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  1. Thanks for the heads up about Rock Auto. Just out of curiosity I checked out the website from your post. As an example for my IS250 the OEM Aisin Water Pump would cost just under £105 including international shipping and taxes VS £156 from Lexus UK with shipping. Very surprised at the cost savings involved, seems like it's too good to be true. The savings would only increase when bulk purchasing. Will be bookmarking this site for when I need discs and pads and other bits for sure
  2. I was thinking about having mine done at Lexus but the quote including sparks for an IS was £705. That is quite a bit, but I did understand most of the fluids got changed and the sparks are supposed to be a bit fiddly. Whilst is no doubt a thorough check over the car, the price is too high for me. Going to go for a local specialist when the time comes instead and save a few quid.
  3. It's available on the Lexus website to view as a PDF document. Most fluids get changed including coolant, rear diff. Not sure if transmission oil is changed, dependent on the inspection I believe. Why not ask the service center for a full breakdown via email.
  4. Well I had quite a long chat with the local Lexus dealer service department about it. They have done it previously for people who wanted to service the transmission, but advised in their opinion it's not required. They can understand why owners want to do this but seemed reluctant and discouraged really from having it done which I thought was fair. He advised after working for Lexus servicing for a long time auto trans failures are rare. The advised they can do the job, it would entail cycling through 7-8 litres of ATF by draining and re-filling and it would take at least three hours labour. T
  5. Yes I understand that - I meant in terms of the whole transmission 7.5 litre total.
  6. Thanks chaps for your input - I have emailed a nearby transmission specialist with a couple of questions and waiting to hear back. Depending on what they say I will be hoping to get as much of the oil changed as possible with the filter and gasket changed at the same time. Having now spent a lot of time researching online it seems definitely worth doing for somebody like me, who wants to keep hold of the car for a few years. I am pretty certain the gearbox would be fine to push on without interference to 150k+, but I don't want at that point, damage to occur that preventative maintenance could
  7. Thanks Vlad - That's a price I can be happy about. Will do some research and see what is local. Bodywork is definitely in need of some TLC, but like you, I am happy to invest money on this car as I want it to last a good few years. Thanks Linas for your help again. After pouring through this forum and clublexus / reddit to learn more about the IS250 the one debate that doesn't seem to have a definitive answer is around the gearbox / transmission oil (It's also mentioned in this thread by 2Ravens so that got me investigating!) I appreciate its deemed a 'lifetime' fluid but as h
  8. It was well polished and waxed (obviously) by the garage when I bought hence why I barely noticed it at the time. I'll see what it might cost to get it repaired and whilst I want to it looking as good as possible I don't want to spend a fortune. Ha - Yes same tyres on each axle. When I come to replace them I will be stumping up for the same brand, good quality tyres all around. JDM - Thanks I checked out the pictures and it looks really good, similar look to what I will be going for when I get them refurbished after lockdown. Think it suits the IGO really well. Thanks 2Ravens
  9. Andrew250


    Hi Nick, I just purchased a 2011 IS250 Advance and I am really happy with the car so far. It has all the gadgets I need - Heated electric adjustable leather seats, auto dimming headlights, rain sensitive wipers etc. Lexus wrote a small blog about the advance linked here. US brochure although I think as cars made in Japan pretty similar specs as UK ( I think ) & check this Honest John write up regarding models
  10. As soon as the wheels are done, or even at the same time I'd like to turn my attention to the bumper and rear wheel arch scuff I mentioned. Here are some pictures, pretty nasty. When I inspected the car I didn't even notice the rear wheel arch, quite how I don't know.. Caveat Emptor indeed.
  11. Thanks again. Looks like a really professional outfit. Wish I lived close enough to make it worth a trip... I do love a trip to Edinburgh mind you 😆 🍺🍻 Well I will keep trying to find something closer at a better price.
  12. Sorry I forgot to ask John - Is that a an acid dip, repair and then powder coat?
  13. Also here is a recent picture of the car, I think the darker alloys woulds suit it well but open to suggestions.
  14. Thanks John that's helpful. I am going to keep looking. The Wheel Specialist is £360 if you take the 'silver' option but still seems pricey. Cardiff Alloy repair has prices from 'as low as £75' a wheel but I am sure for my car it will be closer to £90 a wheel. I am not adverse to travelling a reasonable distance (when I can) to get servicing and repairs like alloys completed to a good standard at a fairer price. Nice excuse for a longer drive in the Lexus 😀
  15. I recently purchased my IS250 and I am having the same issue. The air is only coming out luke warm at maximum setting so interested in any ideas for a fix.
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