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  1. I doubt it's related but worth checking anyway, your pollen filter...
  2. I bought a Fiat back in the day. One of the warning lights, a 'common problem' though I can't remember which one, never gave me an issue. I discovered later that, that had been taped over; tiny bit of black tape!
  3. +1 Insurance issues? Mechanical issues? Your call of course, but I wouldn't... Maybe change the tyres, not the wheels?
  4. That's why I like Japex in Kings Langley. Same management, same staff, same reception. They know me and they know our cars and I trust them 100%.
  5. Ford MK 4 Cortina - would randomly stall. Ford Sierra - No first gear and no 'block' from 5th to Reverse. Ford Granada - would randomly rev really fast, when in neutral. Apart from that, they were great 😂
  6. Brakes: guess how it's been driven is a factor? Extend the warranty: i would! If it has been used already it could... suggest there is more to be done?
  7. Have you had any further thoughts on chasing the original 'gumtree' seller? Everyone here is great and right behind you, but there is still the underlying issue of the sale, description and reality? Regards.
  8. Just wondering ... Have you looked at the MOT history and if so, does it match the description as advertised? Have you taken a screen shot of the ad., just in case?
  9. Our daughter's Aygo had an AC leak - as good as empty. Took it to Japex (Herts) - they fixed the leak. ( Zero cost ), re-gassed it and it has been fine since. ( And much used in the last few days! )
  10. Is the seller advertising other cars I wonder? Have you tried a search on their contact details? I guess there are two strands: 1. Any investigation/action you might or might not take towards the seller. 2. Resolving the issue at their/your, expense.
  11. If the seller is a trader, pretending to be a private seller, you have extra rights. This thread is also of note: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/askhj/answer/146551/what-are-our-rights-after-buying-an-unroadworthy-car-in-a-private-sale- The error you have can mean a number of things. Again, for me it was a knock sensor. Have you tried reading any codes? ( I would guess the seller might have known there was an issue? )