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  1. MarkoIS

    O2 Simulator

    Nobody can help???
  2. MarkoIS

    O2 Simulator

    Hi electronic guys, I would like to make my own O2simulator but I need information that I did not find. I am looking for the exact waveform of the signal transmitted for the o2 sensor to the ECU. I know it could be approximated to a square wave from 0.1V to 0.9V but I do not know the frequency of this signal. Does someone know that ?
  3. Hi, I have installed the Camcon in my IS200 but I do not know how to tune the AFR properly. I do not have any AFR gauge with wideband O2 sensor and I do not know if it really useful to tune the AFR. Actually, If someone can give the method to tune this AFR it would be nice. Do I need to disable the other O2 sensors to be sure that my new setting is valid? If someone here is a tuner and can help me it would be great for me. Thanks to all.
  4. MarkoIS

    Camcon Wiring 1G-Fe Engine

    MKT222, any news from your Camcon install and set up on a dyno?
  5. MarkoIS

    Bov Install

    no, it is just for my information. So if someone could help me to improve my knowledge, it would be nice.
  6. I just would like to know how to install a BOV and more precisely, where do i have to connect the vaccum line of the BON on an IS200? Thank guys.
  7. MarkoIS

    Looking For A Center Pipe

    Humm, good answer but you know, If I am asking here it is because I have already checked ebay and asked to all sellers and their answer was always the same: we do not sell separatly the middle pipe ! thanks anyway.
  8. Hi all, So I am trying to find a new center pipe to get extra noise from my IS200. I already have a Megan Racing ypipe and a HKS silent Hi power rear box but I would like to change the middle pipe too. The problem is that almost all of them like Cobra, japspeed and all others I found on ebay uk only sell the full catback system and not only the midpipe. I have found the Scorpion one but it is the only for IS200 I have found and I do not like when I have'nt got really the choice. Do you know if the Scorpion one is a good choice or do you have anything else to advise me? Thanks a lot.
  9. MarkoIS

    Camcon Wiring 1G-Fe Engine

    no there is no white wire and no wire at all for the water temp. My Camcon is the Camcon CC-101 for toyota Honda.
  10. MarkoIS

    Camcon Wiring 1G-Fe Engine

    I do not remember but go to the bahamut website on the electrical wiring section and you will find what you need, depending on your model, year and so on.
  11. MarkoIS

    Camcon Wiring 1G-Fe Engine

    mine is the same as yours except it is a 2000 IS200: heater for the seats, headlight washers and rear fogs.
  12. MarkoIS

    Camcon Wiring 1G-Fe Engine

    Hi MKT222, For your information, I own a 2000 IS200 so my wiring on the ECU may differ than yours so check with the wiring diagram of your ECU on the bahamutcars website for example. Here is my wiring: Camcon wire -> ECU wire IG power (red) -> IGSW (A9) RPM+ (green) -> NE+ (E23) RPM- (light blue) -> NE- (E22) VVT-i (peach/purple) -> G2 (E10) A/F (brown/orange) -> PIM (D9) What could be different with your ECU is not the name of the signals but the localisation in the ECU (the value in the brackets). Just pay attention with the VVT-i and A/F signals: you have to cut thess 2 wires so pay attention of the wire if the ECU side and the one of the Camcon side. Concerning the feeling, I found only one list of parameters from a user that I stored in mine. The result is that in the range of 2000rpm to 4000 i feel more torque but it is not a huge difference. But for the price, it is nice. The parameters I have are these ones: RPM VVT-i A/F 1000 0 -1 1500 0 0 2000 4 0 2500 8 0 3000 10 1 3500 6 1 4000 2 2 4500 0 2 5000 0 2 5500 0 2 6000 0 2 6500 0 2 Hope this can help. I am trying to find someone else that uses the Camcon in order to try his settings. I also would like to know how I can tune the A/F. Maybe someone could help or give me his parameters.
  13. MarkoIS

    Just Fitted A Grounding Kit

    do you have a link please because I have been searching on ebay uk but there is nothing for the IS200 (I have found nothing!). Thanks.
  14. MarkoIS

    Just Fitted A Grounding Kit

    hi guys, I am looking for a grounding kit for an IS200 with instructions or pictures of the different points to connect. Anyone can help?
  15. MarkoIS

    Vvt-i Tuning

    Do you know where i can find these settings?