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  1. Yes it does via a large round plastic cover, the lights are actually up under the wing to speak - is this aka the IS? They were a pain to change first time but second time round it took about 15mins.....
  2. Thanks :) Yep just emailed them asking for D4S's, shame as they recommended the the D2's as well but never mind. Got to say changing them is quite easy.
  3. Update, just refiited standard bulbs and it is all working fine, forgot to add I am only changing the pair bulbs due to one of them intermiitently going on/off lately which is a sign that it is on its way out.
  4. Ordered some bulbs new HID headlight bulbs from the guys who advertise on here (autobulbsdirect), they recommended the D2R via my email request: ..................................... Hi, Many thanks for your email. According to our data your car takes a D2R bulb andwe have the following available, The 5000K pair would be the best option as these will be a pure white light with no blue tint to them. Hope this helps ...................................... So they arrived today, I fit them and they both go off after 5 secs, to say I am a bit frustrated and chessed off is an understatement! Any ideas what might be up guys and I missing something simple, are these the right bulbs as another member here has quoted they had Phillips D4S bulbs fitted? Thanks,
  5. I recently had new front discs and pads fitted, non genuine, and the bill came to £180 all in, car brakes exactly the same as it did before. With these items I would not go for oem as there are many options available (as others have mentioned) and in truth Lexus only out source for these type of parts and brand them in house, plus any competent mechanic can fit them irrespective of marque. I do have the car serviced at a Lexus dealer though irrepsective of the pricing which to be fair isnt too bad with the membership offers they have..
  6. I dont have a 'pimp' tint as thats not the look I wanted, infact they are probably a shade darker than what a manufacturer/dealer would fit but in the pics they come out quite dark! Well TigerFish you have made my mind up my friend - a Vauxhall look alike - I think not ha ha Have slightly kerbed them once already wicked667 but thankfully it's cheap nowadays to get them redone. Thanks for comments :)
  7. Been quite a while since I have been on here but here are some updates on my 3GS, had indicator wing mirrors fitted plus DRL's and of course the bodykit, last things to do are a panel filter and exhaust which are both on there way. Only thing I can't decide on is the front grille so have put up the pics and would ask that you give me your opinions, a lot of people are 50/50 on it but to be honest I am not sure I like the new one!
  8. Annoyingly, if the front side windows are tinted then they are illegal as you can not have any tinting film placed on these windows. Cheers guys. Oh, I told the tinter that I did not want the lexus to be illegal and he told me that what I have is 100% legit !!
  9. Managed to get these on after a bit of messing around as the offsets were not exactly what I wanted but the wheels were so I needed to compromise, had to roll the front arches a fair bit (as needed to have 20mm bolt on spacers on the front) and the backs arches only had a little rolling, coil over suspension has made a slight difference to the ride of course but it is still comfortable enough. I will be dropping it slightly further but need to uprate the spring rates from 8's to 10's, I am not going stupid low as thats for the kids to do ha ha Main issue was the tyre sensors which did not fit into the new rims, I kept on having the warnings on the dash and it got on my nerves so I trawled the web and found out all I needed to do was simply dropped them into the space saver, pump it up and hey presto all the warnings have gone, now I just carry a couple of cans of tyre weld just incase. I have had the windows tinted the same all round to a legal limit and added wind deflectors to the fronts. Sorry pic is not that good but you get the idea of the look which I am very happy with. Just waiting for the add on body parts, exhaust and a few bits and pieces and then its ready for a detailing and finally putting it away for the winter ready for 2012. Has anyone else done anything similar to Gen3 on here?
  10. Or JAE as it more simply known - anyone going?
  11. Been thinking abput getting one for a while now, had a search online and chose one from Halfords (as it was easiest to be fair and they said it would fit), it turned out to be totally useless and not even close to fitting so I took it back and then purchased one from Ebay and its fits great: Ok its not GS specific but it fits really well, I turned the lower rubbers around where the number plate is so it sits in nicley and then put the upper arm (with rubbers) on the rear window as opposed to the boot lid itself. I also used the hooks in the boot for the lower straps rather than hooking the u clamp under the boot lid where it meets the bumper (as its tight here) and it works fine this way, so apart from sussing these bits out it was a very easy fit. Now takes about 4-5 mins to fit max and comes off in about 1 min. Just thought I would share this incase anyone else is looking for one.
  12. Hi guys and gals, Just joined and am looking forward to my Lexus ownership, absolutely love the car and after having owned a few Mercs the GS knocks spots off them so I am a very happy bunny. I do have a question about the suspension I hope someone can answer. I am looking to lower my GS430 but when I went to purchase a set of Eibach springs I was told the fronts are ok but the rears might be tricky because the GS430 has a Sport Mode button which adjusts damping units that are attached to the top of the rear shocks with a sensor somewhere on the lower arm which would need disconnecting before attempting to fit springs, if I didnt disconnet it in someway it would automatiacally raise itself to compensate for the owering and therefore make it look like an old american dragster style - is this true? I am only looking to lower it about 20-30mm so nothing drastic but I couldn't get no more info from the guy apart from it cannot be done. He also said the front springs were the same as the GS300 - help :) Have also been told the Sport Button is only fitted to UK models which I find hard to believe? Thanks and hi again, G
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