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  1. Brilliant! Thank you. Watched the video - bulb changed in a couple of minutes. Push slightly to the front - it is only about 1mm - and pull out. Have the bulb ready so you don't lose the cable as it's tempted to go 'back in'.
  2. If I have the lights on first, then ignition, it always does the 'dance'.
  3. Then I was looking for a Lexus, I read this forum front to back... It answered the questions I didn't even know I had! Maybe also search on: RX450h? Good luck.
  4. I used AutoGlym cleaner ( wow, what a difference it made ), then Autoglym conditioner ...
  5. Hello, Has anyone here changed the bulb for the small side indicator on their RX? [ Note the one on the front, but the small side one. ] My RX300 bulb has 'gone'. I need to replace it. The manual suggests 'pushing' the small semi-clear plastic cover back/forward, and out...? I have tried pushing it, but will it move... ? Not as yet. Apart from taking it to a garage, has anyone done this or have any suggestions, please? Regards, Piers.
  6. "my linkage is all attached and both my ball joints are swiveling freely." !
  7. i.e., lights on first, then ignition on ...
  8. Who did you buy it from: dealer, private...? Maybe ask them...?
  9. PCM

    Aircon Relay and/or Fuse

    Could the aircon person do it or recommend someone?
  10. UPGRADED: Yellow Ice Warning
  11. They all tend to be quite 'unbendy' in my experience.
  12. Yellow Snow Warning.
  13. Just taken my wife to the railway station. In her RX350, snow button on and her Nokian Weatherproofs. Could get through anything! Side roads bad - felt like a sunny summer day! 🤗
  14. Good points. If it's low, I might be the air strut - if it's high it ma be something else. LOVED my Soarer.
  15. It was... new. A Lexus part.