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  1. Whatever has or hasnt gone on it doesn't put Adrian Flux in a good light. Presumably, you can send them a copy of any letter as evidence of sale which should then put this whole sorry story to bed and hopefully a large apology from AF and you and your family can breathe again and start living your lives once again.
  2. I am surprised that AF haven't at least acknowledged receipt of your complaint.
  3. My LS400 Mk4 shows the speedo doing 70mph but the Satnav which is digital and far more accurate shows we are only doing 65mph.
  4. Isn't it always the way you buy insurance only to find that that bits not included. Do they not have a stainless steel exhaust on the LS600? Carry on enjoying her.
  5. You make me laugh Linus with your "sue sue sue those ....... "It's not an inexpensive thing to do and with solicitors charging as much as £500 per hour and should you require a barrister represent you in court well you will need to win the lottery with fees in excess of a £1000 an hour plus expenses, so suing is for people with deep pockets.
  6. Motor insurance should be supplied by the government just like Road Tax.
  7. What a mess. Hopefully, to give you some peace of mind, Bailiffs can only be instructed by a court, I haven't seen any mention of a court summons being issued at any point then Bailiffs cannot knock on your door. It would be in your favour if it did go too court as you could then show the court all your evidence after which the judge has found in your favour AF will end up with all the expenses and any damages the court may feel you should be paid for damages caused by stress and worry caused by them.
  8. It doesn't surprise me. A guy who lives near me and is well known for his garage of many cars, lent them a vintage Aston Martin, they wrecked the car to the tune of £100,000 pounds, it all ended up in court which went on for months. No idea of the outcome. I don't believe he ever lent them another car.
  9. The thread is going nowhere other than ending in a full-blown row.
  10. Welcome to the LOC hope you enjoy it.
  11. A thoroughly nasty individual. Still, he lives in a nice area in a lovely new built house. Cheats are never meant to prosper but he seems to. Why can the police not do him for theft which to my way of thinking looks an easy way to give him a bloodied nose. Thanks for the post its always good to get details on these low life.