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  1. Hello, on the last couple of long trips,the Satnav on my 54 RX300 has started getting my position wrong. It varies from 100 yards to miles out. It is not an old maps/ new road issue. The problem is intermittent, it may play up for 5 minutes and then fix itself, or be several hours before recovering. Searching the web I found a link which gave instructions on how to reset the satnav which was essentially pull all the wires out and leave for one minute. Before I try that, I thought I would check on the forum and see if anyone here knew what the problem was and how to fix. The CD player packed up some years ago (Error 4 I think), so with the Satnav giving trouble perhaps it is time for a full entertainment system refresh. Does anyone know of someone in the Basildon/Southend area that can do an upgrade with a compatible system? Thank you, Gary
  2. Thank you, time will tell whether I run into the dreaded valve burn issue, but the system is using the flashlube, so I hope not. Unfortunately, someone I know recommended this particular firm and said that the RX-300 was particularly suited to the conversion, hence I didn't do enough due diligence. You live and learn. On the plus side you can't tell the difference between running on Gas and petrol and 20% is better than nothing provided it doesn't damage the engine in the long run. However, would I do it again - no way.
  3. G'day, just wanted to get onto the lexus forums my experience with an LPG conversion on my 54 RX-300. In a nutshell, I don't think it's worth it and suggest you save your money. On the motorway I get 20mpg lpg and 29mpg petrol. When I worked out the cost of fuel per mile at 76.9p vs 131.9, it came out at 17p for lpg and 21p for Petrol. I was told by the vendor I would get a much bigger saving than this. As per other threads on the forum, the petrol gauge still goes down when on gas (the ECU controls the gauge) which the vendor had idea why when a simple google search came up with the answer. I won't go into details but the service I got from from the vendor was very poor, so just in case you still want to take the plunge and convert your car, the company who did my conversion is global Autogas systems ( - caveat emptor.
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums Gary Tagg_41802 :)