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  1. She had her new discs and pads fitted all round today and I had forgotten just how good the brakes were as the new ones make it feel I was throwing out an anchor to slow down before, now I just have to think brake and she brakes quickly with all the confidence of a brand new Lexus. I love my Lexi.
  2. We live in a small village and its the local village garage that has serviced all the families cars for the last 30 years. They are totally trustworthy in all their dealings and you get 30 days to pay the bill. Where are they? Sorry, he already has more customers than he can deal with. He retires in a few years, goodness only knows what we will do then.
  3. Once again its MOT time again and she passed with two advisories front discs and pads need replacing. Parts ordered and they are being done next week. Only 7k miles done since the last MOT I love my Lexi.
  4. Bluesman

    Unit Location

    Hi Jon, Have moved it to the RX etc forum so you should have more luck there. Mike.
  5. You could always have the proper filler fitted.
  6. LPG does not do any damage to a modern engine with hardened valves and valve seats. I have run my cars in excess of 16 years and not one of them was in anyway engine damaged by not having flashlube. These days it's just another way of fleecing you of even more money.
  7. Bluesman

    1999 Ls400 Engine Vibration Between 1800-2200rpm

    When I had a similar problem as you it was an Oxygen sensor causing a miss fire.
  8. Come on guys lets keep it friendly. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and of course, we all have our own experiences. No one would laugh at another forum members bad luck so I am sure I am sure Messi will take that out of his post.
  9. Bluesman

    Aggressive Neighbour

    They can explain how the atom is split, they can tell you why we don't fall off the planet earth which is surrounded by space but when it comes to explaining why a normally mild-mannered human being suddenly declares war against his neighbour. I have great sympathy for you as I know what you are going through, I hope it stops for you asap.
  10. Bluesman

    Think it was telling me something

    My LS400 had the original battery still fitted which made it around 13 years old, and Lexus Reading weren't a bit surprised by the age of it, they said its quite common to come across batteries of that age. Let's hope the one they fitted will last as long.
  11. Happy Christmas to you and your family. Beware of any cars sold in the West Midlands by someone with a name like Lexuslegend, Lexuschamp or anything similar. His cars are full of trouble as many of his past customers can attest to. He also has a criminal record which he picked up last year for selling cars illegally. I would have thought that genuine LOC members cars sell fairly easily and dealers tend to hang around because of the prices they ask. Hope this helps.
  12. Bluesman

    Seasons Greetings

    Happy Lexus Christmas and a Happy New Year to all forum members.
  13. I think this is the answer
  14. What a fantastic looking estate car, Lexus missed a trick not distributing those in the UK.