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  1. I know 'honest john' talks about too big a disparity on AWD/4WD between front and back, can upset the 'system'...
  2. It could be many things, maybe not even the rear? Did the last MOT have any clues? If it were me, I'd take it to my local trusted garage... Good luck.
  3. HJ says, run it on AC for a few minutes, on MAX temperature... https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/askhj/answer/68982/why-does-my-car-s-air-con-smell-so-bad-
  4. I'm no expert... sounds odd though. Perhaps someone else who knows brakes better than me has a view?
  5. I wonder if anyone can recommend a GOOD Lexus/Toyota/Japanses independent garage near you ...?
  6. Maybe use the search function on this forum with 'P0301'? It throws up lots of threads...
  7. Mine failed its MOT on rusted sills. £150's of welding fixed it. I agree though - Lexus and rust do not sit well.
  8. What exactly was 'greased, I wonder? Pins?
  9. Shame the listing doesn't have more interior pictures ...
  10. Has anyone tried/got/liked/not liked one of these type, DAB radio adaptors at all? 🤔
  11. Good question... ( I'd go for all-seasons regardless though ).
  12. JEM North London ? https://www.jemservice.co.uk/