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  1. Happy Birthday Philip_98!

  2. Hks Silent Hi-Power

    Currently breaking the car and exhaust is sold pending payment
  3. Sorry, i only got an email alerting me of your posts this morning. I didnt end up buying the Flywheel in the end as it wasnt needed but i went with an Exedy Clutch. Heres a couple photos of my clutch haha.
  4. My clutch has recently started to slip slightly and instead of replacing it with an OEM part i have been looking at getting an upgraded kit. while I've been reading into them a few members have mentioned getting the flywheel changed at the same time but tbh im not wanting to fork out £1000 for a flywheel when the cars is only worth a few times that. Looked at the Jun flywheel for around £550 and was just wondering if anyone had past experience with it or could recommend the a good clutch to use with it Cheers :)
  5. Wheel Alinement

    Im up in Aberdeen, Clark Motorsport is doing it
  6. Wheel Alinement

    Ye i know but will use them as a starting point if anything
  7. Wheel Alinement

    Will take those numbers in with me friday and see what they say:) cheers
  8. Wheel Alinement

    Will take it in on firday and see what they say
  9. Wheel Alinement

    Only thing that is done at the moment is sport springs and 18x8.5" wheels with ET44. the garage uses Hunter Geometry 4 wheel alignment. Im happy enough with the uneven wear as i know that its always going to be there due to the is200's set up
  10. Wheel Alinement

    Ok, so tell them i want it some where in between as little Tyre ware as possible and best handling?
  11. Wheel Alinement

    Springs where put on by the previous owner so i assume so, dont get what your meaning about what settings am i going for? is it not pretty standard what it should be? and im putting it on coilovers because it sits to high at the back and imo looks daft
  12. Wheel Alinement

    Just on sport springs atm, going on to coilovers in spring time and will get alinement done again then
  13. Wheel Alinement

    Not a clue haha just want it so i get as little uneven wear as possible, old tyres were Fooked, had 4mm going down to 1mm on the inside. whats best to go for?
  14. Wheel Alinement

    no bother, hopefully nothing will need done on friday