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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday Kazi!

  2. My mate has put a HKS box on it but its not sounding right at all. When he dips the throttle it revs for a second 4 to 5 times then idles again...any ideas? Don't help im sure the supercharger cable has gone so its not getting the right mixture but suspect its something to do with the HKS unit...
  3. Cheers dude. I'll pass that on. I've told him to consider the HKS piggy back ecu as well as that is more reliable. Don't suppose any one remembers the wiring diagram using one of those?
  4. Hi guys! Been a while since ive been on here. Had a good search but can't find what im after. I need to the know the part numbers for the TTE black box piggy back ECU, also if someone has it the part number for the Silver one. Basically, my old beast was sold to my mate and I suspect the ecu has once again failed. Any help much appreciated, Kaz.
  5. Cheers dude. Im guessing thats just a generic part...
  6. Been searching on here for the correct info on this belt as mine has done 30k plus now. What belt do I need? I paid about £25 for my last one. Can't remember which belt fits? Cheers in advance dudes, Kaz.
  7. Happy birthday dude! Hope you've had a great day! :D
  8. Quality thread! Top work to Stav.
  9. Im awaiting a reply from them again. I explained to them that the last one I had was free so I was somewhat shocked by the price they are asking for. Will see what they say. I will ask them how much the Silver one is. Whats the difference? Does it let the revs go higher? 200rpm extra?
  10. I have a bare wing mirror unit. If it is the motor thats gone, I might be able to help. Kaz.
  11. Not a normal chap, although I do think he was proven not guilty for a reason. MJ left himself wide open to charges. He was open and very giving. To soft evidently. Was a very sad day, still seems strange now. I've enjoyed some of his music for years.....however, its amazing how many people are all of a sudden fans.... RIP MJ.
  12. Dude, Lee, hows it going? Back to topic, What sorta budget you got fella? Edit: Just read other post! What colour you after? Milage etc?
  13. To close the topic off. *UPDATE* After contacting TTE they agreed that it was most likely the Black Piggy back ecu thats failed. Unfortunately, these are no longer free. They quoted me €299. Lucky for me, I found a brand new I had which Florian sent me after my previous one went bang. Installed this and ran the ODBII scanner and no DTC codes are shown. Car is now running tip top again! Cheers guys.
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