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  1. Is 220D

    Hi i am looking for a bit of advice , my car seems to have developed a rattle in the engine area. It sounds as though it is coming of the bottom right fly / pulley wheel on the front of the engine. Does anyone know what that wheel is for ? What is its function as i seem to be able to turn it with my hand without the belt turning should this happen ? It is not affecting the driving and no warning lights are on am just a bit puzzled , sorry if terminology is wrong am not much of a petrolhead. Any advice would be welcome.
  2. Hi All , posted my comment the other day about the VSC lights coming on in my IS 220 d se. Great news took it into Lexus Glasgow yesterday , they called me today and guess what they going repair it for free . Brill

  3. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    Hi , very interested in your last post , my car has the dreaded VSC light on with the traction symbol . it is booked into the dealership tomorrow but i certainly will be mentioning this website and all the reports. I just hope they accept there is a pattern here with all these issues i.e they should be doing a recall and fixing the problem before it occurs. I dont fancy paying 4 or 5 grand to repair it.
  4. Hi all , i am a new member , i have turned to this website after my 2007 IS 220d SE came upwith the fault "check VSC " , i have booked my car into a dealership in Glasgow but am rather worried after reading the numerous posts about the potential cost.The car has had the same sympoms as others have reported ie going into limp mode . If this as common a fault as it seems to be surely a recall would have been the proper thing to do wouldnt you think. I will definately be mentioning it went i go into the dealership . any advice would be gratly appreciated.