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  1. Could i not use the ecu as well to save reflashing?
  2. Hi thanks for the reply.what do i need off the scrap car then...keys locks engine ecu??
  3. I bought the car with only 2 replacment keys not a master with the buttons on for locking and unlocking etc.just needing help now how to get it sorted without spending hundreds just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what you did to resolve with costing the earth
  4. How do i get a replacement without spending 100s£££.i know this has prob been asked a thousand times but wondering if anyone has found a way round or can help in any way.i have 2aftermarket silca keys 1 with immobliser chip and 1 without.
  5. Hi ive just purchased a lexus is200se it is my first lexus ive owned and i love it.ive been on other forums as my other car is a classic metro.i enjoy going to meets etc.
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums tommib :)