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  1. Thanks Newbie really helpful post for new IS owners - I have factored in the plugs being changed at the next service, I have 50k on them at present and will not be doing big mileage but probably get them done sooner. I did my research on the car before I bought it and the exhaust does worry me, due to the expensive cost to replace and Lexus not releasing the designs. Seems difficult to source parts for it. Nothing on any service or MOT advisory about the exhaust and I've poked my head under the car. I can see some rust, doesn't look overly corroded but hard to see unless the car is raised. I will try and wiggle under it again today and look at the areas you mention. What problems did you have with the exhaust - I assume it was a costly fix? I am sure the water pump is original as nothing in the service book, receipts I have or Lexus portal that it has been changed. I've had a proper look and seems ok for now, but going to keep a close eye on it. Don't want it failing and damaging the engine. I did check the expansion chamber and the fluid was on low (car cold). When I bought the car I was told all fluids topped up so was concerned. I took it for a drive and the fluid had risen to over halfway, but it's something I am keeping a close eye on as I am under warranty at the moment. Until now I've not really been massively into cars, just a tool before. What is the benefit of an oil aired filter, does it enhance performance? Good tip with the wheels, after I get them refurbed I will add regular waxing to the cleaning schedule. I think the alloy wheels look fantastic and really suit the colour well. Is there any issue putting an 18' wheel on over the stock 17? Much to think about with my IS, I would love to spend a small fortune on restoring it up right now with alloys, paint correction etc but Covid has put a spanner in the works for now. However, I will do it as soon as I can and can't wait to get this car looking back to best.
  2. Thanks for the information Roy very helpful. That's good to know about the water pump for those with the Warranty. I do not yet have one, however have contemplated this as it seems quite good value for peace of mind should something go wrong. I have not yet used any Lexus Indy, I have been contacting some to get some quotes. I believe I found a document you had kindly put together on a list on a thread here. I also used google to find some. I have contacted; Osaka in Newport, Lex Tex autos in Sheffield, Toyotec Ltd in Surrey and First Choice Toyota in Bristol. All have been helpful and professional and have given quotes + breakdowns for the work I asked for. All seem well reviewed online and undecided on whom to use, also am deliberating the Lexus Essentials plan as this is sometimes cheaper than the quotes I received.
  3. @ Linas.P - I don’t believe the water pump is part of being a replaceable part on a service and I do have all the old invoices from Lexus and the specialist and it hasn’t been done from what I can see. Unless, obviously, they didn’t put that invoice in with the others but seems unlikely. I plan on getting somebody to give it a thorough examination but will probably get it done soon for peace of mind. Haha – I think I am going to try and keep a close eye on the servicing if they let me. I really want to have a proper look underneath the car for any rust on the exhaust but nothing has come on any servicing and every single MOT has not had an advisory so it seems good for now. @2Ravens Thanks for the input appreciated, I think I will be keen to get all fluids changed at the major service. I will keep searching for a place for the alloys however I have found a decent looking place in Shropshire and a local place in Cardiff so awaiting quotes for power coating. @Linas.P - Thanks, helpful again I will see if Osaka in Newport can do this, I am sure they can. It's strange with pricing as I've been calling / emailing a few Lexus indy specialists within around 200 miles to get quotes for my full service + sparks plugs and London has been cheaper than South West! Just not quite worth the long trip to get there plus obviously it would be better to keep the servicing close by. Not what I expected with the pricing though, I thought Wales would be cheaper 😄 @Mr Vlad - Thanks for the tip on the oil additive. I just had an oil change and it's in stock in Halfords so will go and grab a bottle. Lovely colour on the wheels and I'd like something similar as I think it would look good with Cadoxton Slate. I've got a bumper scrape that needs attention, not something I feel I can tackle myself so that needs looking at by a proper paint detailing place. Something I should have paid more attention to when I was purchasing! I am confined to local lockdown but I feel the need take the Lexus out for a spin around the city limits. Love driving this car it's just such a nice place to be. Cheers all for the valuable advice so far, really helpful for a new owner.
  4. That seems to be quite a prudent way of doing the servicing actually Something I hadn't thought about but keep the consumables or bigger jobs to a different garage and keep lexus for the servicing. The Lexus book stamp I am not overly concerned with, it hasn't had a Lexus service since 17, and I've bought it at a low price and intend on keeping it until it dies. More concerned with having it properly looked after. I imagine I will need 4 x tyres and pads soon. Discs seem to have been changed at around 40k but appear in good nick to my eyes but may need doing also so I better start saving! Did you use a specialist Toyota / Lexus independent or a normal garage? Thanks for the tip on the oil changes - I shouldn't be doing big yearly mileage and will have it changed at least once a year. Really interesting read on your full cost and parts history. Actually remarkable how little went wrong with it up to 200k. Water pump didn't fail either then? I was thinking of replacing mine, as I read that they can go, but it seems daft if its functioning fine at present. What do you think Linas?
  5. Cheers Linas - My battered alloy is below. I believe they are the same as your OG alloys. I do really like the Shadow Chrome, my colour is 1GO - Cadoxton slate so think it would look quite good but wow the 2nd picture. Those are amazing, are they 18's they look a lot bigger? Did you buy them used or new?
  6. Hi Vlad - Thanks for the info on pricing. Is that inclusive of parts as well or just labour? Either way seems very reasonable to me, wonder if I can get Lexus Cardiff or Bristol to agree to that. I am definitely now contemplating a service plan. The car has been looked after, but well used and mileage is above average for it's age. No bad thing, but servicing will be important at this stage. My only concern is, if there is a problem like a Water pump or suspension then the Lexus hourly labour rate would be very high but I can find out I guess. I was tempted to get an extended warranty, but reading how reliable the car is and quite a few exclusions for wear and tear I think I might chance it without it. That's a good price, was that recently Mr Vlad? How long does it normally take for them to be done? Thanks for all the helpful replies so far.
  7. Thanks John - I hope it's the first Lexus car of many to come. But I expect my IS250 will last a good numbers of years yet. They are the stock 17 inch alloys so I will continue to get some quotes in that case. I do like the look of the shadow chrome and I have started reading the thread on your car - Brilliant read and lovely looking IS you have. I will be using that as inspiration in time for sure! That's my job for this weekend and if I can source the materials I will provide an update. I am sure it's not unique to my car, well I would hope so anyway! Yes the quote (£570) did include all OEM parts so I thought it was ok, Certainly better than the initial quote I had from Lexus Motorline of £705 as I think they added the sparks to the 100k service so quite pricey indeed. I am just not sure what is and isn't a fair price at the moment. Like I said, I don't want to scrimp and cut corners and happy to pay a specialist indy to do the work just checking on the prices with other owners is good. That does seem like a good price for the labour John and I am minded to source the parts myself when the time comes. I would like to learn how to eventually work on it myself for basic servicing but have limited space. Thanks Linas - Very helpful advice and I will give it a go and report back. I have watched a video on Youtube of the spark plugs being removed, the first three were pretty straightforward but the opposite three looked quite complicated. As you state, parts had to be removed to gain access to them so it does look like a time consuming job. I will be ensuring the calipers get inspected and greased at each service just to be sure. It is an auto, I am not sure if it's been done yet but perhaps I will leave be if it's lifetime. It shifts so smoothly at the moment, just love driving it. I am hoping for better days ahead when restrictions are lifted and I can take it for a good long blast on some nice country roads. Car needs a good clean and some detailing and will post some pictures up. It's not the most polished and pristine example that I've been on here, but it's still a fine looking beast.
  8. @Scudney - Thanks, I am really happy so far. Love the Lexus brand. @Linas - Thank you and for the information and advice. You could be correct, as they are scuffed up its probably compromised the wheels. I will look to get them refurbished soon and was thinking powder coated. Looks like The Wheel Specialist have a local branch so will try them. I will attach a picture of the trim so you can see. Both rear windows look like this, pretty manky. I will avoid the plasti dip in that case, it did look like a fiddly job. Great advice and I will give that a go this weekend and hope that it restores it back to black! I did research the essential care and it did look reasonable value for money. That's further enforced by being cheaper than a few Lexus indy specialist quotes I received for a minor service. I had a quote for £570 for a full service and spark plugs from an indy specialist. Do you think this is reasonable? I ask as the parts are available as a kit from Lexus Parts direct for £140 however they did state they would change the gearbox and diff oil and inspect the brakes (Not sure if that includes greasing the pesky sliding caliper bolts). I am happy to pay a fair price but that seems a bit of a high margin for labour costs, but I know nothing about servicing costs on these cars. I am happy to pay a fair price, just don't want to pay over the odds. I understand the spark plugs take about two hours to change. Another indy quoted £490 but it's a fair distance away to travel and the savings are lost by the fuels costs. That's exactly the mileage I would like to get out of mine, at least depending how long that takes!
  9. Good afternoon all, I recently purchased a used 2011 IS250 advance and so far, I am very happy with the vehicle. It's higher mileage at 115k, but it has a good service history, part Lexus and the remaining with a specialist garage. The interior is in great condition but the bodywork needs some minor attention due to stone chips and a bumper scuff that I didn't fully notice when inspecting the car in the pouring rain. I've ordered a touch up kit from Lexus parts direct. The alloy wheels seem to be in a poorer condition than I first realised, with kurb scuffs all around and some flaking off of the lacquer. I understand this is a common problem with Lexus alloys. I want these refurbished fairly soon as I feel they are a weak point on the car. Has anybody had a recent alloy wheel refurbishment and how did it turn out? I can see the prices are around £400, so cheaper than buying new alloys but wonder if the problem presents itself again in a few years? I am going to have a full service and spark plug change at the next service, however it was last serviced in (minor) August, so I am debating if I should do this whilst under three month warranty or wait until next year. Thanks to this forum I have leaned a lot about the model and am aware that water pumps could be a weak point. I have checked and see no signs of coolant leaks or usage so it seems fine at present but will have to see how I get on considering the mileage. One issue I have found is the rubber window trim around the car is in really bad condition, It's discoloured and patchy like its a bit mouldy. I am not sure the best way to correct this, but have researched that spraying plasti dip could be a good option. Has anybody experienced this on their own IS cars? The car is such a smooth comfotable drive and personally I find it fast enough with the pwr button pressed for my current driving but I did come from an aging Honda civic! I do not intend on adding huge mileage to the car and want to really look after it for the next few years. Lexus servicing is just too prohibitive for me, but I live near an independent Lexus specialist who use OEM parts so lucky in that regard who have given a quote for the major service with spark plugs. I also got another quote at a cheaper price from Lex-Tex but unfortunately they are based in Sheffield and the 200 mile trip is a bit far! Extremely helpful on the phone though and I understand are well regarded on here. The forum seems to be a great source of information on Lexus vehicles, and I look forward to a long ownership of my IS250. Although I have been browsing the auto traders ISF pages very frequently lately 😄