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  1. For me... it would depend how old the car was, the price and condition. Older - maybe yes. Newer -no. Maybe the owner lost the book, and just maintained one himself?
  2. ... cleaning drain holes. They bend well and leave no fluff, and won't break. Just did mine drain hole, doors and sunroof ...
  3. Does not look right to me. And believe me - I've been there. Walk away.
  4. We have an issue with a neighbour, 'streaking'.
  5. Agree. Not that it seems to exist anymore - but rain water - or boiled water - or cheap bottled water. Or wipe it before its fully dry?
  6. Having seen the most recent one to come off mine - it was in a BAD state. 'Mending' it was not an option. Not even sure I'd trust a reclaimed part.
  7. Hello, Have you made any progress/decisions on your car...? Regards.
  8. I LOVE my SEL, but yes it can/will cost more to maintain. Equipment for me? Reversing Camera! SO useful. GOOD air con. And check EVERYTHING works. Take you time looking around on it. Check the callipers aren't seized if poss. And the Service History and items. Do an online MOT search - and an HPI. Happy days!
  9. Worth a try... though how you FIX a leak, and whether you would want to?
  10. PCM

    Recommend a phone holder

    Love this... WinnerGear Genuine Montar Strongest Car Mount Holder For iPhone X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S7 S8
  11. Leaks are VERY difficult to locate. Happened to me - ended up replacing the air strut.