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  1. Gosh. Hopefully all will be 'well' now. 🤠
  2. I agree. I think 'he' saved you a lot of money. Car looks 'nice', but at a price. Fate?
  3. For me, the reversing camera is a must - it's a big car.
  4. My RX300 is 15 years old now. Still drives like new.
  5. Had mine done at Japex for £40. A Lexus dealer told my wife it's a 'sealed' unit, and they don't recommend it, though they would if asked... I assume they meant the rubber end bits?
  6. Can anyone here advise, especially if you have a Lexus Service Plan. My wife had her RX MOT'ed and Serviced today. Her book was stamped, she received an invoice for the reduced cost MOT, But she didn't get the usual service parts and labour breakdown page Should she - the one that lists labour, parts etc ...?
  7. At my garage it cost £39 for all 4 to check and re-grease... 'Grease is the word'
  8. Is it a job that can be done with the wheels on? ( Forgive my ineptitude )
  9. And now it's snow again.