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  1. Bluesman

    CT 200 EBAY SCAM ********

    I have bought & sold cars on eBay without any problems. I have only bought one Lexus on eBay and that's my love and cherished MK4 LS400. I only ever go for private sales and only if there is a good and thorough write up with plenty of pictures. I can't stand these people that won't put the mileage or MOT, previous owners details as far as I am concerned they have something to hide or just too lazy to do it properly. It's very useful these days to have the DVLA MOT checking on the Internet. When I sell anything online I always put loads of pictures which are hosted from an online album and with that I always give a good description. I have never had a deal fall through when I have asked if the ad gave them confidence and they have always said yes.
  2. You can sell on here now. make sure you read all you need to do and what to include in your advert/description.
  3. eBay 1st stop and then have a ring around breakers. Welcome to the LOC.
  4. Bluesman

    CT 200 EBAY SCAM ********

    Seems like it's been pulled by eBay. Well done you for the heads up. It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do to get a dishonest £. It surely must be easier to get a job which pays a weekly wage and on top of that, you could sleep at night and not have to worry when the doorbell goes.
  5. Bluesman

    Anyone else like watches???

    Great hobby. Can you tell me if there is any truth in "You can tell if its a real Rolex as it won't keep time"
  6. Bluesman

    SC430 Insurance

    My sentiments exactly.
  7. Bluesman

    Any LOC members work in Planning?

    Sorry Steve, I have only just seen this post. There is definitely a bad smell when officials won't meet you face to face. I would definitely go for info under the freedom of information act if you haven't already done so.
  8. Bluesman

    F club cyber security

    The poster you are referring to now says he wasn't interested in knowing your number plate but had one for sale, sounds even more iffy to me. The damage can be considerable if you get caught up in someone cloning your number plate. The legwork involved talking to various agencies trying to convince them its not you. They must hear that excuse a dozen times a day. Garages and the like are now becoming very aware of cars with reg plates on as they now cover them up. It's a minor thing to do but could save you an awful lot of heartache and trouble. About 30 years ago I owned a Ford Granada Estate, lovely car, I won't put the reg number up here as it is still in use today. Police at my front door 11 pm asking if it was my car, I, of course, said yes and I was immediately arrested for the theft of a horse trailer. I went off with them and they checked the tow bar on my car which I had never used. It had a plastic cover and they tried to get this cap off but couldn't, they radioed for another copper to attend who they said would get the cap off. He arrived but could get it off. So they dearrested me and asked me to attend their police headquarters the following day. This I did They asked me where was I the day before at 5.30am? I told them in bed with the wife they went out and asked her the same question. Eventually, they had to accept what I was telling them and let me go. They did some months later find the people who were using other peoples reg and thieving fortunes, speeding and parking tickets etc. I know our plates are always on display but they do for some reason like plates on cars being transported etc.
  9. Bluesman

    New LS 400 Member Derbyshire

    Welcome, Simon. what a wise man you are. Another LS400, please try and keep quiet as to just how wonderful these cars are and welcome to the LOC. Mike.
  10. Only two keyboards not enough for Rick Wakeman. A bit over the top though for in car entertainment.
  11. Bluesman

    New car

    Welcome to the LOC, good luck with the repairs.
  12. I can't help but I love the cat.
  13. I wondered where that was going. Very good.
  14. Calor Gas Mortimer Station Berkshire. And a nice lady puts it in for you.