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  1. Meets In Ireland (Cork)

    ya im aware of that alright! This is my second is200. The last one I had was green and the lad i sold it to ended up putting it on track in watergrasshill in cork and I was so impressed! It was a very wet day to be fair but loads of fun to be had. I am going to put a decat on it, after market exhaust, weld the diff and a set of 16s as my messing wheels :D sprayed painted pink of course (even though i am being swayed towards purple haha)!! I doubt the induction kit would help as much as the decat. Cosmetically i want to do a few things but I want to avoid making her look like something out of a "lucky bag" as someone once described it to me as :) i was thinking of putting carbon wrap on the roof and things like that but would like to see it done up close before i chance it myself. As you can see I have the standard genuine lexus 17s on the car at the mo and i want to get them sprayed either black white or purple and spray the callipers pink! I need ideas! Are you from Ireland? Do you do any messing in your the looks of it no cos she is mint!!
  2. Meets In Ireland (Cork)

    thanks! ya i was holding out to get a nice white one with a while so now i want to modify it! I'm sitting on a jordan yellow honda accord (not mine), ill get a nice photo with the is200 once i do her up :D i just want to get ideas by meeting up with fellow lexus owners :outforcount: will post some pics in my profile there soon enough :)
  3. Meets In Ireland (Cork)

    Hi all, I have a pearl white is200 and was wondering does anyone know if there are any lexus owner meets in Ireland coming up? Thanks :)
  4. Cork Newbie

    Just joined myself! Driving a white IS200. Cant wait for the modifications to begin with the help of this site :D
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums GeestarGal :)