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  1. It also has the best part of a quarter of a million miles on it. Well, they say there is always a mug out there for everything.
  2. Bluesman

    How to drive a hybrid

    Welcome to the LOC. Enjoy.
  3. Bluesman

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Aamir. Welcome to the LOC. Enjoy.
  4. They are a law unto themselves. They can charge you whatever they like and there is no one to say that's a rip off other than by trawling around the internet to find a better price. If I can beat it I will never go back to the ins co I am with to see if they can beat that for as far I am concerned they had their chance and they were only interested in fleecing as much money as they could. Motor Insurance = legalised theft. I have always said where motoring is concerned if its a requirement by law that you should have something like road tax or insurance then it should be supplied by the government. If it is to be supplied by private companies like the MOT then it should be overseen closely by the government. End of rant, back to the pool and a long cool drink in the beautiful Spanish sunshine.
  5. Are you sure? it looks more like Clacton-on-Sea.
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    Nearly a Lexus owner

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    New Lexus Customer - GS 300h Exec Edition

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  8. Be very very careful.
  9. I thank my learned friend for that more concise explanation.
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    Welcome to the LOC. Have fun.
  11. Not with you on that one, can you explain further?
  12. As Rayaans has said you cannot sell to the public and write statements that try to stop any consumer rights the public have. What you do between tradespeople is your own affair. I suggest you update your "system" because if you are selling cars to the public with that printed on the sales invoice you are trading illegally. The only reason you put that on an invoice is to deceive the public and try and negate any claim that may arise when the vehicle breaks down which you are legally held responsible for repairing. There is nothing you can write on an invoice which opts you out of your legal responsibilities.
  13. Bluesman


    Who is going to run around to make sure that only the owner/renter of that space is parked in this wonderful world where no one will do naughty things like parking in a space that they shouldn't be parked in. As a disabled driver with a blue badge I can tell you those bays are abused by non-disabled drivers every minute of the day. 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. The authorities cant stop that so how on earth are they going to police your parking idea?