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  1. I just swapped the DVD. Think I had to have the ignition on, but never disconnected the battery...
  2. + I would get 'statements' from witnesses asap - before they forget.
  3. Oh dear. https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/askhj/answer/88581/our-neighbour-hit-our-car-quite-badly-and-won-t-pay-for-repairs---what-can-we-do-
  4. I fancy some new all-season tyres for my RX. My Michelin HP Tours have lasted about 4 years and about 30,000 miles, and seem ok still. I'd probably go for Michelin Cross Climates now... But... if I keep my car for another 2 years, I'd rather get the benefit now... Good prices currently. I fancy buying the tyres (camskill?) and then getting them fitted. Q. Does anyone have a view on garage vs. mobile fitters? Anyone able to recommend somewhere in Herts at all? Regards as always.
  5. Bought one from a website. £19 I think ... Worked well.
  6. Can I ask ... just curious... Do you mean just behind the rear seats, or nearer to the rear? The tray that holds the jack etc? Regards.
  7. Discovered Fusso via here. Brilliant stuff! ( Soft99 Fusso coat F7 liquid sealant )
  8. Have you had friends etc., drive the car to form an opinion? I'd be escalating this to Lexus HO. 12 months sounds far too long to get a resolution!
  9. Did it get fixed? Seems like air con weather is on the way... I've just had our cars re-gassed - peace of mind and all that. Bring on the rays ...!
  10. ... my wife's RX350 needs a new water pump. We have been told it's about 9 hours work. Does that sound OK, should anything else be done at the same time? ( No belt but a chain I believe. ) 😪