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  1. Those bulbs look very bright and good. Will installing these bulbs void the lexus warranty?
  2. ok noted. Does anyone have comparison pics of their rxs with these led looking bulbs vs the factory hids?
  3. i find the hid lights much yellower and less bright than my previous is250 sport. Are the rx hid light bulbs easy to change or are they like the is250s which can only be carried out by a mechanic?
  4. what is the current colour on the factory hid bulb? any recommended brands of aftermarket bulbs with 5000k colour? thanks.
  5. Hi Does anyone know what the light bulb fitment is for a 2013 lexus rx450h? in addition, can anyone recommend a led bulb to replace the lexus factory hid bulb? thanks. alex
  6. Anyone know where I can buy a HKS exhaust for the is250 in UK?
  7. I think Exdee mentioned above that the is250 does not have CAMBUS and therefore led side lights are ok.
  8. Hi Mike, Can you tell me which led side lights did you get? Can you provide the website link. Thanks. Alex
  9. Are there any halogen side light bulbs which are bright and similar to LEDs?
  10. Hi, Have you heard the exhaust note on your friends is250? Does it produce a deep sporty sound?
  11. Hi Does anyone know where I can buy a ISF or similar sports exhaust system for my IS250 to give it a deeper, sporty exhaust sound? Regards Alex