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  1. For everyday transport, the Duster is the best car I've ever had. Value, quality of construction, driving. It's a great car. But it's no limo!
  2. Thanks for all the good wishes. I would have loved to pay less, but really nice LS400's seem to be fetching a premium.
  3. Thanks for the good wishes. I had a LS 430 a few years ago, best car I ever owned, but I didn't dare keep it after the warranty expired. During the warranty period I had a new steering column, both front suspension complete assemblys, new reversing camera and several other suspension problems, all fixed with great service from Lexus Cheltenham. I swapped it in for a Toyota Verso, brand new, top of the range. What a mistake. I could have had a Ls 600h with 77000 miles for slightly less money. The Verso was a "White goods" car. It did nothing badly, and nothing particularly well. It was as boring as hell to drive. My main car now is a Dacia Duster 4x4, which surprisingly is much better in every way than the Verso. But the Dacia isn't a Lexus. And I miss the silence and ride quality, so getting a really good weekend car was important. I looked at a few "low mileage" ls400's. All had a few signs of shall we say, adjusted odometers, or neglected problems. They were all relatively inexpensive, but I wasn't looking for a fixer-upper. My car is having the wheels refurbished as part of the sales deal, everything works, it drives like a new car, the interior is superb, and the engine and transmission are smoooooth. I do have a couple of questions. Is it possible to update the satnav, and does anyone do a workshop manual? 🤓👍
  4. Oh, and the aerial isn't stuck!
  5. I just bought it. Very clean, everything works, wheels being refurbed. Very happy chappy!
  6. Park Brake Adjustment

    I'm changing the rear discs on a 2006 Ls 430. The technical info says to back off the park brake adjusters anticlockwise. Mine, when viewed through the hole in the disc, appear to go up and down? Which way "backs off"?