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  1. Hey all. My 2000 y reg is200 just failed the mot on two front bearings and a rear bearing. Now, the mech that did mot wants 1000 pound to put right. I've told him that the car is not worth that so I am going to do the work myself. The front bearings are straight forward as I have access to a press. I've been told the rear are a ball ache to do as the rear suspension will need to be dropped and the risk of breaking the bolts is high. Is there a how to floating about foe the back bearing. Thanks all.
  2. Hey. I have discovered that my radiator fans no longer work. I am about to check the fuses. If that is not the problem I am thinking thermostat. If so where is the little bugger and how easy to change out is it.
  3. Hey. I have standard 18inch aeros on me Lexus. How low can I go without modding arches and the likes. Cheers.
  4. That's what I thought but there is definite daylight between the top and rest of bottle.
  5. It wasn't the rad after all. The bottle on the fan assembly is leaking. Looks like the seal around the top of the bottle is no longer sealing so is loosing water. Was a cheaper part but looks like its a rubbish design in general. Shame as rest of car seems so well built.
  6. Was thinking eBay. Good price two year warranty.
  7. Thanks mate. Sounds good to me. Should be a couple of hours to do then.
  8. I think my radiator is leaving. Are there any guides to changing the rad. I am pretty handy with the old spaners so any help would be good.
  9. The front wheel bearings on a is 200 are they pressed in? Thanks.
  10. I have got a sqeeking noise witch I think sounds like its coming from front the front off side wheel. It gets. Faster as I do witch leads me to think wheel bearing although its not a grinding/rumbling. And as I turn it gets louder witch tells me breaks but they are not that old. It's driving me nuts. The car is a high miler but I'm trying to get her up to a good standard as I love it.
  11. Forgot there were rules to owning a Lexus. Oh wait there's not. I bought my Lexus cuz it looks a bit mean and is super reliable.
  12. 200 I know it's small but commitments come first.
  13. Hey all. I have tried to fight it but I can't. My inner boy racer is winning. I've heard a couple 200's lately with after market exhausts. They sound pretty awesome. Any ideas where I would get one.
  14. Parking sensors fitted an color match was spot on. After finding the courage to drill holes in the bumpers the install was very straight forward. Taking power from reverse light makes the entire install confined to the boot (as so far only rear sensors fitted). Very pleased with this cheap but pretty awesome mod.
  15. 65 per wheel for powder coating. Where do I sign. Will be worth the trip I think.