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  1. The ones I have used the most are ones that go inline with the RCA cables to an amp. You plug the source wires from the head unit into the filter, then the otherside you plug wires from the filter to the line in of the amp. I have used inline power noise surpressers but not often. Most aftermarket stereos have pretty good built in stuff. I belive I have seen ones that go between the antenna and the head unit, but Im not sure. I belive the best solution is to check ground wires first, but if you are not comfortable with it or it doesnt work, this is the route to follow. JD
  2. Things such as changing the beep tone in the alarm, many of the alarm/remote functions etc. I dont have my manual infront of me but if people have this type of info I will gladly look thru it again and detail each one I am interested in. Just wanted to get a "feel" for what all was known....
  3. I was told that the phone option on the 98 GS is worthless as it is an analog phone. Is there a digital (Prefer GSM) replacement? What about hooking up the analog?? JD
  4. Okay so I just bought a 98 GS400. Reading thru the manual I see the above written everywhere. Is there a resource for making programming changes to the different features w/o going to the dealership??? JD
  5. This is generally caused by ground wire problems. There are a few solutions. If you are using any aftermarket amplifiers, make sure the ground wire is less than 6in long. You can also not use the existing gnd wire for the head unit. ground your head unit to something4-8in away. If neither work, or you dont want to avoid the harness you can by line surpressers from general electronics stores (Like radio shack). They are sometimes called ground loop isolators. JD