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  1. Hi Matty, How you doin? I have just took edlivery of a new pal wii that has been moded and comes complete with 65 of the latest games for £340!! what do you recon to that! Daza
  2. Hi I brought a Tom Tom One UK from Halfords today, it came with free speed camera updates, Try everything and no way can i get the speed cameras to install. I use the software provided and get told that the cameras are not available on my product? Anybody experienced this difficulty who can help me please? again the camera database information aphears to be in the programme but just wont transfer. Many thanks
  3. Need to buy a SAT NAV, really didnt want one of those that goes on the windscreen but looks like that is my only choice! what would you recommend? Thanx
  4. Hi, I have just taken delivery of my new IS220D MM as my work car. My wife has just had a brand new BMW X3 and whilst it isnt the RX300 MK1 that she PX'd in for it, it is a lovely car. When i went to change the insurance for the X3 Direct Line said they would only cover us if we have a tracker fitted! My questions is: Is this just a Direct Line thing or do all insurers require tracker to be fitted on £30K plus cars? Look forward to your reply Thanks
  5. i am a sales man for Toyota forklifts!
  6. Going to Benidorm next week Portugal in May & Cyprus in August! Luck me hey!
  7. Thanx Brettster! I have also just had a look at your excellent 360 site and was wondering if you could advise where i might be able to buy "back ups" of games i already own :-) for my modded 360? many thanx
  8. Hi, I have a MK1 RX300SE that has started squeeling when starting from cold, the noise is definately a belt slipping but i dont know what belt or more so how to adjust it. It does seem to be less of a problem if the A/C is switched off on start up so i am thinking that it must be the belt that also drives the AC pump? Any help and advice would be most apreciated please. Thanx
  9. Hi, I will shortly be taking delivery of a new IS220d complete with MM. My questions are : 1, Can the system be modified to play DVD on the move etc? 2, If so is there anybody that will carry out this mod for me? I look forward to your advise Thanx
  10. Hi, Its time for the wifes RX300SE Nav to go :-) The good news is i get a new IS220d next month but dont know what she will get yet? Can you help please? what do you think the following is worth, private and or trade in - RX300SE NAV Auto 2003 Black with Black leather 102K miles Nice condition for age miles really apreciate any comments Thanx
  11. Hi, As my wife drove off this morning i noticed the high level brake lamp was not working on her 51 mark1 RX300SE - does this mean a new brake lamp or bulb? cheers,
  12. Hi, After loads of research i have opted to buy a LG 42PX5D Plasma TV. It seems to have everything i want like, HD ready, a great picture, decent sound and also has a nice but not essentilal memory card reader. Before i buy i just thought i would put my selection to the masses to see if there was any recommendations or steer clears! Any advice would be welcome, many thanks
  13. Thanx to everybody who has helped so far. I think i have narowed it down now to a 42" Plasma LG. At the budget end say £1K - £1.5K i havent seen anything with a better screen yet. One question remains! is it best to go for the highest number of pixels? i notice one batch of TV's is sort of 840ish X whatever pixels and the others are 1000+ pixels, is that the way to go? cheers again especilay Dan! Reflex
  14. Hi, I am in the market for a new tele and would like a 42" Plasma. I know they are quite pricey but i have save dup for quite a while. Any idea where i can get the best deal? Any buying advive do's or dont's Recommend a make or model? Must it be HD ready? Any advice would be very gratefuly received Thanx