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  1. How do I edit my profile like add a photo.
  2. I have my Lexus is200 for 2 weeks now and have a click click noise when opening the drivers door. Looking at the door pin it sticks out top and bottom. How big are thay and do they were... ? Or is it in the door part that making the clicking the door pin look big to me...bye the way they are brass in colour......
  3. Hi everyone I am new to the club but have something I need help with.there's a bit of black plastic on the engine that covers the coil packs on the left hand to the air filter. So what would you call that part and were the best place to get it from. It's held on with some 10mm bolts.........many thanks mike
  4. Just got my Lexus is200 a few days ago and was wondering what to clean the half leather black seats with... ?
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums aircooledmike :)