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  1. I think I can help you. I had the pioneer premium system in my gs300 sport. I removed it and took it to bits to make a new fascia. Therefore I have some spare buttons. Let me know if you want me to post them to you. Ade
  2. Hi Anyone have a set of these they fancy swopping for my standard sport alloys + cash. regards Ade
  3. By the way. I have a 96 gs300 sport which had the pioneer premium system in it as standard. I decided to change it because of no rds and a high pitched whine through the speakers. I tried to use the factory fitted pioneer amp in the boot but got into all sorts of bother. I bought a Kalibre 5 channel amp and wired that to the factory speakers and sub. Great sound now as long as the engine isnt switched on as it still whines even though I have rewired most of it. Local car audio specialist reckons it could be one of the wiring looms and is going to have a look at it for me. I smell an enourmous bill ahoy but it needs to be done.
  4. I assume that you have the head unit that has the cd function on it but no boot changer. If that is correct I have a spare changer. I had to use the head unit to make my new fascia as I could not source one anywhere so I cannot supply that aswell sorry. Do you have all the wiring for the boot changer already. If you do you can have my changer as i do not need it anymore. Cheers Ade
  5. Norkep where did you get your glowing emblem badges and how do they work and cost
  6. cheers I will get this checked out at my local lexus dealership
  7. Hi Wonder if anyone can help. I have fitted a kenwood head unit and power amp to my 1996 gs300. I did this for a couple of reasons, one being that I was getting a high pitched whine through my speakers which increased with acceleration and turning on of indicators. I thought this could be an earthing problem so I changed the factory fitted Pioneer premium system. The new system sounds ace but I still have the whining noise through the speakers despite fitting a surpressor. I have heard a rumour that there may be some sort of surpressor in the engine bay that may have failed. If anyone knows how I can sort this I would be grateful. I have rewired the entire stereo so I know it is all grounded/shielded correctly. Cheers Ade
  8. no it is called the Asian Automotive electronics handbook by AES. I found a link to their site on after loads of hunting. Once again thanks for the diagrams. Cheers Ade
  9. I look a right ***** now dont I. Cheers fella. Think I might just keep the book though so if anyone needs wiring diagrams I may be the man
  10. Just put my kenwood headunit into my 96gs. Powers up fine. No probs atall. This is as good as it gets though. Without a wiring diagram it is a nightmare to get a non stock head unit to drive the standard speakers. It is for this reason I am buying the electronics bible for my lexus. I have ordered it fronm the states and it has cost me nearly 90 quid. Beacuse of the hours I have spent trawling the net for wiring diagrams which no one seems happy to publish I will be happy to provide diagrams that are in the book to any of you in the hope that noone ends up in the state of pure frustration I am currently in. Cheers Ade
  11. understood the order was for only 67 dollars. Does anyone have any contacts in the states who would be able to help me out. I really would like to find a solution to this problem quickly. There is another route I could follow but I need a smallish sheet of abs plastic. Anyone any idea where I can get hold of some
  12. Just got my email back from who I ordered a fascia and adaptor from for my gs300. It would seem that they dont ship overseas and it has taken them 13 days to tell me this. I really do want to replace the factory fitted stereo can anyone help. It is not just the yanks who drive gs300's is it?.
  13. I have visited the link above and ordered the fascia and rca adaptor kit for the es 300. It looks exactly the same as the gs 300. Will let you know how I get on