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  1. My Soarer had 120,000 miles with air suspension. It did need a new compressor but all the struts were fine. I DO like the idea of air - my RX300 has it. And I DO like the height adjustment feature.
  2. I would contact Lexus Birmingham and check with them ...maybe.
  3. My RX300 SEL is 2003/4 and it's not an option. My wife's RX350... it is.
  4. Does anyone know for certain? I am curious to know re: my 2004 RX300...
  5. Thank you. I tried but no luck. It's as stiff as a stiff thing that's very stiff.
  6. Hello, Does anyone know the knack required to change an outer, rear, tail light bulb? I have removed the small panel inside the boot, also detached easily the black connected wire. Videos and the manual say, twist counter-clockwise, the white bulb holder. I cannot. I've crawled in the boot, used a torch, tried when wearing a leather glove. Will it budge?! No. Any wisdom greatfully received...
  7. For me: All the time in Normal - the middle one. High when going through a (safe) flood. I think... at speed the car lowers itself slightly?
  8. Floods and puddles. Raised the height of my car a few times this morning, with some BIG puddles and floods.
  9. Try this? About £6... Won't be perfect but won't cost hundreds for work not needed? Turtle Wax 53146 Headlight Restorer Headlamp Cleaner Liquid 300ml
  10. I recall an on/off Air Suspension switch... In the boot?