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  1. Hi Matthew, hope the 4 wheel alignment sorts it for you. It did make a difference. Hope you are happy with your IS otherwise. For me this issue although not the cars fault (as could have been abuse from previous owner )and all the other costs of servicing, parts etc and rattles led me to offload the car. Ended up in a Focus, that's gone now and I'm in a Jag XF. Queue more quirks and financial pain but my it drives and looks good! Still wish the IS was a better experience because I really wanted it to be a long termer!
  2. Stick with Petrol 250 it's a great car. I keep seeing my old one around and it still looks great. Unfortunately I had a lot of squeaks and rattles on my 06. Also had a costly wheel alignment problem. Go for the sat nav equipped model because the dash is much better. I ended up with a newish focus. However eventually I got tired of looking at it ( and after it broke down in my drive). Now I'm running a Jag XF! I could not overcome the temptation..:-). There all sorts of little foibles though, the lexus is better built and the touch screen is better in the IS.
  3. Haven't been on for a while - Interesting thread guys, have been digesting the whole thing for the last couple of hours. Nice to get some "real people's" opinions and thoughts. Just after my local dealer got their first 3 IS in I popped down for a look and have got to say that all versions look better in person than the pictures. I think I still prefer the dark colours but that sonic silver colour looked pretty amazing in the bright sun. Inside the showroom they had a black F sport with black seats - I found it very gloomy inside and it also brought to mind how snug my 2006 2IS was - didn't seem much different (proportions) despite the increase in rear space. While I was outside gawping (I mean assessing) at a non F sport in that sonic silver, a chap was going back to his IS220 and he made a comment about "we can dream" - chatting - he said he'd had many problems with his 220 and was very disappointed with the overall lexus experience. It didn't live up to the quality hype and depreciation had been bad. He was actually trading it in for a Ford Focus (pre 2011). I had the IS250 SEL for a couple of years and this resonated with me. I obviously didn't have the well documented diesel engine related problems but regular rattles all across the dash, the high fuel and tax costs and an horrendous thirst for tyres and bad depreciation and rather expensive servicing etc. led me to trade it in over a year ago now. Absence makes the heart grow fonder - I still have a soft spot for that car in Mesa Red with full cream leather and all the SEL NAV/ML toys but that guy's comments reminded me of why it had to go. It was so disappointing. I've had a 2012 Focus petrol 148bhp Ecoboost since - yes a rather less swish car (I still grimace at it occasionally thinking the IS was much better looking) but you know it is more fun to drive, seems to have a better ride balance, is more economical , cheaper to service, cheaper to insure (although it seems I was being ripped off by my long standing insurer and ex employer!) and is basically roomier, and has enough modern gadgets, and an excellent Sony stereo. It's almost as fast as the IS and because it's manual feels sportier, but equally its rather refined (apart from when the stop-start kicks in with a shudder!). Of course the lexus interior was nicer and more ergonomic. Despite all this and any common sense, I am still looking into the latest IS! One thing's for sure the IS250 doesn't make much sense anymore - that's a no brainer for me after having the old one. I think it is going to depreciate very quickly. The IS300h seems like a more interesting proposition - as has been said previously the press reviews have been rather flat and I'd almost dismissed it off my next car list as the looks alone would not 100% sell it to me. However I am more impressed after reading your reviews at least it's worth considering. I do wonder how the servicing costs of the Hybrids compares to traditional powertrains.. anybody looked into this? One other thing - its a shame you cannot get an alternate colour lower dash like the old model all black is a bit gloomy IMO. Doh..Thanks L.O.C. for continuing my pursuit of perfection! Shame I can't afford one as yet but I swore I would never buy a 4yr old Lexus again so I better get saving and get on one of those PCP plans. Maybe I should wait for the post predatory squinty eye/ facelift and the rumoured 200t engine??? But the Focus may have disintergrated by then... I will stay tuned with interest. MW
  4. I recall my IS250 windows cleared pretty quickly and efficiently with the combination of Front/rear demist and wiper area heater. As with Tango I have a Ford (though a Focus) with the full heated windscreen and it is efficient but the defrost mode for the rest of the cabin is not as effective as the IS despite the racket from the fans.(maybe the 1.6 takes longer to heat up?) One observation though and would be interested to know if Tango agrees - on the Ford system - I find that the small wires in the screen can be a bit annoying at times at night and in the sunshine as oncoming headlights or sun reflect slightly sometimes giving a weird effect.. Luckily we dont Ice up too often on the Isle of Man.!
  5. I think Autocar did a review of the IS300h and they said that the CVT is much better than in the other Toyota/Lexus maybe it won't be so bad! Theres a link on the site along with all these other videos. I like the look of the new car inside and out - apart from head/taillight and front drl's its pretty obvious from the videos and photos what it looks like - thankfully they've not messed with the proportions too much. Apparently it gets a split rear seat too with more legroom - bonus! Looking forward to Jan 15th when it breaks cover in Detroit.
  6. When I bought my IS it came with the lexus cream mats and some great lexus Rubber mats which came in very handy. Where I have to park for work is like a muddy swamp.. as Carl says the black actually looks pretty good with the rest in cream. I will say that considering my cream mats were not new they were still good after 2 years. Quality worth paying for I think. You should see my Ford ones... S*** . At least the carpets are black but I loved the cream interior/headlining combo of the IS so light and airy - not so keen on the all grey or black hole of calcutta by comparison. (and went great with the red body colour) Sounds like Geoffs will look well with the Blue body too.. M
  7. Hi Geoff, will do - yes would be good to meet sometime . I stand corrected on the hue but they both look good anyway! Get on with it and get that 250 auto SEL by the way! M
  8. Hi normski , your IS250 looks great and hope you continue to enjoy it for many thousands of miles.. I sold my 2006 SEL MM auto in May and only yesterday passed it on the road for the first time since and I must say it's a bloomin good looking car . However the subtle updates for your car and newer do make it look even better. (IMO) Mine was Mesa Red but Argento Ice does look particulary good. The best mpg I ever acheived was 38 (according to the trip) on a round trip to the west country, so you must be doing something right!! I have to say I shouldnt have checked back into the forum cos now I want a lexus again!! I found the paddle shifters to be a bit of a gimmick - only good for changing down on a steep hill mainly. But always kept in ECT Power mode - didnt make any real difference to consumption but drives much better. Stick it in SNOW mode for a very sedate drive! (But dont go on snow without winter tyres - you'll know about that already!) How do you find the ride with the 18 in wheels? I always found it rather jiggly on rough roads even with 17's... Are 18's worse? Keep an eye on those tyres because the wheel alignment was a big issue for me and cost me dearly! I ended up with a Manual 2012 Focus Titanium, which you might think is lacking in the gadget department - but not so (even with no extras) - and you'd think wasnt as smooth or quiet to drive - but not so. I travelled all the way down to France from IOM and it was great, smooth, practical, economical etc, BUT evenso its not a Lexus. The interior design is a bit of a dogs breakfast - tiny buttons a bit all over the place, some dubious ergonomics and I didnt think I would miss the auto but I do. While ok the design is slightly odd/questionable too - the elegance and yet subtle sportiness of the IS is a winner in my eyes, even its interior while maybe a tad dated (better on the facelifted models) is superbly functional - and I miss that... The Ford does have a better ride though. (16in wheels though) So in another 3 years (if I'm well behaved) I think I'll be on the hunt for the Mk3 model as new as I can manage..It should be an excellent car if they have taken heed of much of the comments over the MK2's long run. Can't wait to see it - shouldnt be long now.. All the best Marcus
  9. I've saw 2 yesterday in the Isle of Man, guess one could have been a demonstrator mind you as the dealer is not far away. Looks nice to me. certainly an improvement over the old model. (especially on the inside!)
  10. And of course the IS is soon to be replaced so production of all will end soon enough, so no sense building anymore diesels clear all the stocks. Awaiting a usefully economical Hybrid version of IS(mk3) think we will get one...?
  11. I agree having a IS250 SEL at the time I thought the review was unduly harsh.. however I agree with Dark Oracle and F.A. the suspension is a bit jiggly on rough roads (pretty much all of em' where I live) and the lower profile tyres did'nt help (Dont get me started on tyres! see my earlier comments) I re-tyred with Bridgestone Potenzas and apart from being a harder ride they were pretty noisy. When I had to change the rears (again!) I used Michelin Primacy HPs and noticed less noise. I don't have the car anymore but cost of tyres and the soso ride and to lesser extent the noise were an issue for me. (never mind rattles and economy) Great motorway cruiser but there arent any here! I think there are lots of cars that ride/ handle better but not many feel or look so good - so I kind of miss it!
  12. Hi I agree with Silver Arrow especially with regard to the IS which never rode/handled as well as it should have given the dire state of our roads. There are many more mundane, sporty or not cars that ride better than current Lexus range. My current '12 Focus rides much better (not just because it has different tyres) and Im not sorry I changed* *Apart from the fact that it doesnt look as smart and will probably disintergrate within 5 yrs and worth nothing. I hope the replacement models fix this (but doubt it!)
  13. Wow that looks great. You lucky guy. Last time I got a courtesy car from my dealer I got an Aygo lol. Did you find it better to drive than an IS? Hope you get all the problems sorted on yours. M
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