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  1. Good weekend job: check your pollen filter. Mine was dry, but with bits of leaf in it. Gave it a good clean.
  2. When I had mine replaced I was shown the old one. Rusted to oblivion.
  3. I have Cross Climates on my RX. My wife has Weatherproofs. Snow, please.
  4. ... and on the RX300 and 350.
  5. Good spot indeed. Well done.
  6. Yes, 'port forwarding' popped into my head to...
  7. The interior looks lovely. The MOT history is more that of a 'liked' car than a 'much loved car'. It's a high milage. I think the mechanicals would be my focus. Rust, leaks, sitting low etc.
  8. Did the car accelerate at the same time? I've known that happen.