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  1. Yes hes back again but now as lexusbl0ke He has been quiet since his last appearance in Her Majesties Magistrates Court where he was given a hefty fine £1000.00 plus £115 victims surcharge and a prison sentence suspended for 18 months. Second prosecution lands Dudley car trader suspended prison sentence Posted on: 11/09/2019 #Dudley Trading Standards #prosecution Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email A Dudley car trader has received a 20 week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, after a second prosecution by Dudley Trading Standards. Umar Ijaz of St Michaels Grove, Dudley, trading as Lexuslegend, sold a mis-described vehicle using a false name and address and altered the advert after the sale. At Wolverhampton Magistrates Court on September 5 Ijaz pleaded guilty to five offences under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations. He also pleaded guilty to a Fraud Act offence, having admitted to altering the eBay advertisement for the Lexus shortly after purchase adding the statement “sold as spares or repairs and invoiced as such.” This prosecution followed a previous conviction for three trading standards offences in 2016 after the sale of an unroadworthy car. The court heard that the customer bought a Lexus LS430 for £1,750 after seeing an advert on eBay which claimed the car was a ‘fine drive’ and was ‘mechanically great.’ Both statements were removed from the advert after the sale. In fact the rear brake discs were found to be heavily corroded and the exhaust system had been repaired using a drinks can. The off side rear suspension was found to be 15mm lower than the near side rear suspension. Ijaz also altered the advert after purchase to read ‘the rear N/S suspension goes down overnight, but goes back up within seconds of starting.’ Ijaz was also ordered to pay costs of £1,000 and £115 victim surcharge. Councillor Nicolas Barlow, cabinet member for health & adult social care, said: You have been warned.
  2. I took her down a lane where they had just walked 200 cows down for milking and she now looks as though I have been rallying. I have hidden her until I can get her nicely washed. She hates looking as though shes been dragged through a hedge backwards.
  3. A bit late with the update. Got her back looking all nice once again. I have to get a couple of bonnet hinges as one of them is bent but not by much. So we are all happy once again. Just one thing, I have been inundated by phone calls from ambulance chasers wanting my wife to sue me for injuries as they say there is £3000 that has already been set aside for her. I just tell them to send it to me.
  4. Hi Steve, I understand your frustration with the position you find yourself in. I have already sent Steve an email asking him to contact you. If you haven't heard anything in the next 24 hrs get back to me. Regards Mike.
  5. Hi Steve, I was the Admin who said I would report it to Steve. I never heard anything else from you untill today. Had you of said that you still haven't heard from Steve I would have got back to Steve immediately as I will now.
  6. Shes on the road again. One bonnet all ready the correct colour.£100 labour £100 Bonnet catch £20. He has worked on her before and said he always enjoys working on an LS as they are so well screwed together and that makes it easy to work on. I'm a happy man.
  7. Going this route is all well and good as long as he has money, if you go through the legal route and then find out he hasn't got a brass farthing you've just thrown good money after bad and you will be in an even worse position. That said I am so sorry your pride and joy has been so badly injured. My own LS400 is in having her body work sorted after being assaulted by a Land Rover. I am hoping to get her back today.
  8. They have a habit of becoming seized up and they cant be bothered to do the job properly.
  9. I doubt it, he is just one of those that can never earn an honest living.
  10. Apologies for 12oz to the pound, I should never post so late at night.
  11. I'm an analogue guy living in a digital world. Give me an analogue clock every time. I still cant get on with centigrade, millimeters and kilos. 16oz to the pound not a problem.
  12. Welcome back. Enjoy your new purchase.