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  1. hi all something weird happened to my is this morning i unlocked car (is200) as normal got in went to the shop got out locked it ,came out of shop unlocked it couldn't get in all other doors opened ok so i got in passenger side and lent over and opened drivers door from inside .has anyone got any ideas to what this is and has this happened to anyone else how can i fix this plz thanks.
  2. Thanks for replying ill get a new battery and try .
  3. Hi all can you help plz went out in my is200 last night all ok got home locked car ok got up this morning went out key dosent work red light dosent light up on any of the 3 buttons what could be wrong apart from the obvious battery, seems strange that it worked last night then nothing this morning also is there any way i can get into and start the car without the alarm going off so i can drive it hope someone can help thanks.
  4. Hi can anyone help I'm replacing my rear brake calliper and I need to know the best way to bleed the brakes and if there's a sequence the brakes need to be bled thanks.
  5. I just had this problem I changed my brake pads it stopped
  6. Hi I need to replace a rear calliper on is200 year 2000. What I want to know is there a certain way to bleed the calliper once I have replaced it.or can I just clamp brake line undo replace bleed done please give me some advice thanks.
  7. Hi could someone please give me step by step instructions on how to replace a rear brake calliper on a w reg 2000 is200 please , im no mechanic so any help would be grateful thank you.
  8. Hi could anyone tell me exactly where the pcv valve is on the is200 and how to remove it , a pic would be good thanks.
  9. Just tried the instructions you posted and it worked first time the key works cant believe it. thank you .
  10. Thank you Chris for you help i will give this a try in a while and will let you know if successful or not.
  11. so i take it i can use the key i was using before the only key i have that stopped working .
  12. could you post the instructions on this post please for the door dance and will it mess anything else up on the car if it dont work. thanks for your help
  13. yes its the master key 3 buttons , And this happened last night so i have waited a few hours i left it unlocked all night it wound me up didn't want to lock it in case i couldn't turn off alarm.
  14. hi thanks for replying i am using the spare key now as my other key fell apart when i started the car one day . The key im using at the moment does start the car its just the remote that isnt working .
  15. Hi i have a is200 and until yesterday my 3 button key remote was working fine i unlocked my car drove it got out tried to lock it and nothing happened i changed the battery the little red light blinks when i press all 3 buttons but it still wont lock/unlock car . As i already unlocked the car could i lock/unlock it without the alarm going off .Do any of you have any idea to what could be wrong please.