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  1. Thanks for the reply folks. I started with Wikipedia but it doesn't really give details of the full specs of the cars. I've seen ls600h advertised as Ls600h Ls600h SE Ls600h L Ls600h SEL But from the advertised spec I can't work out the specific differences and if they affect the price being asked for the cars. I was thinking of trying to get a hold of some 2007 onwards UK sales literature which might give more details.
  2. Hi Folks After owning a beautiful late model LS400, and not being drawn to to LS430 models, I had been driving a Mercedes CLS, and then a year ago I bought a Mercedes S-Class W221, but ended up only keeping it for a year because I didn't really warm to the car. I'm seriously considering an LS600h (2007-2010 depending on whats available), but wondered if you could help with some info that I don't seem to be able to decipher myself: Are all LS600h long wheel base? Are all LS600h a standard spec (apart from the rear relaxation pack, that's the only difference I can see in the used models) or are there higher and lower spec models? I've not had a car with a CVT gearbox before, my only experience was years ago with city cars and I really didn't like the jerky and revvy experience. Whats owners feelings on it? There are rarely any for sale here in Northern Ireland so I'll have to travel to mainland UK to buy, so my only chance to drive will be when I pay to travel to view a car. Thanks in advance Alan 🙂
  3. Hi Guys Yep leaving key in ignition for 6 mins worked :) Cheers All :)
  4. Thankyou havent got the manual to hand but followed tenpreceedire mentioned here but still wont atart am leaving keys in ignition mow :(
  5. Hi folk Stuck in tesco car park. Battery died in 2000 ls400 Got jump leads engine tyrnibg over fast but wont start, security light on dash not going out soni assume immobilisr is on Any ideas? :(
  6. Thanks guys for the info, and I'll investigate getting the 2nd hand sensor. We are in need of ball joints too just been told, so going back to get those fitted next week :-)
  7. Hi Guys Its been a while since Ive been on a both my parents have been Ill and time hasn't allowed to much of a gap for anything online. Saying that the Lexus was pressed in to service, and since buying it this time last year I've clocked up 17,000mls!!! I have just 2 quick questions: 1) Yesterday I had the front brake pads replaced as the 'brake wear' light came on. I didn't drive the car any more than 1 miles after the light came on. Drove it slowly and on the gearbox for braking in case I did any damage to discs / sensors etc. After the pads were fitted the guy in the garage couldn;t get the 'brake wear' warning to go out. He had the car on the computer but no joy. It wasn;t a lexus garage. Any ideas? 2) Also my came came with every piece of paperwork exept and owners manual. Where is the fuse box on the car? The cigar lighter in the front has stopped working so I can't charge my phone. Thought I'd check out the fuses before anything else. Cheers Alan
  8. Thanks for the reply, Unfortunately we only have one lexus dealer who is also the Toyota dealer (one the groups who hold nearly every franchise). Although there very well might be another Toyota dealer somewhere. I've found it very difficult here to find a trustworthy mechanic, (I've has lots of problems in the past, with mechanics working on my other cars...but these are much older, and smaller, and I can generally work on them myself). To be honest, I think my car was too old to interest them. I wasn't really filled with confidence, because anyone would have picked up the brake issue if they had driven the car for a few miles (In their opinion replacing rear pads could very well resolve this sort of issue). Also....they put the correct mileage on my invoice, and a random mileage which was over 10,000 miles higher on my service book. It'd be great also to hear if there are any other NI Owners on here who could recommend a reliable mechanic. I have seen 3 LS's here but they are very early cars (not sure if that makes a difference mechanically), but I have literally seen them pass me on the road. Also any other comments on whether there is anything else other than brakes or bearing which could cause this. I wondered perhaps could a defective brake disc also cause the noise? Cheers Alan
  9. Hi Guys I have my LS400 since September now and loving it, the car is superb with just turned (2000 model, with DHP) 60,000 miles, full History etc etc etc. There are two issues I wanted to ask about which could very well be related. I left the car in with my Lexus Dealership to continue keeping the service record up to date, and told them the main reason for leaving the car in wasn't actually the service but I suspected a front wheel bearing was required, and the bake discs may need replaced. I collected the car and they said they needed to put on new rear brake pads, but the fronts and all discs were perfect. However I am suspicious of this diagnosis because rather than deal with my actual concern and reason for leaving ht ecar in (i.e. brakes and bearing), they had the car all day, carried out the service, replaced there rear brakes, but never actually test drove the at all until after this (by which stage it was rush hour traffic). Now I will confess I am very very fussy, but based on my description below, I hardly think the car should be like this: 1) The brakes produce a symptom which when slowing down makes the car very slightly jerky (E.g not sure exactly the best way to describe but as if it is braking more then less second by second if that makes sense). Although the strange thing is this is intermittant, within one journey sometimes it is very prominent and other times it doesn't happen. I also happens more noticeably under braking at slower speeds, i.e. if I had to brake hard on the motorway at 70mph and come to a standstill there is no to only very slight indication of judder. 2) From all I have read on the forum etc the smoothness and refinement of these cars is supposed to be superb. However I feel there is a harshness which I can feel through the steering wheel, is most prominent between 30 & 45 mph, and 'I' can hear it. To me it sounds like a wheel bearing (humming / droaning) as the sound changes slightly dependant on the speed of the car. It doesn't matter what gear the car is in as I have changed up and down the gears and the noise is unaffected. I also believe the noise worsens slightly when driving, and turning the steering wheel slightly to the right, and perhaps reduces only steering slightly to the left. As I said I am very very fussy and these things do niggle me. I'd say another driver wouldn't initially notice the wheel bearing suspicion (unless of course they already were an LS driver). If, as Lexus say none of the items I suspect are at fault, is there anything else I should be looking at? Any help much appreciated. Cheers Alan PS Im in Northern Ireland, and LS's are a rare sight here, otherwise I;d ask another owner to dive my car or let me drive theirs, as mine is the only LS I've ever driven
  10. For the ipitome of questionable styling, take a look at the lin and video! Don;t all be rushing out to but this stunning car which has been designed with just 1 rear seat for that porr lonely, friendless business man! Bless the chinese automotive industry
  11. Mark, Im in Northern Ireland, Newtownards. I did a search on gocompare etc and the best quotes I got were coming out at around £675, based on a 40 year old, with just 2 yrs NCB (I have a selection of older Classic cars, that didn't generate me any NCB). I had the insurance all quoted and chosen when I was going to buy the low mileage Gold LS400 for sale in County Tyrone (except the car didn't live up to expectations by any stretch of the imagination). Various companies inc the Post Office, Admiral, RAC, NFU etc all quoted for northern ireland, in fact about 25 companies returned quotes. L. Hughes here weren't coming close, yet we have our new Land Rover insuranced with them with the best quote. Give us a shout if you want me to look up the quotes for exact figures? Cheers Alan
  12. Guys...great replies..... Rather than have a choice, and needing the tyres immediately I was left with no option but to choose the AVON Tyres: Avon ZZ3 - 225/50 R17 101W XL Was a bit worried about not having any other option, but the tyres are superb. Ultra quiet compared to the ones which were on it, and I just did a 200 mile round trip today on country roads and motorway in torrential rain, and flooded roads, and do issues at all. They cost £440 for 4 inc valves, balancing, fitting etc. They also are pretty funky looking tread pattern, directional, and the design of the sidewall protects the wheel from getting really pleased.Not the actual tyre but zz3 pattern:
  13. Hmmmm The only manufacturer of the correct tyre size I can get is Pirelli P Zero's, which means approx £740 for 4 tyres.............other options are: 235/55 225/55 245/55 From manufacturers like Avon, Goodyear, Bridgestone..........will keep you posted
  14. Guys just a quick question ref LS400 Dynamic Handling Pack Tyres: My LS which i got a month or so ago, I discovered the side wall on all 4 tyres are bulged, the tyres look virtually new in every other respect. Im trying to contact the previous owner to see when they were fitted etc for waranty purposes. But what is the correct tyre size, speed rating, and weight load required for the LS Dymanic 17' tyre? The fualty tyres on the car are: Goodyear Eagle Touring 225/55 R17 97W NCT3 I have a brochure which states the original DHP tyres were Pirelli P ZERO 245/50 R17 So I have the wrong sized tyre on the car????? Cheers Alan
  15. Oh...the sat-nav: Doesn't work anywhere in Ireland - I.e doesn't find location on map, and doesn't have any destination names....which is a little strange as we live in the UK (Niethern Ireland), which means anyone who bought one brand new here could get the sat-nav working (might be a little disappointing from a car that cost over £55k new). Unless I'm doing something wrong?
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