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  1. So what Lexus are saying is that the car either gets its 'proper'service, as per manufacture guide lines at full cost, or a cheaper service where several things are left of the service list, . :duh: Taken direct from the "Lexus Essential Care Pocket Guide": Q: Why is the "Essential Care" service cheaper than a standard Lexus service?" A: In comparison to the Standard service, price is proportionate and therefore cheaper.
  2. Lexus Nottingham have kindly e-mailled me the service schedules for minor and major essential care services, including other documentation they have received from Lexus UK. The literature does state that a Lexus stamp should be given but into the separate Lexus essential care warranty card, rather than into the main service book. The essential care service has fewer service items and as such, a stamp in the standard book would indicate the complete service schedule has been carried out rather than an abbreviated one.
  3. I was told categorically that you do not get a Lexus stamp and that an interim service is something like £190 instead of £130 with Essential care, but the difference was simply the stamp and it was worth paying the extra £60 for it!
  4. The car still drove fine although I did drive carefully. I had read a couple of people losing power at motorway speeds and have had this with a previous car (which is scary when in the third lane!) Hence it was straight to Lexus ASAP. I had hoped the warnings would disappear overnight or when restarted a few times but it would appear within seconds of starting every time. On a slightly different note, has anyone got any experience of the Lexus essentials service packages for cars over 5 years old? Mine is coming up towards needing its 60k service and when I mentioned about the essentials, the reaction I got was as if I had said something inappropriate in public. I was just told that you don't get a Lexus stamp (which doesn't concern me) but how everything is inferior to a 'normal' Lexus service, without giving any specifics???
  5. I had the same warning about 2 years and 100,000 miles ago, the warning stayed on all of 1 day but I had to keep driving it untill it could be investigated the next day by which time the warning had gone off, I was told it needed just a software upgrade which was performed whilst I waited for 1/2 hour and touch wood no more bother to this day. Hi All. Lexus Sheffield have investigated the fault and have said that the crank sensor was giving low readings, something which can be rectified by a software update. They said they'll charge an hour and a half labour at £99.50 + VAT per hour. It's a relief from what I was preparing myself for!
  6. I had the same warning about 2 years and 100,000 miles ago, the warning stayed on all of 1 day but I had to keep driving it untill it could be investigated the next day by which time the warning had gone off, I was told it needed just a software upgrade which was performed whilst I waited for 1/2 hour and touch wood no more bother to this day. I read something about a software update and mentioned this to the Lexus dealer. He said there isn't one available on my car. The car has done 58k miles and is registered March 2006 so more than 5 years old.
  7. Hi all. My 2006 GS450h SE-L ACC/PCS has today decided to randomly flash up "Check Hybrid System" with the CEL and the warning triangle. I called my local dealer and was told that diagnostics costs £85 and that it's not a common fault that they're aware of. I'm somewhat concerned having only had the car 7 months but as it was bought privately, has no warranty. I hear alarm bells! Any ideas anyone or has anyone experienced this before? Any comments appreciated.
  8. Love it! I'm sorry Officer for flying around that blind corner. It was because I was trying to minimise loss of energy and keep the momentum, all in the name of giving me improved mpg and lots of tall yellow lines on my fancy screen!
  9. Thanks for your comments everyone. Having had the car for a few weeks, I genuinely feel it is an excellent all round car with comfort and acceleration that not many can match. When I was driving home on a motorway late one night, I was testing the cruise control and fuel efficiency. I found that at 80mph set on cruise, I would average 29mpg (over a 30mile distance). Any comparisons with fellow GS450h owners? I get the feeling with this car that the mpg figures are dramatically affected by the amount of 'free-wheeling' in your driving style where the engine is not used. Hence on the motorway with cruise on, the engine was running constantly and the mpg figure reflected this.
  10. I've had my GS for a few weeks now. I'm yet to see an average mpg figure of over 30? I was cruising on the motorway at 80mph with cruise control on for 30 miles, and averaged 29 over this distance. Around the town, I am getting 22-25 mpg. I've not yet had over 310 miles on a tank. I started driving it with a heavy right foot but have eased that now, but can't understand why my figures are so far off the manufacturers claimed 31mpg town or 35.8 combined.??? Any ideas anyone?
  11. It's really difficult ignoring the displays because it's like driving a spaceship! When you're new to one, it's difficult to not keep watching when the engine's providing power, when the battery is being charged, current battery charge etc. In rthe first 100 miles I've done, i've only managed 23.5 mpg as yet. I must have a heavy right foot! I've got to say though, I think this is one of the biggest stealth vehicles on the road. I had no idea just how quick these can be until I researched it before buying one. There's not many things that come close.
  12. Many thanks for your comments. The car that I've bought comes with a three month warranty so I'm just trying to learn what's normal or otherwise. I know Lexus repairs aren't cheap! Just out of curiosity, how does one know if a battery cell is failing? My car nearly five years old and I've heard of cases of single cells needing replacing.
  13. Hi everyone! I have just today taken collection of my first Lexus, a GS450h SE-L 06 plate with 50k miles. Having now driven it with a few open roads, can someone tell me if the following is normal: Whether driving with the power button depressed or not, foot down in drive gives a power of 152kW and goes no higher. Even in S transmission mode, this is the max. The only time I can get it to ~240kW is using kick-down, ie. pressing the accelerator down further once already down to press the kick down button. It just seems strange that 152kW is max unlesss the kickdown is used? Your help is much appreciated, and once again, hi to all LOC members! Addition: Now that I've driven this a little more, wow this thing flies!!! I think it's as quick as my wife's Audi S4!