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  1. I could just sit in the car playing with everything, I wonder how many of your neighbours realise that they are looking at a masterpiece of automotive art. Lots of driving holidays ahead. Enjoy.
  2. They also use them for flags when these cars are used for diplomatic work.
  3. This thread is going nowhere so before we all fall out the subject is now closed.
  4. Keep it friendly and for the record, we don't have trolls living on this forum.
  5. Bluesman

    Mk3 ls400 misfire when warm

    It was the sensors you mention that was my misfiring and I had both replaced and problem solved. They were replaced with Lexus parts.
  6. I will move it to the RX450H section and you should get a response. Mike.
  7. Bluesman

    New car first Lexus

    Welcome to the LOC and all the fun and enjoyment you are going to get out of your LS400.
  8. I don't know if I was young, good looking and minted like they are I probably would stick two fingers up to the oldies such as my self and generally have a good time with any of the young girls throwing themselves at the cars.
  9. Bluesman

    New member guildford

    Hi Chris. Welcome to the LOC, fantastic looking car. Have fun. Mike.
  10. Bluesman

    1998 LS400 - LPG

    Have sent you an email with a picture showing the dipstick.
  11. Same colour as mine, when they are cleaned they come as though they have just left the showroom. Enjoy.