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  1. I had a vsc light come up once after I didn't tighten the fuel cap enough. Went off as soon I took off the cap and retightened it till it clicked.
  2. I've found farecla G3 pro scratch remover works really well for light clearcoat scratches. Prefer it over scratch x. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.amazon.co.uk/G3-Pro-7164-Professional-Scratch/dp/B004RAUJA0&ved=2ahUKEwjuvJuSy_7pAhVNSEEAHWCYBagQFjAEegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw3Ji1EuTRUofX9LCylRUVf4
  3. Mpg wise I get 42mpg over a 21 mile commute and that's made up of 60% 50mph average speed camera and the rest in stop start. Had it up to 52mpg during the school half term. In regards to model variant, I'd look at a Premier/luxury over an f sport. Not sure the handling makes up for the firmer f sport setup. Although I do appreciate the sporty looks. Performance wise, it's much quicker in sport mode than my old is250. Great for pulling away at roundabouts. Only negatives is that the boot feels flimsy whilst closing. Nothing major. My IS250 was an 06' and everything worked as it should up until the the day I traded it in (even the electric sunblind). Overall the is300h is a great daily drive and ownership proposition. £20 Road tax, 40+mpg from a 2.5l engine and great looks.
  4. Thanks for the advice all. Ended up getting a 64 plate f sport this weekend in ultra blue, however still sad to say goodbye to my reliable is250. On 95k but Im sure it will do another 100k easily.
  5. That's cool. My commute is currently 21 miles, where I'm straight on the m23 and then into Croydon traffic for the last 15mins of my 55min journey. So hopefully should be all warmed up for that. On the way home the traffic is considerably less so I'm hoping that I'll manage 40mpg min. This will be my first car where I'll be financing with a personal loan. Saw a 2014 f sport today with 33k miles on it at my local dealer and they're asking for £17k with a year's warranty. It's in sonic silver and not titanium, although has fsh, premium nav (no mark levinson) and funky red leather (was this a cost upgrade new?) Didn't have a chance for a test drive and maybe I have got used to the soft ride of a car on 17inch wheels. The is250 is so comfy like a pair of old slippers. I've seen a 2014 f sport in black from a non lexus dealer with 53k and flsh and same spec (minus the red leather) and its on at £15.7k. Just wondering whether the dealer car is value at that price? Cheers for your replies so far guys, much appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the response malcolm. 45mpg will do nicely and reassuring to hear that the cvt compares well to the 6 speed auto in the is250. Got one more question, which is specific to the is300h f sport alloys. Do they corrode like the 17inch ones you find on the pre face lift is250 sel?
  7. Hi Paul, I'm looking to move out of a 2006 IS250 and into a IS300h. Can I ask what sort of mpg you get in heavy traffic? I commute into Croydon which is depressing enough but in addition the heavy traffic kills my trusty is250's mpg. Most of my trip is at 50mph with av. Speed camera, so I usually get an 32mpg indicated on the obc (so perhaps a true 27mpg). I've also read across a few reviews that in eco mode the 300h cvt gearbox at roundabouts can be a bit slow to react. Would you agree? Cheers Antonio
  8. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!