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  1. But can only rotate the wheels if like it says all wheels are same size but my fronts are 225 and rears 245.
  2. Thank you I have come to the same conclusion that the tyres are rubbing hence worn on the insides. Cheers
  3. All possible causes checked by friend mechanic nothing is amiss So only obvious issue is wheels which are worn on the outsides is only contributing factor not going to replace them as tyres are still legal ie well above 1.6mm on centre 3/4 of tyre
  4. Hi Thank you for your reply. I have only just experienced this over the last month. Further internet searches led to a possible issue. I had brake pads and discs replaced around the time this started and I have read on other sites that the back plate had been pushed inwards by something and touching disc on full lock Will check this out if it it could be this in morning.
  5. Hi I am experiencing a grinding rubbing noise when moving forward or reverse at low speed in full lock on.my 2007 lexus is 220d Has anyone experienced this problem and had a resolution to this issue please Thank you as always
  6. Hi I own a lexus is230d se-l 2007 model Recently my front sensors are not bleeping and nor are they showing in lexus park assist screen Only rear are showing The green park assist light is on It is fully loaded model so it does have front sensors as I have used them to get close to front wall of house before for parking Any ideas guys Thanks as always Kully
  7. Thanks Beamish i will try that thanks
  8. Egr was cleaned a fortnight ago as part of the service dpf is not the issue I know that definitely how can you tell if mad sensor is faulty I have no warnings or codes on diagnostic machine dontvwant to pay over the odds at garage if it’s not faulty
  9. Hi it's around 2000 rpm in gears 2/3&4 virtually maf saensor was cleaned and egr
  10. Something new Colin did a full service but didn’t change the fuel filter not sure if this can contribute to the problem its been happening past 3/4 months
  11. Hi guys looking for advice i have Lexus IS 220d SEL when accelerating I notice the car hesitates for a second any ideas? As always thanks for the responses excellent owners site
  12. What’s it like in this weathet

  13. Hi thinking of changing my is 220 d to is300h what do owners think of their is 300h thanks
  14. Yeah the pipes had frozen just got to let them thaw when weather improved which they did low and behold it’s happened again along with water tank frozen
  15. Thanks all I will try to warm it up and see what may be I previously noted that there is a button inside for headlight washing but it never worked so I assumed it was a dummy even now cover is open it’s not discarding any water so may be faulty as it’s never worked before guess I’ll pop down to local Lexus dealer for advice and see what they say no doubt another expense coming soon after someone hit the car other day and left no note to admit it. £200 repair cost to bumper and now this
  16. Thanks Nemesis my model does not have headlight washing facility I guess this is just a dummy cover then any ideas why it won’t close? thanks
  17. Hi can anyone tell me what these covers are for? came to the car today after all the snow has cleared and found this cover open and it will not close i have attached a photo thanks in advance for yet again the support kully
  18. hi Steve you have used these before and they are reliable?
  19. hi Ahmedali i am toying around with the idea that maybe the dpf pressure unit could be at fault rather than dpf itself and maybe just maybe the unit is reading pressure wrong and not allowing regen, im just biting at different ideas at moment. i have very little knowledge of cars mechanically but just a thought mechanic put inn my head
  20. hi do you guys use a certain retailer to get parts. i am looking for a dpf pressure unit part number 89480-53010 wonder if there are any particular cheap retailers you use? thanks as always kully
  21. yes so i read. definitely not doing removal but look for a reputable cleaning company but gain cost vary drastically from a local company who can clean dpf with heat for £110 assuming i remove the dpf for them which will cost £70 from local garage to remove and refit other companies clean using chemicals and charge £400 but not sure which will give better results in long term
  22. thanks normski so many different solutions out there it confuses me which option to go for i want a definite tried and tested solution failing that getting rid of my lovely is 220d se-L for is250 pity as i love the car with all its gadgets
  23. Hi I have had the engine management light check vsc and traction control light leading up to this car was a little sluggish in lower gears. had diagnostics ascertain the fault to be p2002 can anyone tell me what to do as i have had many differing instructions i have tried forced regeneration but am told build up too much to force have cleaned egr valve ha anyone had this exact issue correctly rectified have heard of dpf removal but not really sure i want to do that as may sell at some point to IS 250 to rid of diesel issue with dpf i am in Wolverhampton anyone local who has had the same problem and can point me in right direction would be bonus. i have read of following dpf removal cleaning by jet wash cleaning by oven heat and terraclean so many options not sure which to go for which will definatel solve my problem. many thanks kully