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  1. No MOT and a recall? https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/
  2. I just wouldn't. Some say the two best tyres need to be on the back, not on the front etc... But to never mix All Season/Winter, with Summer tyres. And if you had to make an insurance claim and it was found with mixed tyres... who knows?
  3. Personally I would never mix tyres. Just don't belief it's safe.
  4. Hello, Can anyone offer any advice, please? My daughters says, "We own a doggy seat belt which fits into the back two side seats, but doesn’t fit into the middle seat? Are there any that do?".
  5. Any quality Silicon spray works well. Always worth having a tin for squeaks in cars - and houses.
  6. PCM

    Air conditioning smell

    "Turn the heater at maximum to dry out any condensation in the trunking and any bacteria growing on it."
  7. For a few days I have had a really annoying squeak coming from the inside car rear. Could not sort it. As first I thought it was the parcel shelf - sprayed silicone stuff on surfaces - no luck. Finally tracked it down. It was the rear seat verticals - where they fold - rubbing together. Dry leather? More silicon spray - solved. Squeak gone. 🤓 Soon be Halloween. 😩
  8. Lower milage and newer, are better for the Warranty they should offer. Get to 130,000??? ( or 120? ) and the warranty 'expires' I think...
  9. Tell them there are Bats living there ...
  10. PCM

    Projector door lights

    Would they fit an RX 2003/4 do you think?
  11. To be honest - a good trawl through this RX section will be time well spent... It's what I did. Answered questions I had as well as ones I'd never thought of.
  12. For me... it would depend how old the car was, the price and condition. Older - maybe yes. Newer -no. Maybe the owner lost the book, and just maintained one himself?