to trading standards when you think there is anything fishy. I will pass this over to them tomorrow.
  9. They are selling a Range Rover for around £57K and that has just 4 miserable pictures.
  10. What a damn cheek these insurance companies have. Its your property to decide what to do with not them. They will register it as a Cat d car but then if your keeping the car for some time its not going to bother you. Good luck with it.
  11. 1st thing to do is get yourself a dash cam front and rear, there is no argument then.
  12. Even once you have cleared funds if the buyer comes up with some lame excuse they will still turn to your account and take the money out. Only ever take cash for cars.