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  1. And this - when I was at University...
  2. Not sure - I know mine don't - wished they did! I would suggest, no ...?
  3. +1 My car and my wife's car - both when under warranty had sized callipers. Lexus simply replaced them ...
  4. Check those rubber pipes seals bits, that you see when you open the back hatch door...
  5. +1 enjoy your car and give the engine bay a clean yourself you know its been done properly. And you'll reconnect with the car and make it yours again. Sounds odd I know, but it works for me!
  6. +1 Happened to me yesterday - no inner lights with the door open - just had to prod the rubber covered sense thing in the door jam.
  7. Interesting... Current thinking does seem to be - don't bother. I can see the logic of doing it BUT, would be worried it would open up a can of worms. If it ain't broke...
  8. Consider some all-season or snow tyres?
  9. A bit of an update... Well, the next day the screen was still black when I selected Reverse. The day after that there was a blue coloured area about 15% of the screen, down one side, when I selected Reverse. The day after that, it was working again - perfectly. I think, with it not having been driven for a while, it was some moisture or condensation? Driving to work I have kept the heater hot and the air flow... flowing. Long may it continue.
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