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  1. hi guys. yes I have to agree with you. most ls owners are 40+ years old when choosing this car. but I've got so far 31 that's why I've decide to give him more aggressive look. and this fairy grey colour( not black ) works for me.
  2. You can order sprays from And my good mechanic done everything for £140 ( including sprays )
  3. Hello Guys. I've decided to give a lexi fresh look with the alloys Feerygreey custom made colour from cardip What you think guys?
  4. Delix

    LS600HL alloys upgrade

    Ferry grey custom made colour plastidip from cardip on alloys on Ls600hl
  5. Happy Birthday Delix!

  6. hi everyone. could you let me know where can I find cheaper front shock absorber( ls600hl) then dealer I've been quoted just for this part £750 in lexus garage plus labour £166.
  7. hi could you tell me what type of interior bulb lights are in rx400. looking to swap them for led lights (interior,boot and number plates lights) thanks for help
  8. Hi. Just wondering if possible is to switch audio sound from headphones to car speakers during watching DVD on back seats. If yes how to do it. Cheers for any info
  9. Welcome to the Lexus forums Delix :)